Manhattan move- Top tips before relocation to The City

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    The days are passing by, you are on the same job for a long time, drinking coffee at the same place, with the same people you see at that place every day, familiar faces wherever you go, you feel as they are your friends even though you never said a word to them. You are tired of that and you want a change. What you need is a new excitement every time you wake up in the morning, not knowing where you will go and who will you meet. So you decided to change something, you decided that you’re making Manhattan move!

    You googled it, and you found out that New York, specifically Manhattan is the best place for your future (the only city in the world that you would know is mentioned just by saying the city). Good for you! Way to go! We must agree that this is the best place in the world to live in- actually, what most of the inhabitants here would say, this is the only city in the world. BUT! There are things you must know when moving to Manhattan. We will get you to know the basics you must be aware of before you even seal the decision.

    Get ready for moving to Manhattan!
    Moving to Manhattan is probably the best decision ever, so get ready for that big step!



    If you are deciding on Manhattan move, here’s what’s to know:

    • HousingYou need to know that your Manhattan move almost necessarily means moving to a smaller home
      • Transportation– You must be aware that there is no such thing as going anywhere by your own car. Gget prepared for public transportation
    • Meal planning– Buying things, without a car, is a challenge in NYC. So you need to be sure you understood it properly before you make a move to Manhattan
    • Prepare to adjust– Learn how to talk to be recognised as a citizen of Manhattan. And also to be quick at everything you do- from walking to sleeping if you do not want to be treated as an outsider

    Be ready to get rid of your belongings– Being that you will probably rent a one room home or smaller, you will not have place for a lot of your stuff


    Get prepared to move to a smaller living space, when making a Manhattan move

    Living in Manhattan means living in one of the most expensive parts of the planet Earth. So, think twice if your budget is big enough to cover those expenses. One of the most expensive things here is renting or buying a housing. If you are looking forward to coming here, it is great. And also understandable. Because of many opportunities that New York, and especially Manhattan offer. But if you come here, and you are one of us mortals with the average or little above average salary, renting an apartment for a small price(if 800- 1000$ is a small price for you) would look pretty much like this:

    Therefore, we will say it once more, getting used to fewer things at the higher price is a must. And it is what you need to know when moving to Manhattan. So, wisely think of how much money you have. And is it enough for kind of life in Manhattan that you would like to have.


    If you are gonna take a Manhattan move, be sure that you will be using public transportation

    Owning a car is a luxury in Manhattan, for many reasons. First, it costs much. If you want to have your own car, and use it for everyday transportation- prepare to pay as much as a price for an apartment rent high just for a parking! Also, if you are not a phlegmatic person, do not move by car at all. At least not as a driver. Because you are going to be stuck everywhere you move, almost any part of the day. That is why using a public transportation is the best solution for many reasons. In case you are moving to Manhattan, this you need to know.

    Plan your meals after manhattan move

    Have smart meals after moving to Manhattan - everything is so expensive
    Shop smart for your meals after Manhattan move is done, being that you could easily stay without money only a week after receiving a salary

    Shopping in Manhattan is much different from what you got used to, in case you live outside New York. First, you probably will not have a car. So going for a big shopping once in a month is out of the question. Because you will not be able to carry nearly that much stuff using public transportation.


    Second, being that we mentioned you will be probably living in a small home, even if you succeeded to bring that much stuff home, you wouldn’t be able to store it- there is not enough space! Third, even if you manage to arrange things in the manner that you are able to store all the things you used to before, you need to know, that the life in The City cannot be planned.

    You might be planning a dinner at home, with your best friend, but you never know where are you going to be in the time for dinner! It might be an adventure, and exciting life because of which you came here. But, if you’re not that much of an adventurist, consider this as one of the potential problems for you.

    Prepare to adjust

    You need to know that, almost everything you do, needs to be adjusted when you move to Manhattan

    You need to change a lot, in case you plan on Manhattan move. Starting with the way you talk. You cannot be pronouncing even the smallest things in a different way of people who live in Manhattan. In case you do not want to have a badge of a stranger. Get used to the expressions such as the city- when talking of Manhattan. The bridge- when you mention the Brooklyn bridge, and much more. Also, you need to know that you will be forced to adjust the speed of everything you do to the top speed. Because you will be doing everything in this kind of tempo. There is almost no such thing as a slow walk in Manhattan

    Be prepared to get rid of your belongings

    Moving to a small home, which moving to Manhattan you probably will be forced to do, you need to know that you cannot take much with you

    If thinking on Manhattan move - get rid of excessive stuff
    Get rid of clutter before Manhattan move

    After all that we said about living in Manhattan, and having less space for life than before, be ready to move only necessities with you because there is not much that you could place in your new home. Therefore, you need to know this before your moving to Manhattan. So you could decide if you can move almost barehanded into your new life, which moving to Manhattan would most certainly be.

    In the end, we want to emphasise that we are inhabitants of Manhattan that wouldn’t live anywhere else. We know how difficult it can be in Manhattan sometimes. So we just wanted to give you full information of what you need to know when moving to Manhattan. That way, you would come here prepared for everything and by that be able to make the most out of your experience in Manhattan.


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