Manhattan moving supplies – all you need to know

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    In case you were wondering, relocating to Manhattan will not be cheap. If you haven’t started saving up and doing research on how to shave some moving costs, time to start. If it so happens that you’ve already secured your new residence and the services of a reliable Manhattan mover, you’re almost there. Now comes the next step – packing for the moving day. This is a process of its own – making of list of items, getting rid of some of the clutter, categorizing, labeling etc. But before you get into all that, you need to get some Manhattan moving supplies going for you. And this is where we come along to tell you where and what to look for.

    Guideline for finding Manhattan moving supplies

    Unless you are planning on carrying all your stuff to that Manhattan apartment, you will need some boxes. In addition to wrapping paper, covers and duck tape, this makes all the Manhattan moving supplies you will need for your relocation.However, most people are not really sure where to go looking for this, and this causes an issue. But as luck would have it, you’ve come to the right place to learn all you need to.

    Doing an inventory of your belongings

    Making an inventory is the first pre-move step you need to make. Most people make the mistake of skipping this step either because they are moving themselves or are paying for full service Manhattan relocation. And even though it might bore you to do it, there are legit reasons why you should:

    • If you opt for hiring a Manhattan mover, it will help establish the requirement needed for your relocation. Manpower needed, amount of trucks and moving supplies etc. And if you decide on a DIY move, you’ll know which Manhattan moving supplies you’ll need.
    • Knowing what you have will help you organize the entire packing process.

    The qualities of good Manhattan moving supplies

    Good news – there are plenty of businesses (both offline and online) which deal in relocation supplies. And depending on your needs, you can find about any size and type of boxes and supplies you might need. So get to collecting the boxes you need for your relocation. Now, there are things to consider when buying the boxes:

    Avoid any potential moving problems by getting the best boxes for the move.
    You need to ensure that the supplies you are getting are high-quality.
    1. EnduranceA big moving box is not necessarily a strong box. Each box has a manufacturer seal defining the strength of that box. Industry-standard boxes for moving are 200lb test weight or 32 ECT. The larger the box, the higher test weight/strength it should have.
    2. SizeSize should never be underestimated. And no, we are not referring to large boxes only here. The number one cause of damage during transportation is a collapsed unfilled box. Empty space or overflow in a moving box can cause major issues during transit.
    3. DurabilityRe-usage and time can weaken boxes. The edge of the box where the seam is glued is the weak point. The glue wares off in time, making the box separate. This is why you need to check the condition of the boxes and go for new ones.

    Where to look for Manhattan moving supplies

    When looking for moving supplies, there are several options at your disposal:

    Most professional Manhattan movers will be more than willing to sell you moving supplies.
    You can always turn to Manhattan movers for relocation supplies.
    • Stores which specialize in selling themThese places are most convenient since they offer exactly what you need, all in one place. And they’re not that hard to find when you actually bother to look.
    • Professional Manhattan relocation companiesNo matter if you opt for full service relocation or not, a lot of movers nowadays offer you the option of supplying you with all the packing tools you might need.
    • Random stores and restaurants which have extras – This is the money-saving option – as there are plenty of free boxes to be found everywhere. Just as an example, we can note: grocery stores, office supply stores, pharmacies, liquor stores… All this and more – receive regular shipments and end up simply throwing away the boxes. SO why not put them to use for your Manhattan relocation.

    Getting rid of Manhattan moving supplies after the move

    Once the relocation to Manhattan has been complete, everything will feel much easier. But that’s not the end of it. Then comes the time to continue the circle by ridding yourself of Manhattan moving supplies clutter. So you need to consider how to go about doing just that, which is why you should consider some of the following methods:


    This would be considered the most responsible way to dispose of moving supplies once you move into your new Upper East Side apartment. Simply find a recycling facility for this purpose and give them a call. So if preserving the environment and natural resources is your cup of coffee, you can perform an ecological move using recyclable supplies all along.


    Seeing that your relocation is complete and you are not going to have another any time soon, why not continue the circle. Just think how hard it was for you to get those boxes – make it easy for someone else. And the best part is that there are plenty those who will appreciate your kind gesture.

    Re-selling your Manhattan moving supplies can reduce the overall moving cost.
    Cut the total cost of your Manhattan relocation by re-selling some of the supplies you got.

    Cashing in on your Manhattan moving supplies

    If the relocation has taken a bit more from you wallet than you originally planned, you always have the option to re-sell the supplies you have. You can go through social media and organize an auction – make a pretty penny in the process. You might not get much, but everything counts.

    Saving the supplies as a precaution

    Relocation is a never-ending journey, especially in NYC, so what if you have need of the supplies again? You might just want to store some of the finer and durable supplies you got for the more. This is a great contingency plan if you are expecting to move again soon. Now, this will require a certain amount of space in your garage or basement. And another option would be renting a Manhattan storage unit for additional space.


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