Manhattan museums to visit with your children

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    You’re moving to Manhattan for a great job opportunity. You got an offer from a multinational corporation which is too good to refuse. But you moved to the suburb decade ago to start a family. And you succeeded in your plans. You got your pretty family life, with a big yard, a dog and plenty of space around your home. Yet, the expenses are coming as your kids grow. So that’s the main reason you need to move to Manhattan. Only, is there a chance to have a nice family life in such a big city? Well, you’d be surprised how much! For example, we’ll present to you today Manhattan museums to visit with your children. That way you have both, family fun and your children’s cultural education. Keep on reading and see for the suggestions we have for you!

    You have so many Manhattan museums to visit with your children
    There are plenty of Manhattan museums to visit with your children

    Recommended Manhattan museums to visit with your children and have a terrific family time

    The first thing that parents care about is to get their children well-educated. That’s what you, as good parents, think about after moving to Manhattan. Well, the first thing after dealing with movers in Manhattan and settling in your new Manhattan home. You’re looking for new schools (or you probably searched for them even before you moved to Manhattan). You’re looking for the activities such as sport and the culture to make your kids active in all spheres of life. Well, that’s where we’re gonna help you a bit with this article. Here are some Manhattan museums to visit with your children (with links to every museum):

    Your kids will have a good time in Manhattan museums
    Your children will love Manhattan museums

    The most important thing about many of the Manhattan museums to visit with your children is that they are mostly free of charge or with a fraction of the price for kids under the age of 12! Great news, right? You can take your kids to some of the best museums in the world, paying no money! And in Manhattan, Somebody told you that you can’t make a good living in Manhattan out of an average salary? You just need to be smart and explore your possibilities!

    Children’s Museum Of Arts

    This 10.000 square foot museum is designed for children primarily. Just like you could conclude reading the name. It contains more than 2000 pieces of children art, from all around the world. Here you can sign your children in workshops in classrooms, studios or the media lab.  All of the programs are led by the artists. There are such courses (i.e. CMA’s WEE Arts program) where you can even sign your baby as old as 10 months. For other courses, your children must be of age 6-15. Those courses for older children engage kids in the disciplines like sculpturing and drawing.  On the second floor, the children may practice their body, as well as their mind and art. There they can find the displays of interactive art and a ball pit.

    Children’s Museum Of Manhattan

    Another museum meant for children! And even for times bigger than the previous one! 40.000 square foot! Your children can learn here all sorts of stuff: history, science, art… While here, you can visit the Dora Explorer area, as well as you can explore the what benefits the good nutrition brings in ‘EatPlaySleep’ area. Everything you see in this museum is in accordance with the latest explorations of child-development influences.

    American Museum of National History

    All of recommended Manhattan museums to visit with your children are terrific. But, we must say that this museum is among the most famous around the world! American Museum of National History is home to the most magnificent collection of the dinosaurs around the globe! Children just love it. The majority of the fossils were dug, and the rest are the casts. Crossing the threshold of Theodor Roosevelt Rotunda, you’re confronting the huge barosaurus rearing up on the back legs to protect its young. Imagine how would your kids react to this. The fossils were remodeled during the 1990 renovation, placing the dinosaurs into the positions of how they are believed to have moved. Don’t miss the Discovery room, while visiting this museum. There your children can play seeking out insects, birds, and mammals etc.

    American Folk Art Museum

    You think your children could like the craft works of practical, decorative and ceremonial folk art? Well, that’s what the designers of this museum thought. And guess what? Billie Tsien and Tod Williams (the designers) did a great job, attracting hundreds of thousands of people to come and visit this museum of American folk art. At the admission desks, there are available free family guides. And with the admission, you and your children have a free workshop and free family tour.

    DiMenna Children’s History Museum

    This is one of the most special museums for American kids, and in particular for New Yorkers. It presents American history during the last 350 years, with the special focus on New York City. Bringing memories of children who grew up to become famous doctors, lawyers politicians, athletes etc. There are various programs your family can join if you visit this museum. There are craft works, singing, cooking classes, games, story hours and more.

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art

    Probably the most famous museum around the world. It was established in 1880. It occupies 13 acres of Central Park. On the ground floor, there is the exposure of Egyptian art. There is the atrium with the glass walls surrounding the temple of Dendur. It was moved from the Nil-side setting to Manhattan. There is also Roman and Greek art. Those parts reopened in 2007, after the makeover.  Furthermore, you can see the art of America, Africa, and Oceania. We could continue with the collections forever. What must be said is that you’ll miss a lot if you don’t take your children to this Manhattan museum. The Met is the place where they can see the full diversity in the world culture.


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