Marvelous Things To Do This May In NYC

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    New York City is a marvelous city with great things to do. Every time of the year is great for visiting it, but spring is special. Nature is coming back to life, the sun is shining and the first outdoor events start to appear. If you have recently moved to NYC with the help of Manhattan Movers NYC, you probably want to do something fun. The month of May has a lot to offer in this city. We will give you some ideas for things to do this May in NYC.

    What are some of the things to do this May in NYC?

    In a city this big, it can be overwhelming to pick out one thing to do. The fact that you moved here with the help of some affordable moving companies NYC will give you plenty of time to experience all of the things to do this May in NYC. But some of the best ones are:

    • Have a picnic in Central Park
    • Book a cruise
    • Celebrate Maifest
    • Enjoy Harry Potter Day

    Have a picnic in Central Park

    Central Park is a must-see for every tourist or newcomer to the city. The best time to visit is spring or summer. Different sized lawns are inviting for a picnic, not just the famous Sheep Meadow. After moving, even when you’ve used packing services NYC, you will need a bit of relaxation and sunshine. Some other picnic-friendly areas are the Great Lawn, East Green, and Cherry Hill.

    Blanket on the grass ready for a picnic as one of the things to do this May in NYC
    Having a picnic is the perfect thing to do in May

    Book a cruise

    Even though this might not be your first thought when coming to NYC, you can enjoy a cruise. May is a great month for enjoying any outdoor activity, and cruising is one of them. There are different options, from full-day cruises to dinner cruises. You also have various options when looking for storage units NYC. You should always pick one that suits your needs the best.

    Celebrate Maifest

    If you love beer and want to enjoy the feeling of Octoberfest in another country during another time of the year, this is the right festival. Zum Schneider is a bar in Bushwick known for its Bavarian traditions. Even though it is way smaller than the Octoberfest, it will give you an authentic feeling.

    Enjoy Harry Potter Day

    This might be one of the most successful book series in history, so Harry Potter fans listen up! The opening of the Harry Potter store was a huge success with lots of media attention. Here you can get a taste of the famous butterbeer, fly with Hagrid or solve a mystery in one of the virtual reality tours. If you are a fan, this is a must.

    Book next to headphones
    There is something to do even for Harry Potter fans

    Choosing the best things to do this May in NYC

    Whatever time of the year you decide to visit, there will be plenty of things to do. But the best ones are the things to do this May in NYC. Apart from these attractions and festivals, there are many others which you can see on the official site of the city. We wish you a good time and plenty of fun!


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