Miami vs. NYC – where to start your career?

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    Moving is a big decision. Especially if you are contemplating which city is better to start your career, Miami or New York. While both cities have its perks, they are also very different. There are many things to consider when you are thinking to move to work. Both cities have great job opportunities, but you need to decide which town is a better fit for you.

    Things to consider when relocating to start your career

    If you are searching for a new start than the good news is that about New York and Miami are the great options for you. They are attracting many young professionals and millennials every year and they are one of the most popular locations among them.
    Still, before you start to contemplate which of these cities will be better to start your career in, consider some general things about relocating for a job:

    • The unemployment rate of the cities
    • The job market for your line of work
    • What is the average salary?
    • Can it cover the living expenses?
    • Are the job opportunities for your field of work better than in your hometown?
    • Do you think that you will be happier working in NYC or Miami, than in your hometown?
    • Is relocation the best thing for your carrier and professional improvement?
    • How will a move impact your family?
    • Are you really ready for a move?

    Relocating sounds exciting, but it can be a very difficult process. One that you need to think through. If you have considered all of the things that your move will bring and you still think that moving to New York and Miami is the best choice for you than you are ready for this step. When you do your research and understand all the changes that relocation is bringing, you may realize that moving outside of your state is just what you need to start your career.

    Are you ready for a move to another city to start your career?
    Are you positive relocation is the best decision for you?

    Things to know about NYC

    New York is an amazing city with the real cosmopolitan spirit.
    It has many interesting attractions, rich cultural heritage, a splendid art scene, beautiful scenery, great nightlife, and it is heaven to gourmands.
    On the other hand, it has a very busy lifestyle and it is one of the most expensive cities in the USA.
    If you are moving to New York from a small town, you will need some time to adjust,

    There are plenty of job opportunities but competition is fierce

    New York is full of job opportunities and the perfect place to start your career.
    Especially in a field of entertainment, art, fashion or business. Still, there is a lot of competition for every job available job.
    Even for unpaid internships. You will be competing against people who have really specific degrees from prestigious universities.

    Living expenses

    When you first come to NYC, you will be surprised at how much everything cost. From apartment rent, utilities, services, food, entertainment, to the hot dogs on the streets. It’s true that New York is very expensive and that you need a great job to keep up with the monthly costs. Maybe even two jobs. Which is not uncommon – most Newyorkers have more than one in order to afford to live in NYC. Living in such a unique city comes at the price.


    NYC doesn’t have a nickname “The city that never sleeps” in vain. Here you can party, any day of the week. It is one of the best cities for nightlife with countless clubs, bars,  and restaurants.
    There are also many cultural events that you can visit, abundant museums, art galleries, and interesting historic sites.
    New York is really the city that you can’t be bored in.

    New York is a great place to start your career.
    New York is a beautiful and exciting city.

    Things to know about the Miami

    The capital of the Sunshine State is often referred to as the “New York with the Carribean spirit”. That means that is diverse and cosmopolitan as much as NYC. Its blessed with many sunny days that provides fun in the sun, but also has abundant of other entertainment options and activities.
    While it’s much more affordable than New York, it still isn’t amongst the cheaper city to live in the USA.

    Job opportunities

    Big employers in Miami are always looking for the skilled workers. Numerous large corporations are located here, so there are many opportunities for high paying jobs. Financial controllers, lawyers, doctors and especially workers in the service fields can excel here.
    It is a great place for college graduates to find jobs and it can be the perfect spot to start your career.

    Living expenses

    In Miami is hard to pinpoint the living expenses since there is a huge difference between neighborhoods. There are some exclusive parts of the town that are very expensive and the other one just as nice that are much cheaper. That also goes for the prices of services, activities, restaurants, and bars.
    So, location is the main factor in this city.
    Still, the great benefit of Miami are the taxes. To be more accurate, lack of them.
    Florida is the low tax state, which means that Miami residents don’t pay any state or local income taxes.


    As New York, Miami is also famous as the capital of the great nightlife.
    There are plenty of bars, restaurant and exotic nightclub where you can relax after work.
    Also, the gorgeous beaches are all around you and they provide many interesting and free activities for enjoyment on the sun.
    You can also explore the incredible nature and wildlife by hiking on the many trails. Miami really has something for everybody.
    If you decide that this is the perfect place to start your career, consult Miami Movers for Less and hire the most reliable and affordable movers for your relocation.

    Miami is the perfect place to start your career.
    White sandy beaches, clear blues sky, affordable living expenses, and low taxes – all in one place.

    How to decide between Miami and New York?

    The best way to see if a city is a good fit for you is to spend some time in it.
    Simple as that. In the case when you are deciding between two cities, the best way is to visit it both. Truly, it can be expensive and a little time consuming, but it will give you a clear picture about the life in both cities.

    If you can, spend at least 10 days in Miami, and the same amount of time in New York.
    Pick the time when the weather conditions are more extreme. For example, New York in winter and Miami in summer. That way, you will have an idea what will expect you if you move to one of these cities. You can also estimate how easy can you make friends in each town.

    In the end, you have to trust your own instincts.
    If New York check out all of your boxes, but you feel anxious and uncomfortable in it, then that isn’t the right city for you. Same goes for Miami.
    When you are relocating to start your career, you will need the place where you can feel happy.
    You will work in the city, but you also have to live in it. And you need to like it.


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