Most desirable NYC neighborhoods

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    Everyone keeps returning to NYC because of its beauty, despite the crowds, expensive rent, and somewhat inconvenient subways. New York has many attractive aspects. It’s the architecture, which ranges from charming houses to modern apartments. Furthermore, the avenues are connected by tree-lined side streets making it look even more magical. However, when you are moving to NYC, you need to find a suitable neighborhood for yourself. It is not enough to hire Manhattan Movers NYC and start organizing your relocation without having a clear idea of where you want to move. For this reason, here are the most desirable NYC neighborhoods that you should check out before your relocation. 

    Get to know NYC a little better in order to choose among the most desirable NYC neighborhoods

    Almost everyone knows New York City and its five boroughs. However, here are the characteristics and popular places for each one of them.

    • Brooklyn has blocks of houses in a variety of colors, lovely parks, and breathtaking views of the city skyline.
    • The Bronx is home to charming neighborhoods, the Botanical Gardens, Yankee Stadium, etc.
    • Flushing Meadows Corona Park, the site of the yearly US Open tennis tournament, as well as lovely public parks, trendy cafes and restaurants, and several magnificent museums, are all located in Queens.
    • The Snug Harbor Cultural Center, numerous grand old Victorian homes, large parks, and stunning modern architecture are on Staten Island.
    • And then there is Manhattan, which is regarded as one of the most beautiful parts because of Central Park, The Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, and its iconic museums. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many people are moving to Manhattan. 
    city skyline
    NYC is probably the most famous city in the world

    West Village and Carnegie Hill, Manhattan 

    As mentioned, it is quite popular to move to Manhattan. After all, it is the center of practically everything in New York City. For this reason, let’s start with all the neighborhoods in Manhattan where you can move with your movers in Manhattan NY. The first one on the list would be West Village which is a classical New York neighborhood. It has many beautiful historic houses and shops. Not to mention all the beautiful architecture, tree-lined streets, and even Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment. However, it is also pretty expensive with the median monthly rent being around $7000 while the median sales price is $3.7 million. On the other hand, Carnegie Hill looks like a neighborhood of old money. It has beautiful prewar townhouses, prestigious schools, and famous museums. The monthly rent is $5500 while the median sale price is $2.2 million. 

    SoHo and NoHo, Manhattan 

    One of Manhattan’s most fashionable areas, SoHo which stands for South of Houston, is home to many incredibly high-end retail stores and trendy restaurants. Additionally, it is the location of several amazing pre-war buildings as well as magnificent apartments and art galleries. It is not a quiet neighborhood like other places on this list because of tourism. The median monthly rent is around $9000 while the median sales price is $3.8 million. On the other hand, NoHo is a small neighborhood “North of Houston Street,” continuing a New York tradition of hip districts. NoHo was originally an industrial district but is now a highly sought-after residential area. The stunning structures here display around 200 years of diverse architectural styles, with contemporary homes rising next to restored industrial lofts. It is also much cheaper to move here with Noho movers since the monthly rent is around $4500. 

    Most desirable NYC neighborhoods have old style buildings
    SoHo is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Manhattan

    Greenwich Village and Nolita, Manhattan

    In addition to being the location of the infamous “Friend’s” flat, Greenwich Village is also significant historically and culturally for the LGBTQ+ community. Washington Square Park offers fantastic opportunities for people-watching in this bustling, centrally situated neighborhood. Whether it’s chess matches, stand-up comedy, live music, or social activity, there’s always something going on here. Several pubs and restaurants are around, making for a fantastic night out. Lastly, the average rental price is around $5000. On the other hand, you can also hire Nolita movers for your relocation to this neighborhood. North of Little Italy, or Nolita, has established itself as one of New York’s top shopping areas. In general, it is less expensive than the better-known SoHo district. Nolita has a charming, almost European atmosphere. There aren’t many tourists or big crowds in this neighborhood. This area is well-known for its chic boutiques, pop-up shops, art galleries, etc. 

    The most desirable NYC neighborhoods around Manhattan 

    Since Manhattan is extremely popular, there are more neighborhoods in this area. Make sure to book your moving services Manhattan NY one time. The Lower East Side is a diverse neighborhood in New York City with a rich past. There are many ancient structures in the area because it was a hotspot for European immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Additionally, there are a ton of old apartment buildings, predominantly low-walk-up and mid-rise buildings. The average rental price is $3900. The Upper West Side is close to two beautiful parks – Central Park and Riverside. You can find a lot of high rises and townhouses. The average rental price is $5000. Lastly, the Upper East Side is a bit more affordable, especially if you go more up the north. You can find extremely expensive townhouses or reasonably priced apartments. The average rental price is $4000. 

    cars parked on the street
    Manhattan has a competitive housing market so it can be very expensive to rent or buy

    East Village and Upper Manhattan 

    There are many interesting things to discover in the East Village. For example, the renowned St. Mark’s Place is here, which is also a great place to find a ton of exciting bars, shops, nightlife, street vendors, and karaoke. This odd, grungy neighborhood maintained much of its original atmosphere despite development. There are both young professionals and students in the area that houses New York University. Like most areas in New York, the East Village is a creative, eccentric neighborhood that has risen in price but has kept a lot of its original character. The average rental price is $3700. On the other hand, you can also hire Upper Manhattan movers to move to this neighborhood. Without a doubt, this neighborhood’s quality of life is steadily improving. You will encounter families and couples out rather than tourists. If you don’t like the “glamour of NYC”, you’ll enjoy this area. 

    West Village and Manhattanville 

    West Village is a relaxed neighborhood with lots of coffee shops. You will adore it because of its charming, tree-lined, cobblestone streets. Despite the neighborhood’s laid-back atmosphere, there are still plenty of interesting things to do there, like dining, shopping, jazz clubs, piano bars, and cabernets. However, the average rental price is almost $5000. On the other hand, West Harlem is also known as Manhattanville. Upper Manhattan is home to a mix of residential and industrial vibes. Additionally, the Manhattanville campus of Columbia University has undoubtedly changed the area. The West Harlem Piers Park and Riverside Park are two wonderful parks to which you will have access. Furthermore, the average rental price is only $2000. Since housing is pretty expensive in Manhattan, you should consider finding a small place. In this case, it would be smart to rent storage units Manhattan NYC and keep your seasonal items there.  

    Most desirable NYC neighborhoods have red buildings
    There are also a lot of students living in Manhattan neighborhoods

    Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights are among the most desirable NYC neighborhoods in Brooklyn

    The most desirable NYC neighborhoods are not only in Manhattan. The first Brooklyn neighborhood would be Park Slope. It is a residential area with beautiful brownstones and townhouses. Take a stroll down Garfield Place, a stunningly quiet street that highlights the area’s amazing architecture. However, the median sales price is $1.8M, and the median rent is $3,300 per month which makes it pretty pricey. On the other hand, “America’s original suburb” NYC’s first historic district, Brooklyn Height is well-known for being a beautiful area of Brooklyn. Just a short stroll from the Brooklyn War Memorial and other well-known landmarks, you may get stunning views of the Manhattan skyline between the East River and Cadman Plaza Park. The median sales price is $1.4M, and the median rent is $6,348 per month. Additionally, if you are moving here, you might consider getting packing services NYC for your valuable items. 

    Most desirable NYC neighborhoods in the Bronx 

    The majority of people don’t know Fieldston, but it is a hidden gem. The neighborhood is privately owned. For this reason, residents of the Fieldston Historic District must pay fees to a private homeowners’ association in order to maintain the roadways and greenery. It has a lot of enormous and mansion-level single-family homes. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a rural New England suburb and is unlike anything else in the city. Surprisingly, the average rental price is around $2000. On the other hand, aside from the interesting architecture, you can enjoy St. Mary’s Park and a bustling bar and restaurant scene. The Harlem River borders it on the west, while the Bronx Kill waterway borders it on the south. The majority of the housing options are buildings and apartments. Lastly, the median sales price is $760,000, and the median rent is $2,300 per month. 

    a white building in one of the Most desirable NYC neighborhoods
    You can find the most desirable NYC neighborhoods in the Bronx as well

    Forest Hills in Queens 

    Forest Hills is a private and peaceful neighborhood that captures a lovely nostalgic sense of New York City. It is known for its distinctive Tudor architecture and wonderful views of the Manhattan skyline. In addition to this, the Forest Hills Station and Forest Hills Stadium are here, as well as an outdoor music venue where the Beatles performed more than 50 years ago. In every way, Forest Hills stands up to its name. Furthermore, the neighborhood has streets lined with trees and a distinct atmosphere from the rest of NYC. The majority of the homes are single-family homes in the Tudor style. However, you can find apartments closer to Austin Street’s commercial district. Queens is much cheaper than both Manhattan and Brooklyn. The median sales price is $570,400, and the median rent is $2,500 per month. It is suitable for people with a smaller budget.  

    Silver Lake in Staten Island 

    Staten Island is a refreshing change of scenario from the hectic bustle of the other boroughs. Furthermore, it is only a short ferry trip from Manhattan. Silver Lake is a bright and quiet neighborhood with a lake, park, and even a golf course. The majority of New Yorkers rarely have the luxury of finding enough privacy and space when looking for a new place to live. This is what Silver Lake offers. With a few apartment complexes along Victory Boulevard, the majority of the properties in the region are big houses. When something goes on the market in this peaceful area, it sells quickly. If you are interested, the median selling price is $620,000, and the median rent is $2,400 per month. As you can see, you can also find one of the most desirable NYC neighborhoods on Staten Island as well. 

    an orange ferry
    Staten Island offers a quiet place where you can escape the craziness of NYC

    The rest of the neighborhoods you should consider 

    Since New York City is extremely large, it also has a high number of neighborhoods that you should consider when moving to the city. Here are the rest of the neighborhoods that could be your possible future home. 

    • Battery Park City – this neighborhood has a lot of high rises that overlook the Hudson River. In addition to this, it is also a peaceful neighborhood that is within walking distance of the famous Wall Street. 
    •  Washington Heights – it is located next to upper Manhattan. The neighborhood has a lot of amazing parks, basketball courts, and walking paths, all along the Hudson River. 
    • Midtown – this neighborhood is the world’s largest central business district. For this reason, a large number of major companies’ headquarters are here as well. However, it is also perfect for young professionals. 

    How to choose? 

    As you can see, these would be the most desirable NYC neighborhoods. Now, it is time to decide which one is for you. It would be best if you can visit several neighborhoods and then decide which one would be the most suitable for you. Only you can make this decision so take your time and think about what matters most to you in your new neighborhood.


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