Most famous Manhattan neighborhoods

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    If you are wondering where to live in Manhattan you have a big decision to make. There are many famous and amazing neighborhoods in Manhattan for you to choose from. Of course, it all also depends on your budget, interests, and lifestyle. But you can still easily decide in which of the most famous Manhattan neighborhoods to live in. Whether you care more about food or art or something third, there is going to be a neighborhood that suits your needs perfectly. That is the charm of New York City, that it has something for everyone. And everyone can fit in and enjoy themselves. So you should take your time and do the research to find a good neighborhood in Manhattan before hiring Manhattan Movers NYC to handle your move.

    All the wonders of Manhattan neighborhoods

    As a place that is famous worldwide, Manhattan attracts countless people daily. And while some of them spent a couple of hours or days having fun, others will stay for good. This entire borough is filled with history, attractions, and what’s more wonderful people. Manhattan has the soul and those who live there claim that leaving it is rarely an option. So, taking some time to find a place suitable for you before making an official plan with local movers Manhattan, seems like a good idea. Each one of these neighborhoods has something different to offer and it is good for a specific lifestyle.

    Woman sitting on chair while eating pasta dish in one of the most famous Manhattan neighborhoods
    There is a lot of amazing food to enjoy in Little Italy

    Little Italy

    Little Italy is set north of Chinatown and is much smaller than it used to be. It used to stretch across most of lower Manhattan but now it has shrunk to a few blocks. But that doesn’t remove any of its charms. It is very popular with tourists because of its charm and history and of course the restaurants with amazing food which stretch across Mulberry street. Additionally, the Feast of San Gennaro is held in Little Italy in September every year and is one of the oldest and biggest feasts in New York City. You can enjoy the feast with a very festive atmosphere, wonderful parades and of course amazing food. You can easily find all types of apartments in this neighborhood. Little Italy is one of the most famous Manhattan neighborhoods with a rich history and amazing food, and it’s a great place to live in.

    Lower East Side is one of the most famous Manhattan neighborhoods to live in

    The Lower East Side was established by the first immigrants in New York and is a very interesting multicultural neighborhood. It has many art galleries and museums for lovers of art. And also some of the best rooftop bars in New York City. It also has a lot of interesting history, so visiting the Tenement Museum to learn more about it is a must. Due to the neighborhood being very multicultural, there are all kinds of amazing food from all over the world.

    One thing that makes the Lower East Side one of the most famous Manhattan neighborhoods is Katz’s Delicatessen with its famous and delicious dishes. There are many benefits of moving to the Lower East Side. With its great food, history, and culture, this is one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan to live in. If you consider yourself to be a real foodie, it will take a lot of time until you get to explore all those amazing restaurants and bars in Lower East Side.

    Park in TriBeCa
    Manhattan is not all about famous buildings, and if you are looking for some green areas you can find some in TriBeCa

    East Village

    Do you wish to have some fun and really good nightlife? Well, this one may be perfect for you. East Village is one of those Manhattan neighborhoods with a lot of young professionals, freelancers, and people who love to party. It is filled with bars, restaurants, and nightclubs that provide amazing service for everyone. But apart from that fun side, East Village has some other qualities as well. Movers East Village can help you move there for work as well. One of the main reasons why this neighborhood is so famous is because of the diversity in terms of business. Here you will come across boutiques, tattoo studios, restaurants, and much more, and that could be a good thing for you. If you own a small business or plan on starting one, there is no better place for doing so. 

    Lower Manhattan

    But all of you who are much bigger fans of history and art should go in other directions. Lower Manhattan is mostly famous for the preservation of important historic moments, and people who are deeply in love with it. This is the main reason why Lower Manhattan attracts many tourists daily. If you are interested in moving here as well, you probably enjoy art and history yourself. You will find everything you have been looking for here and will be able to express your creativity. Those who have a lot of delicate art pieces to transport should be extra careful though. Fine art movers Manhattan can help you do it, while you focus on exploring the area yourself!

    You would be surprised to know that this neighborhood is the most affordable in the entire Manhattan area. For some, this will be great news and not something to ignore. If you are a fan of row houses or brown bricks homes, there is no better place to get them than here. With a good and stable job, you can enjoy a pretty comfortable lifestyle in Lower Manhattan, and don’t be surprised if you come across a certain celebrity on the street! That can happen a lot!

    Golden hour in Manhattan
    Lower Manhattan really is one of the most famous Manhattan neighborhoods because it is diverse and open to countless different job vacancies


    In Manhattan, everything is possible, just like you have the option to choose a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan. Yes, we are talking about TriBeCa. This syllabic abbreviation stands for Triangle Below Canal and a good reason. Connecting a couple of important streets in Manhattan, here you will find one of the most dedicated communities in the entire state. The majority of people were born here, but due to a very suitable location, new ones keep on coming. It began as an industrial zone back in the day, but today, Tribeca is home to people ready to make a change. It is mostly famous because of the Tribeca Festival, which has a goal to recover and renovate the area and work on the improvement of its lifestyle.

    Living in Tribeca will give you a chance to see another side of Manhattan where people stand with each other and work hard so that the locals can enjoy their birthplace. Just like in most Manhattan, you can also find yourself home in one of the brown brick buildings that have been representing the city of New York for many years. 


    As you might already know or can guess from the name, Chinatown is where the largest population of Chinese people in New York is. It is a remarkable and unique neighborhood in Manhattan, one of many things which make it one of the most famous neighborhoods in Manhattan. With a large number of Chinese people, the neighborhood has grown rapidly and took a big part of Little Italy and the Lower Eastside. With hundreds of restaurants, Chinatown is a great place to go if you want to eat authentic Asian food. If you decide to move to this neighborhood you can easily find reputable residential movers Manhattan. Chinatown is also known as the best neighborhood to find good counterfeits, things like:

    • Clothes
    • Watches
    • Handbags

    A busy street in Chinatown, one of the most famous Manhattan neighborhoods
    Chinatown is one of the most lively and interesting neighborhoods in Manhattan

    When talking about the most famous Manhattan neighborhoods we can’t go without mentioning Harlem

    With a rich and interesting history, Harlem is one of the coolest and most fun neighborhoods in Manhattan. With many great restaurants and a huge variety when it comes to food, from Ethiopian to Senegalese food. Whether you are planning to move to Harlem or move your business there, you can’t go wrong. And you can easily find professional commercial movers Manhattan. One of the things that make Harlem one of the most famous Manhattan neighborhoods is the legendary Jazz Clubs with amazing music. With everything from Blues to Jazz and much more. And you can always have a lot of fun by going to the historic Apollo theater through which many legends have passed. Amateur nights are especially fun and you can join in yourself.

    Greenwich Village

    Greenwich Village has always been one of the coolest neighborhoods in Manhattan. Back in the 19th century, it is known for artists living in it. And many famous artists have used it as inspiration for their art. People like Jack Kerouac, Bob Dylan, and many others found the source right here. While Greenwich Village is more expensive now than in the past, it is still one of the most famous Manhattan neighborhoods for a good reason. Greenwich Village is also home to Washington Square Park. It attracts many visitors from around the world for a good reason. Greenwich Village is very beautiful and it has a rich history. It also has many street performers which liven up the atmosphere in the park. This historic neighborhood is a great place to move to and live in.

    If you decide to move to Greenwich Village, take your time blending in. This place has so many things to offer that you would want to enjoy them step by step. Those who never had a chance to visit before and are coming from another place should be ready to have an unforgettable experience. You can easily leave your entire relocation to the interstate movers Manhattan while you slowly get to know the area.

    Woman crossing a street in front of The Washington Square Park
    Washington Square Park is one of the many locations you can enjoy in Greenwich Village


    South of Houston, also known as Soho is a very charming neighborhood filled with trendy restaurants and chic boutiques. You can find it west of Little Italy. It is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Manhattan for many reasons. During the prohibition, it was famous for its secret bars. Which are still there today with the same charm they had before. And are one of the things that give SoHo its charm. One unique thing about SoHo is that many of its streets are still cobblestoned, which is a rarity nowadays in New York City. Among many fun things to do in Soho, one of them is The Drawing Center, a nonprofit art institution that focuses on exhibiting drawings. You can see many drawings from up-and-coming artists here. And it has drawing workshops to help you learn how to draw.

    SoHo has been a topic of many movies, art pieces, and famous people’s imagination. This place carries a lot of history regarding art, urban lifestyle, and fashion. Smaller art academies are everywhere, making it a hot spot for all young professionals in the area but further than that as well. To live in SoHo means to have access to things you can only see in an extremely cool movie. Each building in this neighborhood is like a Manhattan gem. Entrances lead to homes, shops, clubs, workshops, etc.

    corner of the building in Manhattan
    Living in SoHo will not only be a good experience but can have business benefits as well

    Other benefits of living in some of the most famous Manhattan neighborhoods

    Living in an extremely famous place has countless benefits. Those who can take up with tourists and a constant flow of world attention will be extremely grateful for being a resident of Manhattan. You can have a pretty good job in different fields especially if you are young and full of potential. On the other hand, people who wish to retire and treat themselves like they deserve should also consider some of the most famous Manhattan neighborhoods. Getting a chance to see all those locations you have been hearing of is an experience of a lifetime, and shouldn’t be missed no matter what.


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