How to move from a House to a Manhattan Apartment

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    Downsizing your house to an apartment
    How to move from a House to a Manhattan Apartment?

    Downsizing from house to apartment is never that easy. After all, the process of selling the house you’ve lived in for years and replacing it with a small apartment, is much more than just packing up your things and walking out of the house door. Making the change to a tiny apartment took a lot of preparation. When you move into a smaller living space, you will be introduced to certain changes in your lifestyle, and instead of fighting these changes, try to embrace them. Move from a house to a Manhattan apartment means more time to yourself and friends.

    Living in an apartment will free up a considerable amount of time. So, if you miss all household tasks just think that in apartment you have more time, less to clean, and opportunity to get to know your new city better.

    Transition from home to apartment can be tricky. You’re going to have to get rid of all the useless and unwanted items first. And while it’s easy to say “just get rid of your extra stuff,” doing it is much harder. Here’s how to make the transition as smooth as possible.

    Downsizing your house to an apartment means:

    1. Leading a clutter-free life with less worthless junk to get in your way

    It should come as no surprise that most of us spend our lives accumulating piles and piles of personal possessions. How often do we stop and ask ourselves how many of those household items we really need? You should make moving from house to apartment checklist: Must have, can live without, and things I could replace. Your must haves obviously need to come with you. Your “live without” are the things you could sell, donate, or get rid of. “Could replace” list should be reserved for things that you could potentially sell and buy something smaller that you’d like, like a smaller TV etc.

    1. Having less space to clean and maintain which will leave you more time to do the things you really enjoy

    Think of how easy it is to clean a small apartment compared to a big house. You’ll have a ton of windows to clean, more floors to vacuum and you’ll also have to worry about the outdoor spaces. You can enjoy in your new city with your friends, Manhattan nightlife and Manhattan museums.

    1. Having lower living costs and monthly expenses which will leave you more money to save or spend on other pressing needs. 

      Relocating to NYC : Home Moving Tips from a House to an Apartment
      Transition from home to apartment can be tricky

    Relocating to NYC : Home Moving Tips from a House to an Apartment

    1. Moving to New York advice: Get a storage

    Once you do make the transition to your new home, make sure to make use of all of the available storage space you can get your hands on.  Wall-mounted shelving, under-bed storage boxes, they’re all your best friend if you’re moving to a smaller space. But, you should consider getting a storage space. If your items are absolutely essential, sentimental, or extremely valuable and you don’t have room for them, it’s an option by storing things in storages. When you hire a professional moving company they can give you solution of getting a storage.  

    1. Double-purpose everything

    How to move from a house to an apartment: use a suitcase for out of season clothes storage. You know that awesome suitcase you use every few months when you travel? Well, guess what, it just turned into a second closet for all the seasonal clothes you don’t wear. The best thing about it is this extra closet fits underneath your bed, leaving plenty of space in your tiny bedroom.

    1. Purge and donate

    Downsize Your House to an Apartment: purge clothes, cameras, books, and souvenirs, and think about which ones you could get rid of or leave behind.

    Tip: When getting rid of clothes, place your hangers backwards. When you wear an item of clothing, put it back normally. After a few weeks, find the hangers that are still backwards and get rid of those items of clothing.

    A good book and stylish sweater have no place in the garbage. Donate everything you no longer wear or use to a place.

    1. Build shelves

    Moving from a house to an NYC apartment?  Make DIY storage shelves.

    These wall shelves from are almost too simple to install.

    1. Clean once a week

    Moving from a house to a tiny NYC apartment? Clean often to keep your home organized and decluttered. When you live in a tiny home you constantly have to make sure you’re not letting your things become clutter. If you have the habit of plopping your keys, sunglasses, headphones, and wallet down wherever you like, you have to get into the other habit of picking up after yourself and putting those things into their designated spaces.

    Along with putting things away, it’s essential that you clean every single week and do laundry before it overflows. The double-edged

    Your "live without" are the things you could sell, donate, or get rid of.
    Moving from house to apartment checklist: Must have, can live without, and things I could replace.

    sword with a tiny apartment is that it can get very dirty very easily, and very clean very quickly. You shouldn’t have many boxes, containers, and organizational gadgets. They can often just add to the problem by encouraging you to put stuff you don’t need into pretty boxes that look nice on a shelf, when that shelf could be used for something you actually want.


    Downsizing and apartment living is a major transition from a house. Don’t be depressed and gloomy. If you’re moving to a smaller apartment to shorten your commute or live in the neighborhood you’ve always wanted to, remember that, and try to make sure that new life is as happy as possible. You have two options: to focus on the positive brighter side or focus on the negative darker one. Whatever your reasons are for moving from house to an apartment, attitude matters—and the more upbeat you can make the process, the smoother it’ll go. You already know that the right choice is to adopt the positive mindset, don’t you?


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