Moving a piano in Upper East Side – common challenges

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    Moving is never as simple as it may seem at first. Relocating large, heavy pieces such as a piano makes it all the more complex. It’s easy to get sidetracked and completely go off course with a dauntingly long list of tasks involved. This, however, doesn’t strike us until it’s already too late to turn back. Unfortunately, many attempts to take on moving all by themselves or with the help of a few friends. While this could be a successful tactic, it often leads to disaster. With inadequate experience, even the simplest moving tasks could turn into a nightmare. For this reason, specifically, it’s always advisable to hire moving professionals, such as Manhattan Movers NYC. When you employ the services of a professional moving company, you save yourself from a lot of stress and resolve some of the common challenges of moving a piano in the Upper East Side.

    Common concerns when moving a piano in Upper East Side

    Damage to the piano

    Pianos are usually tremendously large, heavy, and bulky. There is no way around it – pun intended. In fact, sometimes, there truly is no way around it! This means that there is a huge risk of damaging it whilst attempting to remove it from the property. The risk of damage goes up significantly when the piano in question is an old or even antique piece. Damage to such precious instruments could cost hundreds and thousands of dollars to take care of.

    Damage to the property

    Indeed, when moving something as clunky as a piano, there is a fair chance of damage to the property itself. This can happen either while removing it from your home, or when trying to unload it at your new place of residence. If your new home has sensitive flooring or elaborate doorframes which are just a bit too tight, it could get risky. Nobody likes to see expenses pile up or have to invest in a newly purchased home due to a small mistake. Still, when maneuvering a heavy object like a piano, it’s easy to strike walls, doorframes, guard rails, or even damage the floor if you do not lower it with proper care. Luckily, there are professional piano movers Manhattan has to offer. These are specially trained and experienced teams, ready for just this type of job.

    Manhattan at night
    Moving a piano in Upper East Side can be a nightmare without help, as it’s an area of tall apartment buildings and skyscrapers

    Tackling the main concerns when moving a piano in Upper East Side

    The truth is – if you require a moving service NYC is a place teeming with companies ready to haul whatever you need. With so many companies available and claiming to be the best, how do you know which one really is the top dog? Moving has become a huge business in the US, as hundreds of thousands of Americans move yearly. This trend has not declined over the decades and it seems like it doesn’t plan to in the near future. A huge demand creates space for more companies to try and get in on the game. When quantity goes up, quality usually goes down. Let’s have a look at a short tutorial on how to pick the right moving company for your specific needs.


    First and foremost, try to check if they hold a license. A licensed mover is, usually, a safe bet. These licenses are not easy to come by and require a high level of professionalism and some years in the business. The best movers in Manhattan are more than likely to be licensed. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get quality service with a non-licensed company. However, are you willing to risk having your property irreparably damaged or lost, just because a non-licensed company seems to have a better offer on paper? Probably not.


    Another way to assess the quality of services you can hope to receive is to look through reviews. There are websites that offer independent reviews of moving companies, as posted by former or current customers. Here, you may be able to find what you’re looking for, in terms of recommendations. When reading through the reviews, try to find some which have the following points covered:

    • Time management
    • Handling and transport
    • Customer service
    • Cost to quality ratio
    Man and woman research moving companies online
    Moving a piano in Upper East Side can be easy if you hire a good moving company with positive reviews.

    If the reviews of the Upper East Side moving company you’ve found say positive things about each of these categories, you’ve probably struck gold. Waste no time in getting your free quote and have that piano moved safely in no time!

    What to expect from professionals when moving a piano in Upper East Side

    So you’ve decided to hire a professional moving company. Great choice! So what exactly will be the benefits of going for their services and how will they soothe your mind? Put simply – the company will take care of everything from start to finish. That’s right – this includes securing your piano with high-quality packing materials and safety mechanisms. Once the team secures your piano adequately, they will load it into the moving company’s transport vehicle. Again, all you have to do is not get in the way. These vehicles are properly equipped for the safest possible transportation of your possessions and operated by experienced drivers. Once at the location, the team will unload the piano and place it exactly where you want, with utmost care.

    Moving company employee preparing for Moving a piano in Upper East Side
    Moving a piano in Upper East Side can be smooth and simple, if you hire professionals in the field.

    Moving a piano in Upper East Side – conclusion

    It may have seemed near impossible, but as you see, moving a piano in Upper East Side turns out to actually be simpler than it appeared to be. With the help of professionals on your side, all you have to do is sit back and wait for everything to play out. Hopefully, this guide was helpful and music will soon be echoing throughout your new home.


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