Moving a piano to Manhattan: Tips by piano movers

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    When it comes to relocation to Manhattan, there are so many challenges. This is not just ‘a relocation’. it is a relocation to the greatest city in the world. This is something we don’t need to argue about. Having yourself in a situation of moving to Manhattan, you’re certainly aware of the opportunities it offers. On the other hand, you should also know that it brings potential troubles. And those troubles are, just like everything else in NYC, a lot bigger than the troubles in your current life. I’m not talking here only about the life after your relocation. What I had in mind was the very relocation to NYC borough of manhattan. You must prepare well for it, so you’d avoid the problems that might appear. Particularly if you’re moving a piano to manhattan, together with the rest of your items.

    Tips by the piano moving experts: Moving a piano to Manhattan made easy

    Moving a piano to Manhattan requires quite an effort!
    Be very careful when moving a piano to Manhattan!

    If you talked to anyone who moved to The City, they surely advised you to hire the movers in Manhattan to conduct your relocation. And they are completely right. This job is so challenging, especially for someone migrating to Manhattan for the first time. Ease your life up by letting the Manhattan movers do the tough job. If you’re a piano owner, find the piano movers in Manhattan. You want your valuable piano to be moved without a scratch, don’t you? So our suggestion is to hire piano movers, at least for the transportation. And the best thing to do would be letting them do all the job.

    Nevertheless, given that some of you will want to do the moving a piano to Manhattan by yourself, here’s what you should do:

    • Measure the piano- Know the size of your piano so you could learn the best technique for moving it.
      • Make a good plan- As we always emphasize, before every job, make a good plan.
      • Prepare the piano for moving day- Before moving a piano to Manhattan, make sure you protect it properly.
      • Position your piano right in a moving truck- Experts advice how to position your piano for the transportation.
      • Check the piano after the relocation- Find out if your piano is in a good condition after the relocation.

    Measuring your piano

    First, you could wander why is it important to measure your piano. Well, there are several reasons. You want to know if there’s enough space in your new apartment to place your piano. If there is, then it’s important for the transportation. You must have a clear picture abut the size of your piano, so you could place it properly in the truck. You could be able to do it together with the other items (if it fits), or you might be forced to arrange a separate truck just for the piano. Hence, the size of your piano will let you know what is the best option for you. Now, we can talk about how to measure each kind of piano.

    Before moving to Manhattan, measure your grand piano
    Measure your grand piano before preparing it for Manhattan move

    How to measure the grand pianos
    You measure the grand pianos from the front to the back. Don’t be confused, because the grand pianos are usually of same height and width. There are several sizes of grand piano:

    • Baby grand: 4’8”- 5’1”
    • Parlor grand: 5’2”- 5’7”
    • Professional grand: 5’8”- 6’7”
    • Recital hall grand: 6’8”- 8’6”
    • Concert grand: 8’7”- 9’2”

    How to measure upright pianos
    Unlike grand pianos, the upright pianos can differ very much in all dimensions. That’s why measuring the upright pianos is a bit complicated. You get the actual size of your upright piano only by measuring all the dimensions.

    It's true that measuring an upright piano is more difficult, but you must do it
    Measuring an upright piano is a bit more demanding than a grand piano, but it needs to be done

    Why we insisted that you measure your piano? Well, if you move the piano by yourself, you want to have this information, so you could consult the experts asking them what is the best way of transportation for your piano. Having that kind of advice, you’re gonna be moving a piano to Manhattan a lot easier.

    Plan on every little detail

    It seems like moving only one item isn’t that difficult. You might think: ‘ Ok, it is big and heavy. But I’ll call a couple of my friends and we can handle it.’ Well, the size of a piano is something you can handle. What is important is to handle it properly. The piano consists of more than thousand moving parts inside of it. If you don’t pay enough attention, you could turn the adventure of moving a piano to Manhattan by yourself into a complete disaster. Only one or two wrong moves and you’re ruining your piano, being forced to pay for a repair. And the piano repair, as you know, isn’t cheap at all.

    Therefore, plan everything since the beginning. Plan what friends you’re gonna ask for help. Move all of your furniture out of the way where you plan on to move your piano. Make a plan of the route where you plan on passing transporting your piano, and make sure you see if there are some damages on the road, so you could avoid your piano jumping inside your truck. Talk to professional piano movers and find out what else they recommend to be done in planning the piano move.

    Prepare your piano for the relocation

    Prepare your piano for moving to Manhattan
    Make sure your piano is properly prepared for moving to Manhattan

    Here are some tips for preparing your piano for relocation to The City:

    • Remove all the furniture that could be on your way, before you get going.
    • Don’t move the piano on its casters. They are just decorative and they can damage your floor.
    • If you own a grand piano, it would be the best to disassemble it, removing the legs. Wrap the blanket around the piano and move it like that.
    • Never move a piano with an open lid. close it and secure it from opening.
    • Use straps to move the piano, and have at least two persons holding each strap. You don’t want to damage your piano if someone drops the strap, or someone injures because of lifting it alone.
    • Make sure, when moving the piano, that it stays in its upright position, and keep it balanced properly.
    • Use the dolly to move the piano from your house to the truck. Remember, keep it balanced.

    Where to place the piano inside of the truck

    In case you’re moving a piano to Manhattan together with the rest of the stuff, you’ll want the advice from piano movers on how to position it. The professionals advise that you should load the piano first. By doing that, you’re able to tuck it with your boxes and other furniture. That way you’re keeping it stable, not able to move around and damage. Of course, pay attention that you don’t place something onto the piano that could damage or scratch it. Additionally, before tucking your piano with the boxes, make sure you stretch the piano with the straps, keeping it safe from bumping. And another piece of advice. The floor of the truck isn’t ideally leveled. So make sure you level the piano before you continue loading the rest of your items.

    After the relocation, check on the piano

    Check the tuning of your piano after you placed it into your new Manhattan home. In case it’s not tuned properly, please don’t make a big deal out of it. The biggest job is behind you! The surrounding could be different, your new home isn’t that acoustic or could be more acoustic than the previous one. Give yourself and your piano a month before you adjust to the new environment. If you still think it’s not tuned well, you could need to tune your piano again.

    In the end, as we said, it is possible to transport your piano to Manhattan by yourself. And you could do it without problems. Especially if you’re moving locally. In case you’re moving long distance, moving a piano to Manhattan all by yourself isn’t that a smart idea. We would suggest escaping the risk of damaging your piano because of lack of your experience. Hire professional piano movers and avoid the headaches!

    Here are some examples of how to move your piano:


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