Moving a pool table without taking it apart – is it possible?

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    Moving heavy items such as pool tables is considered one of the most challenging tasks of every move. Nevertheless, to make relocation as simple as possible, many pool table owners will look for the easiest way to transport it. If you deal with moving your pool table, you will probably want to find the most efficient way to protect, lift and unload it onto a moving truck. Even if you know it will be safer to disassemble your pool table, moving a pool table without taking it apart could be truly tempting. However, you will not opt for a step like this if you know there is a risk of harm to your pool table. To help you, our movers NYC will help you figure out should you move your poll table without dismantling it. Let’s see what you should do!

    What will happen if you opt for moving a pool table without taking it apart?

    When you start planning how to disassemble your pool take, soon you will realize how much time you will need for this task. So, before you indulge in this undertaking, you will consider moving a billiard table without dismantling it. Since the pool table is large, bulky, and heavy, you will need to consider many factors before you even try to lift it. Unluckily, this project could bring many risks of damaging your precious pool table.

    A billiard table near fireplace
    Consider the pros and cons of moving an assembled pool table.

    Although you don’t want anything bad to happen, our experts for packing services NYC will remind you of potential risks:

    • You could damage your pool table during the moving process. This could happen if you skip needed steps when protecting your delicate pool table. In case you get stuck in a doorway or on some stairs because you did not assemble your pool table. This can result in scratches and permanent damage.
    • You risk breaking the slate, especially if you don’t know the right technique to protect it. If your pool table is a slate table, make sure to know what steps you need to take when you want to move it without taking it apart.
    • There are quite a chances you could damage the frame. Unluckily, trying to move a slate pool table without the needed knowledge can result in a damaged frame. According to our pool table movers NYC, billiard tables are so heavy and require to be supported by the legs. Once you lift the table off the ground, the frame will take all weight and this can cause frame damage.
    • You could get injuries. This is the last thing you want.

    Injuries could happen if you opt for moving a pool table without taking it apart

    Whether you have a smaller or a large pool table, you should think twice about the way you will relocate it. Even smaller pool tables could be hard to lift and carry. In case you have a slate pool table, you should know they are very heavy. Although you are optimistic when you want to transport your slate table to storage units NYC, don’t rush when it comes to lifting your pool table. Instead of hurrying, make sure to check did you prepare for each of the steps that you need to take.

    The doctor examines woman
    Do what you need to do to prevent injuries caused by heavy lifting.

    Firstly, make sure to have the right number of people who will help you lift it. Secondly, make sure to properly wrap and protect your pool table. If you try to lift a slate table with an inadequate number of people, it can result in injury. Funny fact but true, even when you have enough people to help you lift your poll table, injuries happen. So, do all you need to find enough friends or family members to lift a pool table. In case many of them are busy, keep looking for help. Contact our residential movers NYC and tell us all about the task in front of you. Our moving experts will provide you with the right number of professionals who will help you move a pool table safely.

    How far should you move a pool table without taking it apart?

    There is no doubt that if you plan to move your home long-distance or interstate, you should give up on moving a billiard table without taking it apart. According to all factors you need to count on, this is not possible without damage. But if you are moving with the help of local movers NYC, it can be done without trouble. Also, if you plan to move your beloved pool table to another floor or room, taking it apart is a bad idea. Yes, you will need to be careful and prepared for this task. However, you will save plenty of time without harm to your favorite table at home.

    Take the time to do all the steps you need to do

    Whether you want to move a pool table to the next room or another part of the city, some steps are inevitable to take. Firstly, measure your pool table and know all details of its dimension. Secondly, make sure to measure all doorways on the way that your pool table needs to pass. Pay special attention to the tight spots inside your room and the entire home.

    A person making a plan on moving a pool table without taking it apart
    Create a strategy for moving a pool table without taking it apart.

    Not completely certain can you get the table through without having to take it apart? Then you need to give up on moving a pool table without taking it apart. The last thing you should try is to test some wrong way to move this heavy item. No matter what, you need to resist the temptation to put it on its side. Although it does not seem so wrong, this is a direct asking for damage. When your pool table is tilted on its side, the slate rests all of its weight on the sides of the pool table. Even though the sides look sturdy, they are not designed to take that much weight while you are carrying them across New York. Instead of this, use some more proven methods to move your pool table!


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