Moving during the holidays: do’s and don’ts

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    Whichever calendar day you put your finger on, moving will always be a difficult and stressful period. And if it’s a holiday period, the situation can seem even more difficult. However, we cannot choose the perfect time for all events in life. That’s why we have to adapt to the situation and see what is best for us to do when moving during the holidays. With the advice of Manhattan Movers NYC, you will find out what to do and what not to do during such a move.

    Let’s see what dos and don’ts are in moving during the holidays

    For many, the holidays are the best part of the year. But we have to admit that all this euphoria and pleasure also carry a dose of stress because you have to prepare everything on time. Add to that the relocation and you have doubled the stress. Along with the list of everything you’ll need to prepare for relocation and moving day itself, add this list of moving dos and don’ts.

    a woman lightnings a candle
    Prepare your move in time to avoid double stress around the holidays

    Moving companies also have a holiday

    It’s the holiday season, and most moving companies are gearing up to celebrate. Keep in mind the moving company’s potential non-working days.

    Do prepare a list of everything that needs to be done during the move, as well as all the services you want to request from the moving company.
    Don’t wait for the last moment to call and ask about movers NYC cost. After accepting the cost, you must have time to prepare for the move.

    Take into account the working hours of the moving supplies stores

    As you know, moving cannot be imagined without moving supplies. Therefore, inform yourself in time about the working hours during the holidays.

    Do your list and buy everything you need to pack your belongings before the holidays. You must make sure that you have a sufficient number of boxes, adhesive tapes, sliders, and protective materials. All materials needed for the move you can order from the moving company. Full-service relocation also includes moving materials and tools.
    Don’t collect old boxes from stores or attics and basements. They can be wet and unsafe during the move.

    Pack before the holidays

    Packing takes the most time, so it should be started on time. Depending on the size of the apartment, packing with moving service NYC can take from 2 to 7 days. If you are packing without the help of a moving company, it will probably take more time.

    Do pack, room by room, label boxes, especially breakables, and clean all appliances so they are ready for relocation. If you have chosen a packing service with a moving company, prepare the area where the packing will be done and be nearby if the moving team needs any information about the things they are packing.
    Don’t pack things you’ll need during the move, especially if it’s winter. Pay attention that jackets, sweaters, and warm shoes remain outside the boxes. Also, do not pack documents with other things, as well as medicines and valuables.

    a couple is packing for the move
    Moving during the holidays requires everything to be ready to load the truck, so start packing early

    Consider using a storage unit

    If you don’t have time to separate important things from non-essentials or things you want to put in a new home from those you want to give away, sell or throw away, you can store them. Using storage units, you will avoid stress, deadlines, and time to complete tasks. Also, a storage unit will come in handy if problems arise during the move. In winter, it may snow, a truck stop or the road to your new apartment is blocked. The ideal solution in that situation is a storage unit.

    Do make a list of the things you want to put in storage. If you don’t have time to make a list, think about how many things you want to put in so you can rent the right size unit. Storage units NYC offer temporary and long-term storage, so you will have time to sort through everything that found its place in the unit.
    Don’t waste your time on long classifications. The most important thing is to reserve the unit in time, although many are available even on the same day. However, it is the holidays and there may be some changes in working time.

    Notify your neighbors about the move

    The neighbors of the apartment you are leaving as well as the neighbors of the new apartment should know when you are planning the moving day. That might get you their offer of help, and it’ll also get them ready for that hustle and bustle day.

    Do release parking spaces near your apartments. Ask your neighbors to move their cars, trailers, and motorcycles to make enough free place for the truck and movers.
    Don’t forget to ask about parking in the new apartment. If the apartment complex has a shared driveway, there are probably rules on which days and how moving trucks can use it. Also, if it snows, don’t forget to clear the snow from the parking lot. You don’t want a truck to come and find you covered in snow.

    a parking in snow
    Don’t forget to clear the snow from the parking lot on moving day to make it easier for the truck to access

    Involve your children in the move

    Moving to a new home brings joy because we all hope for something better. But for children who have probably been in that place since birth, have friends in the neighborhood, and know every nook and cranny around the house, moving can be quite difficult. By including children in the move, you will get extra help when carrying the boxes, as well as more satisfied children.

    Do every step of your move in the presence of children. Make them feel part of it, let them give ideas for furnishing the new apartment, and involve them in the move on moving day. Emphasize the importance of their presence in everything and show gratitude for their help in overcoming any doubts during the move. Explain that starting school in the middle of the school year, especially if it’s the winter months, can be a great experience. With various winter activities, they will meet new friends easily. Prepare gifts for the upcoming holiday. Children need to feel that everything is happening as usual, even though they are moving.
    Don’t ignore them or force them out of the place where everything is happening. It’s a new experience for them and they want to participate in everything. Don’t let them carry bulky things. It can lead to injury. It is also recommended to make a deal with moving furniture NYC about disassembling, carrying, and transferring furniture. They will complete this difficult part of the job professionally, safely, and swiftly.

    Arrange the use of a truck

    During a move, especially if you are doing it without the help of a moving company, you must arrange a moving truck in advance. Although there is little chance that the trucks will be busy during the holidays, you still need to ensure that the truck and drivers are present on the day of the move.

    Do truck reservations on time. The driver may want to travel somewhere during the holidays. Also, maybe someone like you will see that the time is right to move and before you reserve the vehicle you planned to use for the day of the move, they do it first.
    Don’t take the vehicle without first consulting about the size. The size must correspond to the number of your belongings. You don’t want any of the items to be left behind due to a lack of space, especially when moving during the holidays.

    moving during the holidays also requires a moving truck, check availability
    Timely determine the size of the truck, it should fully meet the number of your belongings

    Consider hiring pool table movers when moving during the holidays

    Moving a pool table can be a stressful and time-consuming process. While it looks like you’ll save money by doing the move yourself, you’re more likely to end up without it. Hiring pool table movers is a job that requires professionals, trained for this activity.

    Do hire professional pool table movers NYC to save you time and money and stay worry-free. Pay for insurance because moving the pool table can lead to damage to the area through which you carry the pool table as well as injury. The professionals of the moving companies are certainly insured. In addition, they have a lot of experience in the given job, so the chances of injury or damage are less.
    Don’t move or disassemble the pool table yourself. This can lead to serious injury as well as damage to the pool table. Also, don’t start moving if you haven’t prepared the appropriate moving supplies. Moving a pool table asks for specialized equipment and an appropriately sized truck to move safely. If the relocation is done by a moving company, all necessary materials and tools will be included in the moving process.

    Be careful during the transportation

    Although it seems that this part of the move is not your worry, it is a part that you have to be very careful about. If you have plants that need to be moved, pets in cages, special things that the driver does not come across often, or flammable substances, it is very important to explain how to protect them. If you hire a moving company, their experts will know what to do.

    A couple packing their things for moving during the holidays
    Be careful with your belongings

    Do this, put such things aside, if there are too many of them, consider hiring a special vehicle just for their transportation. If there is a lot of junk among them, get rid of it before moving day. Donate whatever you can to reduce the number of such items in the truck.
    Don’t hide them among other things that have to be transported. If they are pets, they may not survive until your new home, if they are plants, they can be damaged. Also, some plants and animals must be registered when moving from one country to another. Consult with the moving company Manhattan about the safety of transporting such items. Do not put flammable items in the truck. If you are not sure what is not allowed in the transport vehicle, inform yourself before packing. You don’t want to prepare for moving during the holidays and realize you cannot transfer those belongings.

    Give yourself a holiday after moving into a new apartment

    With all these days devoted to moving, you should set aside a few days for yourself and celebrate. It will also be a period of adjustment to the new home and surroundings.

    Do your daily routine as in the previous apartment. This will help both you and the children to accept the new apartment more easily. Create a festive atmosphere to fill the home with family warmth. Plan days together, go for walks to get to know your surroundings, and get to know your neighbors. They will guide you to all the important things in the city where you have settled. Organize socializing with neighbors from the city you left. Invite your children’s friends to visit you in your new apartment. That way you will not develop nostalgia for what you left.
    Don’t rush unpacking. You will have a lot of time to arrange things in the rooms. Take only the most important things and devote yourself to the family.  If you have arranged to unpack with the moving company, do not cancel it. Use that time to spend with family members.

    family and friends on holiday's dinner
    Invite the neighbors from the old apartment and your children’s friends to get together in your new home, avoid nostalgia

    Is it worth moving during the holidays?

    The holidays are a part of the year that should be dedicated to family, but if you organize a move at this time, you can have many benefits for both, you and your family. The most important thing is to contact residential movers NYC on time and schedule a move on a scale that suits you. If the holiday falls in the winter months, chances are you’ll get great quotes and pay for the move more favorably than any other part of the year. If you stick to the list from above and include the children in the moving process, you will spend the holiday with them differently, more productively this time. Moving during the holidays can also be a period of bonding with the children, as well as getting to know the new neighborhood, given that the holiday is likely to bring a few days off for everyone.


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