Moving fine art long distance

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    Are you moving fine art long distance and looking for additional tips to keep it safe? You’ve come to the right place! Manhattan Movers NYC have years of experience in moving art of all kinds. There are numerous actions that you can take to help your art piece arrive intact from point A to point B. Since there are so many types and shapes of art, you need to be creative in your packing approach. To find out how to keep your art safe, keep on reading!

    man and woman packing
    You need to be creative in your packing approach because art comes in many shapes and sizes!

    Keep those things in mind when moving fine art long distance

    Moving fine art long distance requires creative thinking and patience. If you’re not sure whether you have time to think of the best way to pack your precious art, then the next best option would be to turn to fine art movers NYC. If you do, then you have to keep in mind several things: 

    • Your art shouldn’t move during the transportation 
    • If it’s very fragile, make sure that you label the box on each side when moving fine art long distance 
    • If there are parts that stick out, you’ll need more packing material  
    • Packing big or heavy art pieces may require several people 
    • If you need to pack heavy sculpture, then you’ll definitely need the help of friends or professionals 
    painting above the table
    Make sure to research the appropriate ways to pack your art!

    How to move paintings 

    Properly packing a painting for a move will determine whether it arrives undamaged. If your painting is covered with glass, make sure to put an X on the glass with tape. That will keep the glass in one place if it gets shattered. Place the packing paper between the glass and the painting in case of breakage. Most of the paintings don’t have glasses, so the next most important thing you’ll need to do is to secure corners. There are cardboard and styrofoam corner pieces that you can buy at the bookstores or DIY stores. They protect the corners, but styrofoam ones are more practical. After you’ve done that, wrap the whole painting in the packing paper and after that, in the bubble wrap. It would be best if you could get a plastic box to place the painting inside it to keep it safe from moisture.

    How to move sculptures

    Sculptures and ceramics can be tricky since they can weigh a lot – and they’re fragile. Long-distance movers NYC have realized that to move a sculpture long-distance successfully, it’s important that the sculpture has a box that fits. Apart from securing the parts of the sculpture that stick out, you’ll want to fill the whole box with some kind of material to keep the sculpture from moving. It can be styrofoam, but there are also other materials available on the market. Secure the parts that stick out with a sponge and a tape, and wrap the whole sculpture with wrapping paper, and then a bubble wrap. Apply more than two layers of bubble wrap if needed.

    woman wrapping a ceramic bowl in bubble wrap
    Apply at least two bubble wrap layers to your ceramics and sculptures!

    Hire professional movers when moving fine art long distance

    Moving fine art long distance is never an easy feat. Many people decide to hire professional movers and have peace of mind. That way, they minimize the chances of their art getting damaged and themselves getting hurt.  Manhattan Movers NYC have moved numerous art pieces successfully. We do it with great care and at very reasonable prices. To check them out, get a free quote and decide for yourself. Do you want to book a stress-free move and have your art deliver without a scratch too?


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