Moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan

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    New York City is one of the most iconic locations in the world and many people are dreaming of living there. And if you have lived in it for a while, you know why. On another note, not every part of NYC offers the same advantages. For example, you may find yourself living in Brooklin, and it doesn’t fit you quite right. And even if Brooklyn is one of the best places in NYC to start a family, there are cones that come with living in it. For example, using public transport can take ages, it doesn’t have a 24-hour convenience and there are not as much job opportunities as in some other parts of the city. All this, or other reasons, can make you think about moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan,

    How to move to Manhattan?

    Moving to Manhattan from Brooklyn is an exciting decision, but one that involves a lot of forethought and planning. Before your move, take time to save money, choose an apartment you want to live in,  and plan all the details of the move ahead of time to prevent last-minute stress. Book movers. Work out all of the details of your move weeks in advance and pack as early as possible. You want to make it as easy as possible, so check out some moving companies in Brooklyn or get quotes from Manhattan movers, and book one right away. Make sure that you arrive at the same time as your belongings.

    If you are moving from Brooklyn, try to find some local movers NYC, to make the whole trip much easier. The Manhattan includes plenty of job opportunities, lots of things to do, plus there is an awesome public transport system for getting around. It’s also generally a safe place. There is an endless list of restaurants, bars, art galleries and museums. But if you are considering moving there, it is important to keep your expectations in proportion.

    When you move from Brooklyn to Manhattan it will feel like the center of the Universe.
    Everywhere you go, you will be surrounded by crowds of people. Get used to it if you are thinking about moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

    What to expect when moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan?

    1#Manhattan is the epicenter

    Brooklyn may have much to offer, but Manhattan is the crown of NYC. Sometimes it feels like the center of the Universe. Assuming that you have both a psychological makeup that enjoys the fast-paced urban living and the financial resources to afford the high costs, Manhattan is the right choice for you. Living in Manhattan is the ultimate, most exciting, convenient, accessible lifestyle on the planet. It is like being on your phone – you have everything at the tip of your finger. Manhattan has everything you may want or need in your vicinity.

    2#It is very crowded

    Many people live in this neighborhood, and there are also people visiting, and people that work here. The tourists will begin to annoy you after some time. Groups of travelers blocking up the sidewalk will become a regular source of frustration. Everywhere you go, you will find a lot of people. And I mean A LOT.  It is the city that never sleeps. If you are used to Brooklyn and its quiet, relaxed, laid-back life, you will not find it here. On the other hand, it is hard to make new friends after moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan. If you don’t already know some people, you’ll have to find friends through apps or hope that your co-workers are willing to hang out. It’s difficult, but once you find your group it will be worth it.

    3#Forget about driving in Manhattan

    You don’t need a car and that is great! If you don’t own a parking space, you don’t want to spend tons of cash on parking tickets. Also, if you don’t have a driving license – who cares? The subway system is awesome and cost-efficient. All you have to do is buy your monthly pass, and the city is your oyster.

    You will not need a car after moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan.
    After moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan, subway system will be the best way to move around.

    4#The apartment sizes

    If you are used to your Brooklyn house and have an attic, garage, yard or basement – forget about it. In Manhattan space is very limited, and you can easily run out of it. There are also penthouses, condos, and townhouses,  but unless you are a millionaire – you will not be able to afford it. Rent prices are astronomical, and the cost of buying real estate is prohibitive to most people. You end up spending all of your money to live in a shoe box. Like it or not, you may need a roommate.

    5#You must learn new lingo after Moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan

    Manhattan has a certain local dialect that you’ll want to learn as soon as possible. Go around calling it ”the Big Apple” and you might as well have an “I’m a tourist!” sign on your back. “The city” means Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge is just “the bridge,” and “New Yorkers” are only those people who live in NYC itself. Though you can get a MetroCard, prepare to call this method of transportation the “subway”. Refer to the trains as the “6 train” or “4 train.” Forget north and south, because you’ll only go “uptown” or “downtown”.

    6#Central Park

    One of the most notable parks in the world, Central Park is a manmade phenomenon.  It is one of the most commonly visited parks. Set in the middle of bustling Manhattan, its grounds serve as a safe haven for athletes, daydreamers, musicians, and others.  It has spectacular views in every direction. You can spend months exploring it and never get bored.

    7#The Freedom

    This is a neighborhood that flourishes on its diversity. It is an ever-changing grid of city life.  Manhattan will evolve before your eyes. People find the freedom to be themselves, for better or worse here. Manhattan lifestyle will allow you to discover your passions. You aren’t laughed at for almost anything. There is a sense of anonymity that allows you to make mistakes. And people who live here couldn’t care any less. You don’t like something? Join the club.

    8#Speed it up

    Manhattan has one speed and that’s being late. Everyone is overworked, sleep-deprived, and habitually up against a deadline. This has become the status quo, so everyone is always in a rush, even when they don’t have anywhere to be. You don’t have to win the marathon overnight, but try to adjust your pace as much as you can, before even thinking about moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan.



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