Moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn tips

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    Going away from the heart of the Big Apple might be a tough choice. It can be an even greater challenge to decide where exactly do you go? If you’re considering moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn, this article will offer you some great starting tips. Even though it is the most populated of the five boroughs, Brooklyn offers some unique traits interesting to consider.

    Does moving to Brooklyn fit your needs?

    Historically, Brooklyn has been known as one of the more dangerous areas of New York. This is, however, not the case any longer. With many parks, close communities, walkable sidewalks, and reasonable prices, moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn has never been more attractive.

    If you are searching for a new home for your family, Brooklyn offers you the comfort of peaceful parks and a sense of community. Many family-friendly activities, such as the Brooklyn Children’s Museum or the Prospect Park Zoo offer some great leisure. Also, as a more budget-friendly living destination, an extra bedroom for your kid or a teenager won’t impact your family budget as much as a Manhattan apartment would. Neighborhoods such as Park Slope offer high-quality private schools and a safe environment for your children.

    Coney Island beach, Brooklyn
    The Coney Island Beach and Amusement park can offer you fun for the whole family

    If you are a young professional, moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn is definitely a great idea for you. Many artists, writers, and young entrepreneurs find Brooklyn to be teeming with energy that is quite hard to find in Manhattan. Almost every corner is occupied by a startup or a young company, and all of this drives the local community to greater accomplishments. Apart from the more affordable rents; food, clothing and many other things are less expensive in Brooklyn, making it ideal for the start of your career.

    In Manhattan, your living place is mostly dictated by your place of work. On the other hand, the distinction and diversity of Brooklyn truly offer something for everybody. You can tailor your home to your needs and personality, interests and budget.

    Determining your moving budget

    As we mentioned above, Brooklyn is significantly less expensive than Manhattan. This, however, does not mean that you have to sacrifice the quality of living over price. Make no mistake, a large family apartment in Brooklyn is by no means cheap, but it is definitely less expensive than a similarly sized apartment in Manhattan. If you are at the beginning of your career and looking for a more affordable solution, there are many options throughout the different Brooklyn neighborhoods. If an apartment in Williamsburg is out of your budget, be sure to check out some similar offers in Greenpoint.

    Snow-covered street of Brooklyn
    Different neighborhoods of Brooklyn will offer you a cozy welcome for a decent living price

    Apart from accommodation, when moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn you will realize just how much the locally-driven economy is on a rise in this NYC borough. This brings local stores to compete with reasonable prices, which will cut your living expenses significantly if shopping locally.

    If you plan on moving to a smaller home in NYC, Brooklyn can be a great place for you and the financial benefits are practically endless. The extra money you get from scaling down your home can do wonders in the Brooklyn neighborhood.

    What to do before moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn

    It might be tempting to go ahead and jump right into your new Brooklyn life. However, there are some things to consider before moving:

    • Research the Brooklyn neighborhoods – as we mentioned, Brooklyn has a lot to offer. This, however, means that there’s plenty of research to do before deciding on your final moving destination. Do some online research, pay attention to your wants and needs.
    • Organize your belongings – start making a moving checklist as soon as possible. This will help you organize your move in the best possible way. Try to get rid of the things you don’t need.
    • Buy the packing essentials – boxes, duct tape, markers… Do not forget that moving takes time and patience. Besides, being well-prepared is the key to a successful and stressless move.
    • Pack well before you move – start putting your belongings into boxes and getting things ready to move on time. Label all the boxes and furniture with appropriate room descriptions and content markings.
    • Look up the moving companies – even though moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn is not a long-distance move, a moving company could help you a lot when making the move. If either your future or current home has staircases to tackle, it is much more convenient to let experienced movers do it for you. Be sure to check with several moving companies. Let them come to your home and asses just how much the endeavor would cost.
    • Save while moving – be sure to research many available tips on how to cut NYC moving costs. From saving time to finding discounts, it is never a bad thing to be thorough in your preparations and save money while doing it.

    Expanding your social circles

    The tightly packed and busy streets and the fast-paced lifestyle of Manhattan are known to make it pretty hard to get to know the people of your community. When moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn, you will probably find out quite the opposite.

    Brooklyn is known to have a great sense of community. After moving, you will probably meet your neighbors pretty quickly. A few weeks in, you will get to know your neighborhood residents as well as local business owners. One of the key factors that contribute to the popularity of living in Brooklyn is in fact this sense of living in a connected community. This offers you peace and comfort for you and your family.

    If you are a young professional, be sure to mingle through this teeming community as well. Young business owners and startups are likely to support each other in order to grow the potential of the community.

    A small bakery with different bread stands and shopkeepers talking in the distance
    Small businesses will offer you space for meeting new and interesting people

    Both of these great NYC boroughs are vast, big areas of the city. While moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn might seem like an easy task, be sure to do your research. Brooklyn is a whole new world and it will meet you with open arms. Good luck with your short but important life journey!


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