Moving from Manhattan to Dallas – how to prepare?

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    Considering living in Dallas, Tx, after Manhattan, NY is a huge step that has pros and cons. If you already made a decision to relocate, then be fully prepared. North vs South, totally different culture, tradition, food, housing, lifestyle, etc. Moving from Manhattan to Dallas requires organization and preparation. Luckily, here you may learn almost everything you will need for moving and after moving to Texas. Adjusting to a new city will be faster and easier when you have the right facts.

    View of Manhattan from sky
    Saying goodbye to Manhattan can be one of the best things you have ever done

    Costs of moving and living in Dallas, Tx

    Costs are concern number one when changing a location, especially when it is a long-distance move. Even if you will move by yourself, there will be costs too. Moving your household to another state depends on distance (distance between Manhattan and Dallas is about 1554 miles), size of a move, additional moving services (packing or/and storage), travel fees, insurance. Yes, you can cut your moving costs by downsizing and packing by yourself, but it is highly recommended to hire a company to transport all your belongings. For moving 2 bedroom apartment, expect to pay about $5,200 and that is the first cost you will have (and one of the biggest).

    Calculating costs for moving from Manhattan to Dallas
    Calculating the moving costs and costs of living in Dallas is one of the first things you should do when preparing

    Second of all, this is not the end of a list. If you want to move your office too, the costs will be higher. After transportation is over, you should be prepared for the costs of living. But, the good news is that Dallas is more affordable from Manhattan.

    • Costs of living in Dallas are 107.8 (7.8% higher than the national average) and in Manhattan are 314.5. The difference is enormous.
    • Housing is the biggest factor, like in any other state. The average home price is $210,000, so by moving from Manhattan to Dallas, you will be able to save money and to increase your budget.  But, hurry up because home prices will be higher in the future.
    • Median rent for a 2-bedroom apartment, for example, in Dallas is $1,300.
    • Utilities are the same as the US national average, but yet cheaper from Manhattan.

    Neighborhoods in Dallas to move to

    First of all, Dallas is HUGE. There are so many options you can choose from when it comes to neighborhoods. If you are able, visit Dallas before start living there and explore its vibrant life. This city is totally different from Manhattan, but at the same time, it has plenty to offer.

    • Uptown – Perfect place for young professionals who want to work on career and to have good nightlife.
    • Preston Hollow -If you are looking for an elite par of Dallas, then Preston Hollow is a place for you.
    • M Streets – Tree-lines streets will make you love this neighborhood. It is good for young families.
    • Lake Highlands – Knowing for good schools and a vibrant life. Homes are not that expensive and it has everything you need.

    Start to pack

    Before you start to pack, make categories and separate items. What to move to Dallas, what to toss or sell/donate? If you cannot handle everything by yourself, then hire assistance for your long distance relocation and packing services. Keep in mind that Dallas is a hot city with high temperatures. So, do not pack all your clothing, because you will not need it. Winter jackets, boots, donate to a Goodwill or some other organization. At least, snow and cold weather won’t be a problem anymore.

    Packing boxes from moving from Manhattan to Dallas
    Moving assistance is sometimes necessary, so why don’t you hire help and enjoy?

    Things to know before relocating to Dallas

    Before you go to Dallas to live, it would be nice and useful to learn some facts. Some of them can be fun facts, moving does not have to be just boring and exhausting.

    • Size of Dallas is about  343 square miles and it gets bigger.
    • Traffic is part of life in Dallas and you will get used to it.
    • If you are going to use public transportation, it is always available but you should do homework and explore it.
    • Texas has no income taxes, which is also different from New York.
    • Dallas has the fastest growing job market in Texas right now. So, if you are moving because of career or to start a business, Dallas may be the perfect place.
    • It has amazing and quality high schools.
    • Visit some places in Dallas and get to know this incredible city. Museums, parks, art centers, venues, the Texas State Fair, etc.
    • Tornadoes happen sometimes.
    • Tex-Mex bbq and food is a big deal here.
    View of Dallas at night
    Dallas has a lot to offer, try to explore this city and you will love it more than you love Manhattan

    Hiring a long-distance mover for moving from Manhattan to Dallas

    For this long-distance relocation look for moving companies in Dallas area, you will definitely need help with transport. Just a few of us have experience with driving a moving truck. On the other hand, not only you will need to rent and drive, but also you will need to drive 2 days (more than 1500 miles), which is very difficult and stressful, especially when moving with family. DIY move will not save you a lot of money. Hire a reliable, experienced, licensed, and insured moving company and handle a move like a pro.

    Also, consider renting a storage unit if you did not find the perfect home yet. Where will out all the household items? A temporary storage facility is the best solution until you find a house or apartment in Dallas. Moving from Manhattan to Dallas should be planned from beginning to the end, including storage, paperwork, packing, etc. Now, when you have the most important facts, you may start preparing your new life in a new state.


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