Moving from New York to New Jersey – how to pick the right city?

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    There is a constant rivalry between New York and New Jersey. The majority of New Yorkers cannot imagine ever moving home and living in New Jersey. However, for those of you who can, know that you have made a good decision. Only time will tell whether it was the right decision for you, but it can never be a bad one. So, if you are moving from New York to New Jersey, pay attention. Here is what you need to know when picking the right city in this state.

    A famous seaside boardwalk is something to look forward to after moving from New York to New Jersey.
    Moving from New York to New Jersey is an adventure; one that will go right only if you learn how to pick a suitable city for you.

    Decide whether you want to live in a big city or small town when moving from New York to New Jersey

    Just like any other state in the world, the Garden State aka New Jersey has many small, as well as big cities to choose from. Of course, when talking about large cities, one always has to mention the capital city first. In the case of New Jersey, the capital city is Newark. Newark boasts many advantages that all the other state capitals have to offer. These include numerous entertainment venues, sports events, bars and coffee shops.  Besides Newark, some other big cities in New Jersey include Jersey City, Paterson, Trenton, and Princeton.

    When talking about cities in New Jersey, we must give special attention to Princeton. If you are a college student who is thinking about relocating from New York to New Jersey, you shouldn`t think any further. Princeton is the go-to place for the academic elite of the world! So why wouldn`t it be a good enough place for you? Ah, is there anything better than living alone during your college years?

    Finally, we come to the smaller towns in New Jersey, which are numerous. Some of the advantages of living in small cities include fewer crowds, close-knit community and a typically better place for raising a family. In the end, only you can choose what type of a city you would like to live in, but try to make a wise and well-thought-out decision. This might be the crucial moment of your relocation from New York to New Jersey!

    One of the buildings on the Princeton campus.
    Princeton is by far your best option if you are in the pursuit of knowledge and first-class education!

    Pay attention to the cost of your commute and choose your home accordingly

    Since we do not know your exact situation, we cannot speak precisely; and, therefore, we cannot tell you which city to choose for your future home. However, what we can say is that you should research the prices of different transportation vehicles. And, you should do it well before deciding on the city of your dreams.

    If you will continue working in New York while living in New Jersey, the best idea is to choose the city which is the nearest to your job. This way you will save not only money on commuting but also valuable time. If, on the other hand, you have found a job in a city that is in New Jersey, try to pick something that is in the vicinity of your place of work. Of course, if you don`t mind spending a lot of time and money in a day commuting, your options are limitless. If not, then you need to be careful about choosing a city when relocating to New Jersey from New York.

    Moreover, the most used transportation vehicles when crossing these two states are the subway and the ferry. Now that you are informed, you should be able to make a good decision.

    Find reputable movers to handle your relocation to New Jersey

    No matter the location you are moving to, you will always need to find reputable movers to help you transport your beloved things. While hiring movers from Essex County will be easy, since it is a prosperous county which includes the capital city, finding reputable movers in some much smaller places might not be such an easy task. Remember, big cities are so sought-after precisely because they offer many options for things such as this one. Hence, keep this in mind the next time you are searching for your perfect city in New Jersey.

    So, what is it that you should look for when hiring your ideal movers? First of all, you need someone who specializes in long-distance relocations. Believe us, moving from New York to New Jersey classifies as one. Moreover, you need movers that offer moving services which you need and which are, it goes without saying, affordable. The golden rule is that you can never go wrong with big names in the moving industry, so you can trust to handle your relocation in a professional manner. Keep your eyes wide open when choosing your movers, as this is no easy task and can oftentimes be tricky.

    A busy highway packed with cars and trucks.
    Find movers which specialize in long-distance relocations as there is a big distance to be crossed between NY and NJ.

    Some neighborhoods to consider if you want to stay close to New York

    We understand that sometimes, moving can be too big of a change. Therefore, take a look at some of the neighborhoods which are on the New Jersey soil, but are still very close to NYC.

    • Union City – it is located directly across the Hudson River. Union City might be the best choice for those of you who are moving from New York to New Jersey but still keeping their job in the Big Apple.
    • Jersey City – all we need to say is that it is the second most populated city in the country.
    • Carlstadt – located in Bergen County, Carlstadt is only 30 minutes away from New York. It`s almost as if you never left.

    The conclusion

    By now, you are equipped to pick the right city for you when moving from New York to New Jersey. Take your time, and think carefully. This is no decision you should make lightly. And, when you do choose the city of your dreams in New Jersey, we wish you all the luck!


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