Moving From NoHo to SoHo

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    If you are moving from NoHo to SoHo, you have definitely come to the right place. You’re probably already familiar with the New York lifestyle and you’re already getting around just fine. However, it is never out of place to team up with professionals. Our team of experts will help you with everything you will need for your relocation. Manhattan is an amazing part of NYC and you’ll love living in it. Local relocations are usually performed without many issues and stress. So, without any further ado, allow us to show you how to complete your relocation without problems. We sincerely hope you will enjoy our short guide! Manhattan Movers NYC and our professional and trained team are always at your disposal.

    What are your options when moving From NoHo to SoHo?

    When moving within the same city, there are two options you can choose from, hiring a moving company or moving on your own. This largely depends on your budget and timetable, and your willingness to engage in a venture like this. If you don’t own too many things, the move under your direction shouldn’t be a big deal. You could easily do it with the help of a couple of friends. However, if you’re moving your whole household, maybe you should consider getting some professional help. Even more so if you want to move some high-value items or you need to store your antique furniture safely or anything else so specific. Either way, think it through before you make a decision.

    people walking on the NYC street
    Moving from NoHo to SoHo is not that stressful with the help of reliable movers.

    Hire a good moving company

    Once you hire a good moving company, you can relax. You will have more time to focus on other things because your moving company will take care of everything for you. If you still haven’t found a company that meets your criteria, consider NoHo movers. They offer a wide range of services from packing, crating, storage units, fine art moving, pool table moving, etc. Full moving service can be pricey, especially for cross-country moves. But since you are moving from one NYC neighborhood to another, for full-service you’ll pay from $799 to $1750. Professional moving companies are called professional for a reason – they will complete your relocation for you in the best professional manner. 

    Do all the work on your own

    This might not be the easiest option you can choose, but if you’re up for a little challenge, go for it. If you are confident that you can keep track of a lot of things at the same time, go for it. Relocation can be easy once you learn how to do it. The bottom line is you will need to have a really solid and detailed plan and really good preparation for this mission. Start making a checklist on time, the sooner the better. Afterward, set the budget range and determine your priorities. If it’s your first time, it would be wise to do some research on the subject first. You can find excellent step-by-step guides for rookies. In case you get overwhelmed by all the work,  it is never too late to contact SoHo movers to help you out.

    couple packing their items in boxes and preparing for moving from NoHo to SoHo
    Even DIY preparations for moving From NoHo to SoHo can go smoothly with the help of your loved ones.

    It may not seem like a big deal to move to the other side of the city but think twice. You will definitely need help lifting bulky furniture and loading it into the moving truck. And less demanding tasks, such as packing, go much faster if you have an extra pair of hands to assist you. So ask your friends and family ahead of time to help you, so they have time to organize and reschedule other commitments. 

    Some things to keep in mind when moving

    Goodwill is not enough for a successful relocation. It requires good organization, time, and money. In order not to get into a situation where you have to rush and collect supplies at the last moment, make a checklist. Write down all the things you need to acquire and tasks to finish before moving day. Speaking of which, the moving company Manhattan can provide you with all the necessary supplies. Also, schedule all tasks to get a clearer perspective on the number of errands and available time. 

    Moving from NoHo to SoHo with the white van and couple of workers.
    Quality supplies and a reliable moving company are the recipes for a stress-free move.
    • Try to get the best professional moving supplies for your relocation. You can purchase them either from your moving company or order moving supplies on Amazon, for example. No matter what you choose, make sure that you always get the best professional equipment for your move. Only when using high-quality supplies you can be sure of results.
    • Another thing you should keep in mind is renting a moving truck in NYC. You must choose the proper size vehicle, to fit all your items. For a smaller truck, you’ll pay about $30, but for a large one, the price goes up from $60 to $100. 
    • When you do a cost estimate, don’t forget to count in the additional fees. For a local relocation, the fee per mile costs from $0.69 to $1.59. If you are moving within a radius of 50 miles, you’ll probably pay only for vehicle usage. Of course, count on paying for the gas you use and you also have to fill up the tank once you’re done. Check first, maybe an affordable movers NYC would charge you as much, but you’d avoid all the hassle of moving.

    Secondary but mandatory tasks in addition to moving

    When moving, you have to perform many other tasks that aren’t only related to packing and transportation. The first thing you have to do is find a new apartment and cancel the old one. Notice period varies, but still, it may be best to inform your landlord as soon as possible. You’ll also have to organize all the other things related to everyday life. Start with paying your overdue bills so you don’t have to pay penalties later. Afterward, you can transfer utilities to your new address. In that case, you will not pay the cancelation fee. However, if you’re not satisfied with some of them, now is the time to cancel them and find new providers. Organize all documentation, medical records, contracts, licenses, etc. Relocation is a perfect opportunity to get rid of some old and unwanted stuff you own. Also, book a babysitter on time and pet daycare. 

    several different sized halogen bubbles hanging
    Make sure to transfer all the utilities to your new apartment.

    Don’t forget the insurance

    There are a few things that can go wrong when moving within the same city. Still, accidents can happen and if you don’t have an insurance policy, you could face serious losses. Regardless that it is a short distance, we advise insurance for the sake of peace of mind. A basic insurance policy will cover your loss in case your items get lost or damaged during the move. Insurance liability is calculated by weight and not by value, and it goes from $0.30 per pound and per item in NYC. However, if you have pieces of a high-value in your inventory, be sure to insure them. You might even take them in for an appraisal and purchase an additional policy from a third party. In addition to moving costs, this might increase your expenses. However, have in mind that movers NYC cost is proportional to the high-quality services we’re providing. 

    Moving From NoHo to SoHo – conclusion

    In the end, moving from NoHo to SoHo doesn’t have to be difficult if you know how to do it. With a little effort and research, and thorough preparation, your move can go smoothly and stress-free. You can choose from the two prior mentioned options – a moving company or solo relocation. Nevertheless, you will still need the best professional moving and packing supplies, as well as a good transport vehicle. You can contact us for all questions and doubts about the move. We are sure that we will find an acceptable solution for each of your requests. In any case, good luck with your move!


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