Moving from NYC to LA

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    If your life circumstances drew you to a heavy decision of moving from NYC to LA, it is important to know what’s coming. You’re going out of the crowded streets and the chilly winters and onto the sunkissed shore. But there is a long road ahead and getting prepared for what’s to come is the key to success.

    Find movers that will suit your needs

    It is quite crucial to consider that moving from NYC to LA is definitely a long-distance move. Knowing the differences between local and long-distance moving is very useful and can help you prepare. In general – it takes more time and costs much more.

    Even though New York offers a great variety of moving companies, not all of them will suit you. Do a bit of research and try to find companies with experience in long-distance moving. Look for good reviews and also the best price. Do not, however, forget that cheap prices sometimes come with a drop in service quality. So be sure to plan ahead carefully and thoroughly. Reliable and professional long-distance movers will make sure to have you informed about insurance, in order to keep all your belongings safe and sound during the long haul. Also, always be on a lookout and be sure to avoid hiring fraudulent movers.

    Downsize before moving

    If you are living in NYC for a while, it is quite likely that your house is no longer only home to you and your family, but also plenty of accumulated belongings that might not be that necessary for you anymore. While planning on moving from NYC to LA, you can already start with a thorough cleanup of your house. Toss away anything that you don’t really need and focus on the essentials. It is in many cases much more simple (and cheaper!) to shop for some of the stuff at your relocation destination than to actually haul all your belongings all the way to LA.

    Organize a garage sale (if your NYC home has a garage, that is) or donate items. Keep in mind that you will not be needing all those heavy winter clothes anymore. A good idea, however, is to keep some of those with your friends and family for when you come to visit in the colder months.

    Various oldhouse items layed down on a blanked
    Before moving from NYC to LA, do a garage sale!

    Pack smart

    It’s a long road ahead! Your belongings will have to go a long way before reaching the final destination. This can be a bumpy ride, so take steps in order to keep your stuff safe and sound.

    Buying special packing boxes is a great idea. They can come in many different shapes and sizes in order to fit different types of items and keep them from getting roughed up during the trip. For fragile items be sure to use sturdy boxes and plenty of padding. We also advise you to look up some of the easy packing guides in order to do it just right.

    Try to keep your essentials with you though. Moving from NYC to LA can take around two weeks, and sometimes even up to four or five weeks. It is definitely not great to end up in your new, but empty apartment waiting for some of the very important stuff you need to be hauled over. If you are traveling to LA by car yourself, load up your trunk with as many of the essential items as you can. Pay special attention to selecting them of course. The best way to do so is to make a checklist well in advance. If you’re living with your family, consult them as well.

    Pick the right neighborhood when moving from NYC to LA

    Living in NYC, you are most likely already used to a booming metropolis and all its pros and cons. Even though New York might seem like the greatest of them all, make no mistake. Moving from NYC to LA won’t make your new hometown feel any smaller. Actually, the Los Angeles area is over twice as big as the Greater NYC area! It covers over 33,000 square miles! It is comprised of 88 separate cities that make up what is commonly referred to as LA.

    All this offers you a great variety from which to choose. If you’re feeling a bit nostalgic and want to keep a bit of that busy NYC atmosphere, head to Downtown LA or Los Feliz. This will give you the homey feeling of the busy streets of NYC, but with a bit more sunshine.

    If you’re used to the NYC suburban life, check out Mar Vista or Sherman oaks. Great quality schools and peaceful residencies with a lot of open space are quite easy to find around the LA suburbs.

    A street in LA looking up at the Hollywood sign
    Pick your favorite LA neighborhood before you move

    Another great thing to consider is that moving from NYC to LA will probably be beneficial to your budget. It is most likely that you will find plenty of homes of the same size and surroundings as the one you had in back in NYC, but for a far more affordable price.

    Moving from NYC to LA can be an experience of the lifetime

    After you have all your paperwork solved, arrangements made, belongings packed, the adventure is just about to begin. While it is a good option to, of course, fly to your new home, there is another way to do it.

    Another important difference between NYC and LA is that in Los Angeles having a car is actually a great option. Getting around by car is much easier and almost all the residents opt for the option of driving. Therefore, if you did not own a car in NYC, it might be a great idea to get one now and enjoy the wonderful trip that can leave you with some amazing memories! This scenic route will let you experience some of the most amazing sights of the country, as well as get you back in the driving mood to be ready for the life in LA.

    Moving from NYC to LA is a long trip.
    Take a bold step forward and hit the road to LA

    There are, however, not that many towns on the way. Be sure to refuel in time and stay gas-conscious. Gas stations in smaller towns on the way may have better gas prices, as well as keep you away from the traffic of the bigger cities. Now that you’re all ready for moving from NYC to LA, we wish you a happy new start on the West Coast!


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