Moving from Soho to East Village: what to expect

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    Changing neighborhoods can be an exciting process. There’s always something new to see and experience. However, you must remember that you’re also relocating to a new environment, so doing some research is mandatory. Moving from Soho to East Village can bring refreshment and change into your new living space. With the help of Manhattan Movers NYC, you too can enjoy the quirkiness of the energetic East Village. If you thinking about moving here but aren’t 100% sure that it’s the right place for you, here’s a short text that might give you an idea of what to expect from East Village.

    East Village is overflowing with bohemian character and artistic vibes

    East Village has a diverse and welcoming community. This means that many different experiences are waiting for you in this eclectic neighborhood. Apart from the artistic vibes, East Village has a rich history as well. After all, this is the birthplace of punk music. Many artists, composers, and producers have lived in this part of NYC, just adding to its rich heritage. With the assistance of the moving company East Village has to offer, you too can be a part of this quirky and artistic place. As for the potential places to live in, East Villages is covered with many pre-war apartments and characteristic brownstones, although modern construction is very frequent.

    graffiti on a building
    East Village is rich in art and culture

    East Village offers a rich choice of respectable schools

    If you’re moving from Soho to East Village with children, you will find ample opportunities in East Village. There are more than a few respectable educational institutions, both public and private, to choose from here. Some of the most popular are:

    • Earth School – Parents are involved in the curriculum. It has praised arts and science classes.
    • The Children’s Workshop School – This is a friendly and accepting school, perfect for newcomers. It has great racial and ethnic diversity.
    • East Side Community School – Has small classrooms, meaning that teachers can devote more time to students. This school also has a great college advisory.

    East Village also has respectable music schools. The two most popular are Alphabet City Music Workshop and Third Street Music School. If you’re planning on moving their musical instruments, the piano movers Manhattan has to offer will be of great help. However, keep in mind that, although there are quite a few schools, getting into them can sometimes be tricky. Make sure that your kids are already accepted before moving so they don’t skip a year.

    You can enjoy many outdoor activities in East Village

    While being surrounded by the concrete jungle, East Village provides many outdoor activities. The pearl of East Village is Tompkins Square Park. It’s a great place to take a walk and enjoy nature. However, don’t expect to be isolated from other people here. There is always someone in the park, and it’s no wonder why. It’s a perfect place to relax, read, but also enjoy live music or join an open yoga session. On the weekends, the farmer’s market is set up here, offering fresh and tasty fruit, vegetables, and baked goods. Moving from Soho to East Village won’t leave you without access to green spaces. So, while Soho movers are unloading your items, feel free to walk and relax in the park.

    Family in the park
    After moving from Soho to East Village, you can relax in one of the parks.

    In East Village, public transportation is the way to go

    This stands for East Village, but it can also be applied to pretty much any part of NYC. Having a car can sometimes be more of a liability than an advantage. And, thanks to the extensive public transportation, you can reach any part of the city easily. If you want to reach the center of East Village, we recommend that you take the 6 train to Astor Place, and you will arrive one block from St. Marks Place or Bleeker Street. While East Village has lower crime rates than some of its neighborhoods, you can never be too careful. A general piece of advice when traversing the city is to stay on the main streets and always cross at the intersections. Always be mindful of cars and cyclists, and of course, never go out before planning your path in advance.

    Man in the subway talking on the phone about moving from Soho to East Village
    East Village has good public transportation.

    East Village has many diverse options for eating out

    If you move from Soho to East Village, you won’t have to worry about being far away from a good restaurant. After a day spent moving with movers and packers Manhattan residents recommend, you will certainly be tired and hungry. What better way to treat yourself than with excellent food? There are a lot of food shops, bars, and restaurants to choose from, all different from each other. This probably comes from a very diverse ethnic community, so don’t be surprised when you see three or four restaurants with completely different cuisine, all in one street. And after eating out, there are other attractions to visit, such as The Russian & Turkish Baths and Theatre for the New City. With this in mind, you are sure to have a great time (and food) in the East Village.

    Some of the most popular restaurants are:

    • Hearth – A classic rustic restaurant proud of its beef and wild striped bass
    • Thursday Kitchen – A melting pot of Korean, French, and Spanish cuisines
    • Mala Project – A great Chinese restaurant, known for its wide assortment of meals
    • Angel’s Share – A popular place known throughout NYC
    • Noreetuh – A modern Hawaiian restaurant with exotic meals, like sea urchin cavatelli and cuttlefish skewers

    Moving from Soho to East Village is a great idea!

    Moving to a new place is always exciting. Especially when you are moving from Soho to East Village, a place that has so many opportunities and must-see places. This part of NYC is rich with artistic and bohemian vibes and it has many new experiences to offer. From plenty of restaurants to attractions and parks, East Village will easily become your new favorite neighborhood.



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