Moving from Texas to Manhattan – how to prepare?

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    Somebody once said that after living in New York City no other place will ever be good enough. And we believe that the real New Yorkers will agree. There is just something about the NYC that makes most of the people fall in love with it instantly. The city has a unique vibe and each of its boroughs has its own culture and landmarks. It is true that NYC is fun, busy and never sleeping. However, organizing a daily routine and managing to feel like at home might take some adjusting and compromising. Moving from Texas to Manhattan will be a life-changing adventure. And, there are plenty of tips for newcomers in New York – we are about to distribute some of them!

    NYC map.
    Start preparing for a long distance move in advance.

    Planning is crucial when moving from Texas to Manhattan

    Planning a long distance move while organizing a new life in a city as big as New York can be challenging and overwhelming. Dealing with the moving process itself is time-consuming and requires detailed planning and preparations. Having to find a perfect home that fits your budget doesn’t make the move any easier.  Therefore, before undertaking such a long distance move, you need to make a well-organized relocation plan.

    Get to know the NYC before the move

    New York City is a multicultural melting point where everyone feels welcome. This is usually the most common reason why people from all around the globe decide to call it home.

    Even though living in Manhattan sounds like a dream come true, you should get to know the city as much as you can before the move. The best way to do so is to research and plan a visit. Manhattan can be an expensive place to live at. Therefore, before the move make sure you research the living costs, utility bills and create a budget. This way you will be able to plan your expenses in advance and focus on taking the next step in your career.

    Getting used to New York City

    One of the most important tips for newcomers in NYC is to start searching for an apartment as soon as possible and to keep an open mind when it comes to living space. After moving from Texas to Manhattan you will realize that the real estate market is much different. Apartments are smaller. Therefore, you need to be willing to compromise. Whether it is location, size of your living space or price, make sure you have your priorities set before you start the apartment hunt. However, make sure to be flexible and visit various NYC neighborhoods. This way you will ensure you find the best housing option.

    Finding affordable housing in NYC sounds almost impossible. However, if you start your search in advance and manage to contact the landlords directly, you might be able to find an apartment that meets your needs and budget.

    Moving to NYC from TX

    Relocating your home to another state requires detailed planning. Since moving your home is a tough job, and it includes many pre-departure tasks, you will need to stay organized in order to avoid common relocation mistakes. The best way to ensure you move goes smoothly is to create a moving checklist:

    • Make a packing plan.
    • Find a reputable moving company.
    • Prepare for moving from Texas to Manhattan. 
    • Make sure your new home is ready for the unpacking day.

    How to create a packing plan when moving from Texas to Manhattan

    Whether you decide to organize a DIY move or hire professionals to help you pack and move, you need to make sure you have a detailed inventory list. Therefore, you will be able to easily unpack and protect your valuables during transportation.

    Decide which of your belongings should be moving from Texas to Manhattan with you. Keep in mind that you don’t want to over pack and clutter your new NYC apartment. Therefore evaluate whether you want to sell some of the items. This way you will be saving money on the moving costs and maybe even add a few extra dollars to the budget. If there are any items you don’t want to sell or donate but don’t have enough space for, find a secured storage facility with the storing conditions that will keep your belongings safe.

     Avoid fraudulent movers

    Each year there are more than 40 million Americans that relocate their homes within the U.S. With such a large market it is not surprising that you can come across many stories of people who became moving scam victims.

    A truck to use when moving from Texas to Manhattan.
    Find reliable mover than can conduct your Manhattan move with ease.

    In order to avoid mistakes and frauds, make sure you hire a licensed and reputable mover. Moving companies like Evolution Moving Company NB have highly trained staff and will be able to provide you with high-quality services.

    A professional mover will always give you an accurate moving estimate on site and there should be no hidden fees. A mover refusing to provide you with a letter of recommendation or their license number should raise a red flag. In order to check a moving company’s credentials contact the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and ask for further information.

    After you find a licensed and reputable mover, make sure you ask for an online quote and then schedule an in-house estimate. Therefore, you will be able to have an exact estimate of your moving costs.

    Prepare for the move

    Moving preparations begin a few months before moving from Texas to Manhattan. In order to avoid overlooking any important tasks, start creating a to-do list as soon as possible. As additional tasks will come along, make sure you keep the list easily accessible. Canceling the utility bills and informing your business partners about the move should make the top of the list.

    If you are packing by yourself, gather the supplies and start packing. Items like books and linen can be packed a few weeks in advance. That way, you can pack without any rush and make sure to protect the valuables.

    Turn your new apartment into a home

    Make sure your new apartment is ready for the move-in day. Do all the major repairs and improvements before the move. If you are planning a last minute move and know that you won’t have time to unpack even a few weeks after the move, evaluate whether you need storage for the moving day. This way you can have enough time to decorate and settle in after the move while being sure your belongings are safe.

    An NYC apartment.
    Settling in your new apartment will help you adapt to the change of moving from Texas to Manhattan.

    Moving from Texas to Manhattan classifies as a long distance move. Therefore, if you are driving, make sure your vehicle is ready. Book the tickets and hotel rooms well in advance. Make sure you get plenty of rest and have a safe travel.


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