Moving from Virginia to NYC

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    Moving to the greatest city in the World? If so, welcome to the world of concrete, diversity and endless possibilities! As much as you may have traveled in the past be prepared to be amazed and surprised each day you step out to the buzzing streets of this amazing city! There is no way to explain why so many people are rushing to move to the NYC. There is just something about it that makes it get under your skin quickly.  Big life-changing decisions like moving from Virginia to NYC can be both scary and exciting at the same time. However, there is no need for panic or worries. You just need to prepare and plan ahead and you will be living as a New Yorker in no time and without any moving stress. Following a few simple steps can make your relocation to NYC and settling in much easier.

    Moving from VA to NYC- what to expect

    people at the grand central station after moving from VA to NY
    Being a New Yorker will be fun and exciting!

    The city of New York is so big and diverse that is hard to create a simple list of things that are ahead of you. However, there are a few guidelines that can help you out prepare for it.

    The very first thing we need to talk about is the relocation itself.  A DIY relocation may sound like a cheap and fun thing. However, when moving from Virginia to NYC it may come out as stressful and daunting. Therefore, we suggest you focus on planning your new life and career steps and ask for help from the professionals. Having a professional mover to help you relocate will make the whole process much easier. This way you will have enough time to focus on finding the perfect new home, job, and making friends.

    When relocating from Virginia to NYC make sure you find a reputable moving company. A reliable mover can take care of your packing, unpacking, and transport safely and quickly.  Hiring a company like Axle Movers Virginia Beach will ensure your boxes get transferred to your new home according to regulations and without any damages. Therefore, make sure you contact your mover in advance and schedule an in-house estimate. This way you will be able to plan your moving budget.

    Even though any relocation requires a detailed plan, you should pay a special attention when moving interstate. A long-distance move may require more time to plan and getting to know some of the regulations. In order to avoid any moving mistakes make sure you hire professionals for long distance moves in Virginia.

    How to create a relocation plan when moving from Virginia to NYC

    In order to stay organized and on the track you should create a simple moving plan and stick to it:

    • Find a reliable moving company
    • Plan your packing process when moving from Virginia to NYC
    • Find the right neighborhood 
    • Prepare for the move and the NYC lifestyle

    The moving companies

    google search engine
    Make sure you research a moving company before hiring them

    There is just way to stress enough how important it is to find the right moving company.  That is one of the most important things to do in order to avoid stress when moving to Manhattan. Therefore, make sure you research your mover further and read the reviews. Former customers can give you important inputs into a companies policies and work ethic.

    For an additional check of the reliability, you can always contact the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).You either contact them online or call and ask for more information about a specific moving company.

    How to pack when moving from Virginia to NYC

    boxes for moving from Virginia to NYC
    Create a packing plan and make sure you don’t overpack

    In order to help you pack quickly, we must say you need to create a packing plan and follow the KISS rule. Keep it Short and Simple! Don’t get carried away and try to avoid packing anything you don’t need. One of the best packing tips for Manhattan move we can give you is to start planning ahead! Moving from Virginia to NYC usually means that you will need to compromise on your housing and downsize. Therefore, make sure you don’t make your small apartment even smaller by bringing too much furniture. Having fewer boxes and items to move with you will cut your expenses and give you more space!  Start planning ahead. Therefore, you will have just enough time to decide which are the items you need and which one you need to say goodbye to.

    Create a list of things you will actually need and use. You can either donate and give away the rest of your belongings. However, if you do need to keep your furniture but can’t move it with you, make sure you find a safe storage. There are many alternatives for Manhattan storage and you can even ask your friends and family to hold on to your belongings for a while.

    Moving to NYC- where to live?

    a NYC neighborhood
    Finding the right neighborhood will help you feel at home in NYC

    There are many great neighborhoods in New York. And finding the right one may turn out to be stressful. In order to find an apartment in Manhattan, you need to know what is it that you are looking for. Think about your priorities! It may be that after moving from Virginia to NYC you don’t want to lose too much time in commuting. If so, look for neighborhoods that are closer to your work. It will probably be hard to avoid long commutes in NYC entirely but you can save time by choosing the right borough. By listing your priorities ahead you will avoid a daunting apartment hunt and apartments that don’t suit your needs.

    Becoming a New Yorker after moving from VA to NY

    Being a New Yorker so much more than just living in the city. Therefore be prepared to adapt after moving from Virginia to NYC.  Here a few tips that can help you out:

    • Buy an unlimited MetroCard as soon as you move
    • Know that living in NYC is expensive
    • Don’t, we repeat, don’t participate in SantaCon. It sounds like a good idea, but trust us on this one.
    • Find cheaper ways to have fun! Visit museums on free-entrance days and enjoy the Sentral Park.
    • If you are looking for making friends after moving from Virginia to NYC, don’t visit the touristic spots. Real New Yorkers aren’t there. Local neighborhood coffee shops and bars are their hiding spots!


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