Moving into his bachelor pad: what is there to know

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    Moving in with your partner is a big step for your relationship. And as for all relationship milestones, once the euphoria dissipates, you may be left with a frustrating, mundane life. Sometimes, this phase can bring about a lot of frustration. Both of your wants and needs might not fit perfectly. Moving into his bachelor pad will feel both exciting and frustrating at times. Our team at Manhattan Movers NYC, understands that moving is a big decision, so here’s everything you need to know about moving in with your partner.

    What is a bachelor pad?

    We all know what a bachelor pad is. It’s a single male dwelling place, and the interior perfectly reflects that. Usually, bachelor pads are decorated with pieces that are conventionally according to a male taste. But what does that mean when a new person moves in? Well, for starters it’s usually the bare necessities. Think of a futon in the living room, limited kitchen utensils – and spices – and sometimes an overall chaotic and dark vibe. Bare walls and dark rooms are not something that a typical woman chooses. But for some reason, a lot of men do.

    While it may be sexist, men and women have different tastes. This might not be your case. However, you should be prepared that the person you’re moving with already likes their home and probably has a different taste than you. because of that, it may be helpful to keep everything we talk about in this article in mind.

    What to know about moving in with your partner

    First, moving in together is different from moving into his bachelor pad. When you move into a new apartment or a house, it’s a new place that you as a couple can redecorate or make to your liking. Moving in with your boyfriend or fiancé is different in the sense that you are moving into a space that has been redecorated. It has been established already as a home. So that first part might feel weird at first.

    Paint Rollers Lying on a wooden floor
    Don’t be afraid to redecorate a few things to add some of your style to your shared living space

    The first thing to keep in mind is not to be reactive. If you’re not in the honeymoon phase, it may be easy for your partner and their home to be getting on your nerves. Kow that feelings of frustration are only temporary and it’s an adjustment reaction after moving into his bachelor pad. When looking to redecorate, try to find a compromise between his and your style. Understand that he made the home suit him and his style, but that you should also like the place.

    How to make it a shared home after moving into his bachelor pad  

    Finding space is the first concern when moving into his bachelor pad. You may find that all of his closets and drawers are filled. But there are ways to go about this. Firstly, your partner should try to do a bit of decluttering before you hire movers in Manhattan NY and make the move official. The intentionality behind making space for you in his bachelor pad is important. It will show that he wants you in his space and will make an effort.

    shirts and suits hanging in a closet
    Space might be an issue after moving in, so you can consider decluttering or even storage options

    After moving in, don’t start changing everything all at once. Understand that there should be an adjustment period where both of you ease into sharing a home. Start by doing the bare minimum – calling it “our” home instead of “his apartment.” After that, consider what changes could be made to both of your benefits. For example, if you need extra space, and he’s not really using his pool table, you can think of hiring pool table movers NYC to put it in storage temporarily or sell the table. Start slowly and always keep in mind the functionality as much as style when redecorating. 

    Things to avoid when moving into his bachelor pad

    As we said, relationships sometimes don’t go as planned. Even if you are moving in together, it is best to keep your eyes open for potential red flags in your relationship so that you are not trying to find a Chinatown moving company to move out as soon as possible. A couple of things you should avoid after moving into his bachelor pad are:

    • Avoid mothering him – this is common for men who are not as clean when moving in with women who prefer a neat home
    • Don’t be pushing too much – try to leave an open mind and find compromise in all situations, and definitely expect the same from him
    • Don’t just assume things about your living arrangements and next steps in your relationship, make sure you communicate
    • Try to keep a sense of identity by having separate hobbies, interests, and friends.
    A woman after moving into his bachelor pad
    After moving into his bachelor pad, you should be ready to compromise to avoid fighting over small things

    All of these tips will help you successfully avoid conflict in your relationship. According to Dr. Alexandra Solomon, all relationships have conflicts and bumps along the road, but the important thing should be how you handle them. Cohabitation will require you to develop vital skills when you are moving in together. After all, moving in is a big step for couples and requires some changes and adjustments.

    It takes time

    Lastly, the main thing you should know when moving into his bachelor pad is that it takes some time for both of you to adjust. Whether you love and feel like it’s the best thing or feel nervous and awkward, it will take some time for you to settle in and adapt to your new life together. Knowing that patience and communication are the two most important ingredients in any relationship will only make your relationship stronger and moving in together a wonderful experience.



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