Moving to Manhattan from abroad

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    You need a new challenge. There are not enough opportunities in your city for what you want to do in your life. There are not enough opportunities in your country too.  No matter what you do, you can’t earn as much money as you would like. Professionally, you’re standing in one place, not moving forward at all. And you want to make a great career! So you made your decision! You’re relocating to the economic capital of the world! You’re moving to Manhattan. A wise choice for many reasons. And also a potentially dangerous move. if you are moving uninformed. That’s why we are here. Reading this article you will find out what an expat should know prior to packing and moving to New York. At least, after reading it, you will have the information what to pay attention to!

    Moving to Manhattan- be cafeful
    Be careful when it comes to relocation to Manhattan, it is an expensive city!

    Guide for a newcomer moving to Manhattan from abroad

    How to get a Visa for immigration to the USA

    Moving to Manhattan- Great idea if planned well
    Moving to Manhattan is a great idea, but only if you do the proper preparation for that!

    Ther are various chances to immigrate to the States. You may immigrate as an expert, receiving the contract from a company based in the USA. Or you may move to New York as a professional sportsman, also signing a contract with a team in New York. Another way of immigration, being that the USA have a good immigration politics, is through the diversity visa program.

    Check here the list of countries eligible for the DV lottery program, and read how to apply for the program. If you have no chances to move to Manhattan as an expert or as a professional sportsman, or you don’t have the right to apply for the lottery, we advise you to go to a lawyer and consult him about the other ways of immigrating to the States.

    An expat’s first job after relocation to Manhattan is to get a job!

    Moving anywhere requires securing the job. Prior to even getting packed to move there! Moving to Manhattan without having a job secured there is a consciously running into a disaster! It is true that there are so many opportunities in Manhattan. But be aware of how expensive Manhattan is for living in it. Relocation to Manhattan is expensive too. Therefore, before moving to Manhattan, prepare some savings too, for the beginning of your new life in New York.

    To apply for a job in New York, you need a resume. It is a similar, but also a different document from i.e. CV in Europe. The European CV form is used in the USA when applying for a college for example. That is why, before searching for a job in Manhattan, have a look at the examples of resumes in the States, and make the one looking like that.


    Moving to Manhattan- Use the opportunities relocation to New York offers you
    Moving to New York, and especially relocation to Manhattan, offers you many opportunities. Be wise, get informed, and use them!

    In case you are planning to move to Manhattan with your children, this is an important subject. As everywhere in the world, there are some good and some bad schools. What separates New York from other US cities is that there are some good public schools. You may check on the different schools in New York clicking here. It is very important, being that private schools in New York are usually very expensive. And you don’t need extra expenses after moving to Manhattan. you need to save your money at least at the beginning.

    What other you might be interested is the way you may register your children in the schools as the immigrant family in Manhattan. Therefore make sure you read the information on requirements for immigrants moving to USA schools. Here is how an immigrant student applies for a public school in the USA. It’s an important matter for those making a move to Manhattan with your children.

    Post-moving Manhattan integration

    Manhattan is such an easy place to integrate into everyday life as a newcomer. Of course, New York is a big city. You need to adjust to the speed of life and the fact that it is a city that never sleeps. But in general, there is probably no city that you would be easier to blend in as an expatriate in the USA. The reason for that is the number of nations living here. I bet you can’t find some nation that has no representative in Manhattan, being that it is the most important part of the most important city in the world. The diversity of nations living here is just one small piece of diversities in the city of Gotham.

    Moving to Manhattan you will be able to meet the most various cultures of the world, to hear different languages on every step you take, hear all sorts of music there are, and enjoy in an art kind that you have never heard of before your Manhattan relocation! But to be able to do all of that, you need to be tolerant. As long as you may find everything you like here in New York, you will also experience everything that annoys you or makes you angry. You need to learn how to handle those situations before even considering ways to immigrate in New York. If you don’t, you could be moving to hell, instead of entering the heaven on earth!


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