Moving from NYC to St. Paul

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    You are thinking about, or you have already decided that you’re moving from NYC to St. Paul very soon? You are in the right place. This is a big change, so you should know everything about the move itself and the differences between these two cities. We will help you with all of the facts you need to be aware of when moving to one of the Twin Cities, and also give you some tips and tricks on how to move and choose the best of Twin Cities moving companies.

    Moving from NYC to St.Paul guide and tips to follow
    Moving from NYC to St.Paul is a big change

    What you need to know before moving from NYC to St. Paul

    These two cities are quite different. Moving from the Big Apple, also known as the “Center of the World” to the “City of Lakes” is a big change. So there are some things you should know about St. Paul before you move. The reason for this is that many Americans and newcomers in general, know little about this city, apart from a couple of stereotypes everybody has on their mind when they think of the Twin Cities.

    The capital and the most populous city in Minnesota is sometimes called the most livable city in the USA.  Even though it doesn’t experience a lot of tourism, it offers a lot for both tourists and locals. Even though it is considered to be ‘a car city’, the bus and train system is great, and there are different bike share programs as well. Also, it is home to many commercial, manufacturing, transportation, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations.

    St.Paul area weather

    There are some similarities between NYC and St.Paul when it comes to weather. It is summer time. Both of these cities have hot and humid summers. The biggest difference is probably winter season. Winter in Minneapolis area can be much colder than in New York City. That, of course, shouldn’t scare you because low temperatures can sometimes be enjoyable as well.

    Packing and moving

    The process of moving from one city to another is much more difficult when moving locally. You need to be twice as organized and think well ahead to do this successfully. Some things that you need to do to make this process more organized are:

    1. Find a good moving company – to find good commercial movers in Twin cities can be a scary task but don’t worry. Ask for some recommendations from your friend and family, and do a good online research. Compare prices and offers and choose the best one that suits you.
    2. Think about what can you bring yourself – If you have a big car, and if you don’t have many family members, think about what things you can bring with you. It is good to travel lightly, but you can reduce costs if you bring some things in your car. Especially think about your valuable and important items.
    3. Label carefully – when you pack your items into boxes and later give them out to the moving company, make sure each box is labeled with a specific address, name and phone number.
    4. Prepare enough money – if you already don’t have a job in St.Paul, save and put aside enough money to get you through the first period of living there. Finding a job can be a tricky task, and it can take some time. So be ready, and save enough money for the first couple of months.
    Label your boxes with all your details when moving to moving from NYC to St. Paul
    Pack smartly and label your boxes with detail when moving from NYC to St. Paul

    How to get there?

    Travelling to St. Paul from New York can be a great adventure. It is a long trip, but it can be worth your drive. If you plan on traveling by car, the distance you need to go is around 1189 miles. Depending on how long are your breaks, it will take you approximately 15-18 hours. You can, of course, go there by airplane, but traveling by car can be an interesting adventure. You can stop and make a break at different places, such as Chicago, Toledo, Eau Claire and so on. Try to enjoy this trip as much as possible, and make it a fun trip with your family.

    Finding your old contacts

    Arriving in a city that is far away from your ‘hometown’ is a big deal. Alone or with your family, both ways you’ll need somebody to show you around or just to speak to when you arrive. Meeting new friends can take some time, so now is the time to go through your old contacts list. If you don’t have any relatives or close friends who live in St. Paul or Minneapolis, try to remember some old friends from school or work who live here. It is good to have some contacts who can show you around and give you some advice on your new home.

    Getting around

    After you’ve arrived in St.Paul, you need to find your way around. If you have a job and want to go there by car, we suggest using public transport first, in order to find the fastest route to your office. Apart from using the internet and Google Maps, you can ask your friends or people you meet in your new office. They can give you some ‘real’ advice and maybe tell you about some shortcuts you can use. Furthermore, register your car, since you moved states and get new documents, car plates if necessary.

    Change your mail

    moving from NYC to St. Paul includes moving your mail too
    When you move, you need your mail to come to the right address

    Moving from NYC to St. Paul is not just packing and going there. After you moved to St.Paul you need to change your address and forward all your mail to your new home. Furthermore, make sure that everyone who sends you any mail knows your new address. This includes family, friends, the bank.You can change your address at a local post office. Since it can take some time, trust somebody to check your mail at your old place. It can be a neighbor or somebody from your friends and family.

    You change a lot when moving from NYC to St. Paul. These cities are different and they are far away, but this shouldn’t scare you. This can be the adventure of your lifetime. Just follow our guide and you will make it in no time. Good luck with your new home!


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