Moving pool table long distance: tips and tricks

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    Is your moving date getting closer, but you want your pool table to go with you? We understand how exhausting only thinking about the pool table moving process can be. Moving pool table long distance doesn’t differ much from moving it locally, except for the fact that it has to be packed much better. Either way, it’ll be a complicated process that requires disassembly and tiresome truck loading. Manhattan Movers NYC have decided to share some tips and tricks to make your move easier! 

    pool table
    Moving pool table long distance requires a complicated disassembly process and renting a truck.

    Moving pool table long distance requires a truck

    Since moving pool table long distance is impossible without having a large truck, this is going to be a necessary step in your moving journey. Measure your pool table before calling the company you’re going to rent a truck from. That way, they’ll know the exact size of the truck that they need to send over. 

    Invite friends and family to help you

    It’s best if you invite professional pool table movers NYC to help you load the truck, but if you don’t, you’ll have to invite friends. The pool table is extremely heavy and it needs to be disassembled before it could be moved. Even the parts of the table themselves are heavy, which is why disassembly requires teamwork. Make sure that you call your friends and family a few weeks in advance and book them for the moving date. That way you’ll be able to save some money instead of hiring movers to help you.

    measuring when moving pool table long distance
    Make sure that you’ve measured the pool dimensions, as well as hallway and doorframe dimensions.

    Measure a pool table dimensions 

    After disassembling a pool table you’ll have to measure your doors, hallways, and stairs to make sure that the parts can fit comfortably. You don’t want to have anything standing in your way in case an item becomes too heavy and you need to take an immediate rest. Make sure that you’ve moved all of the items out of the way before moving a pool table. Additionally,  you should secure the surfaces that you’ll likely be getting in contact with, as well as the floor and walls that surround your exit route. 

    Consider hiring professional movers when moving pool table long distance

    When it comes to moving pool table long distance, there can be many complications. 

    Why should you hire professional movers when moving a pool table?

    • It needs to be disassembled, and professional movers can get it done fast and without inconveniences
    • Movers know how to pack the parts of a pool table properly to ensure that it reaches its desired destination unscratched. Moving pool table long distance might mean that the parts will change several transport vehicles which is why they require meticulous packing
    • You won’t have to implicate friends and family in the process of loading a truck and moving the pool parts, which can lead to injury
    a man taping a cardboard box
    Hiring professional movers will help you avoid injuries!

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