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Packing your entire life into moving boxes is always hard. You are attached to your personal belongings and you want to be sure they are in safe hands. You are at the right place to get exactly what you need. We are Manhattan Movers NYC and we will make sure you get the best residential movers and top-notch service for your upcoming move. We will be thrilled to cover your entire moving process and assist you every step of the way. From planning and organizing to packing, loading and safely delivering your shipment to your new home. Contact us and learn more about our services and everything we can do for you!

residential movers will take you on a road
We are your dependable partners wherever you go

Comprehensive moving services you can rely on

Our experts understand how stressful moving house can be and are dedicated to offering you full moving assistance. Fully insured, we offer you competitive rates as well as residential:

We have worked hard over the past years to earn a great reputation within the community. Quality moving services and superior customer care we provide are the reason for that. Moving experts from our database will protect your household and provide you stress-free moving experience.

When you want to ensure the belongings of your residential or commercial property arrive safely, count on our team to find you highly skilled residential movers and the best services available, at affordable prices.

Moving is a big change for the entire family

A household move will be a great challenge for your family. Your children will probably feel most of the impact, as it is very disruptive for a child to move place. This requires them to change school, make new friends and fit in. The stress of leaving your old home can be challenging for you as well. By hiring the right residential moving company, you will make this task at least a bit easier for yourself. We will make sure to turn your move into a positive experience and you will not have to lift a finger, except for picking up the phone to give us a call.

The best moving experts and resources at your disposal

Our company had humble beginnings but big dreams. We started as a small business and slowly but surely, one successful move after another, we now can call ourselves experts. Nowadays we have enough manpower and trucks at our disposal to conduct any type of move! We always want to go the extra mile for meeting your expectations and making your dreams come true. Remember, customer satisfaction with our service is of the utmost importance to us.

Table, plant an dnotebook
Your household will be in safe hands

One of a kind company and service 

There plenty of residential moving experts in Big Apple, but only one that will cater to all your needs. We always make sure to do assist you on your move as perfectly as possible. If you had some troubles of any kind with previous moving specialists that you hired, we will make you forget it. We will always try to make your moving process breeze, and we hope we will make it.

5-star customer service

When you use our assistance, you are assigned a residential moving specialist to coordinate all of your dates and paperwork. Your relocation coordinator will help you stay organized and on track as your moving day approaches. We will also be always available to answer questions and help you solve challenges on the fly.

Residential moving estimates

In case you are ready for the next step, it’s time to get a moving quote. You would like your residential moving estimate are calculated according to your shipment and moving day. Your final estimate will reflect rates based on a combination of mileage, services, weight and time frame. When you request a residential moving quote from, a professional move estimator will survey your household and assess service needs and schedule.

Why us?

So what is it that makes Manhattan Movers NYC superior to other residential moving experts? Well, throughout the years, we have worked on personalizing our approach and adding many skills. That is why we take special care of each client. We try to have a better understanding of your needs and what you want to accomplish with your move.

Are you running out of time? It’s not a problem for efficient residential movers NYC! Do you need packing services along with the move? You will get them! Maybe you are worried about specialty items, such as art or a piano. Well, we got you covered! Our partners have experience in handling all sorts of difficult relocations, and they will do it fast and with ease! We know the movers with experience, knowledge, and equipment to take the hassle out of your move!

Furthermore, we offer a variety of services for all your needs:

  • we don’t stop at the local area – we handle long distance moves with the same ease
  • the residential movers you can trust your personal belongings
  • if you have a student at home ready to leave the nest, we can also help
  • we offer packing services for any items you have
Chair, table and vase
Don’t worry about your specialty items, we got you covered

Pick the moving services you not only need but deserve!

We offer you a variety of standard and custom made moving services. We aim to provide you with quality yet affordable service options to enhance your moving experience. Our offer provides increased value protection and options for additional technical services. No matter the size or destination, residential movers NYC can meet all your moving needs!


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