Are you looking for reliable and secure storage NYC trusts? Just like with every other moving job you hire us for, Manhattan Movers NYC  features a safe and modern storage facility for all our clients. Know that our units are not just average self-storage units. The security and protection they offer can ensure the absolute safety of your valuable possessions for both longer and shorter periods of time. Our storage solutions offer exceptional security measures and unique benefits to ensure your belongings are safe. Get in touch with us and we will help you choose the unit that suits your needs perfectly.

Storage NYC units in different colours
Our modern and secure storage units will meet all your expectations.

Why more and more people need storage NYC?

Nowadays, more and more people cannot imagine their lives without storage. Why is that, you wonder. Well, first of all, renting a storage unit is a perfect solution to so many problems. Whether you are storing your seasonal items, moving, or simply trying to declutter your home, storage is the answer. Renting some of the top-class storage units NYC offers will be the best decision you could make. And keep in mind that trustworthiness and reliability are the key elements every moving and storage company should have. Our high-class services are based on these elements.

You want to be sure your belongings are well secured and in safe hands. And that is exactly what Manhattan Movers NYC offers you. Storage is one of our top-notch services, along with moving and packing services. And we have many successful moves and satisfied customers to prove that. We take you and your belongings very seriously and consider your satisfaction as well as their safety crucial.

Climate controlled units as a perfect solution for sensitive items

If you have are a proud owner of an art collection or other sensitive items, you will be certainly interested in climate-controlled storage. If you don’t want to damage your valuables during the relocation you can simply put them in storage. But, a regular unit may not be a good solution. Your precious items could get dried out, dusty, and can crack. This is one of the main reasons why people opt for this specific type of storage.

Climate control offers good conditions and protection for delicate materials. Also, these units can come in handy when you need to preserve paperwork and documents. Hence, if you are moving your business and need a place to store all your documentation, consider a unit where you can control the humidity and temperature!

Painting of trees and watermil
For storing your art collection, better choose the climate-controlled storage unit.

Clean and modern storage units at your disposal

The condition of the units, hallways, and even other spaces can tell a lot about the vault. You want to keep your things in a well-kept place. At first glance, you will notice if units are new and if someone is taking care of them on a daily basis. The office should be neat, the floors should be clean, and walls painted. A clean and well-maintained space is an indicator that you have found professionals that will take good care of your belongings.

Safety and protection

When you opt for storage NYC, you expect your belongings to be safe. In order to prevent the theft of your possessions, make sure that the object of your choice has a good security system. From an access gate to good lighting, and security cameras we have it all. You can be sure your items are safe!

Long term New York storage services for all your needs

If you are looking for reliable long term storage services, you don’t have to look any further. Our professional team is more than capable of handling any and all aspects of the storing process. With the expertise and equipment that we have, we are going to provide you with the exact storage solutions that you need. This type of storage is ideal for storing items you don’t currently have room for, but you can’t seem to part with.

You can choose whatever storage unit and option suits you best. It is your call. And we are here to understand your needs and intentions and find the best solution. We can also inspect your belongings before the wrapping and crating, in order to determine how to best place them in your storage unit and protect them.

Another amazing feature of long-term storage services is storing seasonal items. For instance, you can store your motorcycle and patio during the winter. Then switch, and store your winter gear during the summer. Manhattan Movers NYC are here to ease your life as much as possible with our long-term storage packages.

storage warehouse
With our modern security systems, your belongings will be safe.

Multi-purpose short term storage NYC solutions

Short term storage solutions are ideal for storing your possessions for three months or less. If you are in need of temporary storage rental, you are in the right place! With the best short term storage units NYC offers, you can choose the size and type of the storage unit that suits you. And these depend mostly on the items you intend to store. With the help of our professional and friendly storage staff, feel free to explore our storage to find the best fit for your needs.

Ready for the best storage NYC has? Give us a call!

Are you ready to enjoy all the benefits of storage NYC? If the answer is yes, what are you waiting for? Make that first step and contact us! We will be happy to inform you about the details about the services and packages we offer. Hire Manhattan Movers NYC and ensure the safety of your precious belongings. You won’t regret it!