Moving to a smaller home in NYC: how to adapt

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    So, you’ve come to a point in your life where you need to relocate virtually everything you own. And not only are you moving in a city as great as Big Apple – you are moving to a smaller home in NYC. New York City lifestyle is busy and hectic and your reasons for downsizing your home could be plentiful. Nevertheless, it never sounds like a great idea to move to a smaller space. You are probably thinking that this is one of the worst things to happen to you. How will you adjust? Where will you store everything you own?

    Living in a small apartment in such a big city can seem difficult.
    Big Apple – small home.

    What could possibly be the silver lining of such a difficult experience? Rest assured that they do exist! Adapting to a smaller-home lifestyle does have some downsides, but let’s not forget about the positive aspects. Take all of them into consideration and try to make the best of it.

    Financial benefits of moving to a smaller home in NYC are endless

    This is perhaps one of the reasons you are moving in the first place. Owning or renting a home in NYC can be quite pricey. And the size of your home affects your costs significantly. So from the very beginning, your wallet will feel the difference.

    • Selling your big old home and spending less money on a smaller one is an instant financial gain.
    • Furthermore, your old furniture will probably not fit inside a smaller space. You could consider selling it and thus earning some more money in the process.
    • Your heating and electricity costs will reduce significantly. A smaller home means smaller utility expenses. If you need to transfer utilities, there are steps to take.

    All the extra money in your pocket sounds like a way to adapt more quickly and pain-free to your downsized living area. It will make you less stressed and relive some of the moving tension. So the first adaptation issue for you might be how to spend all the extra cash lying around.

    Renting a storage area might help you in the process

    As has already been mentioned, there is an open issue of your old furniture and the lack of space for it. If you are not keen on immediately selling your belongings, you will need a place to store them in. In New York City it is not too complicated to find storage for the moving day. This is the easiest way to make room for all your stuff that will not make it into your new home. This way you can put away unnecessary furniture or any household items you are not ready to sell just yet. Keep them inside the storage area until you have made up your mind. Selling or storing are not the only options, you can also give your stuff away to someone in need. Whatever you decide to do, having a storage area at your disposal will help with your transition to a smaller home.

    More free time will help the adaptation process

    Moving to a smaller home in NYC could prove to be a lifestyle change you’ve been waiting for. Living in such a busy city takes its toll on your free time. And to be honest, endless household chores and cleaning duties do not help. However, things could change instantly after you move. Small living area means fewer surfaces to dust, fewer carpets to vacuum and fewer bathroom tiles to scrub. All of this equals more time to spend on more entertaining and useful things to do. So after you move, make changes in your daily schedule so you could enjoy this perk of downsizing your home. You will feel more comfortable and adapt better having an advantage such as this one in mind.

    NYC is city that never sleeps.
    NYC lifestyle can be hectic and stressful.

    Make your new home cozy and comfy – declutter

    Another way to help yourself adapt after moving to a smaller home is to use the opportunity to get rid of all your unnecessary belongings. Each and every household has these. And you could make the best out of the situation and finally toss everything that is not essential to your lifestyle. It is a great way of making a fresh start. Moreover, it is likely to help you adjust better since you will declutter your new home and make it bright and comfortable. Sell, throw or give away any unneeded item from your old house while moving. Companies such as Simply Move LLC could help you do all this more efficiently. It might seem like a big step, but it is definitely a change for the better.

    Make the best out of moving to a smaller home by making it bright and cozy.
    Making your new home bright and cozy will help you adapt.

    Adjust your lifestyle to your new living space

    You may be wondering by now if downsizing your house will affect your social life. And the answer is yes, it most probably will. In a city as big as New York it is not easy to find friends. Whether you have a small circle of close acquaintances or a big loud group of friends, by now you are probably used to them coming over and spending time at your place.

    However, moving to a smaller home could change this. Your tiny new apartment might be too small for gatherings. You might not be comfortable with guests during the period of adjusting to your new lifestyle. All of this shouldn’t be a big issue for you. Speak to your friends and explain your current situation. Try to see each other outside rather than at home. Keep in mind that this is just a minor issue and you will find a most suitable way to adapt to it.

    Are you still concerned about moving to a smaller home? Don’t be. Adaptation to a different lifestyle is never easy, but all it takes is a few simple steps and this kind of lifestyle might just prove to be better for you. Just try to look at your small home as a bright and cozy space providing you with less clutter and more money and free time.


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