Moving to Canada 101

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    If you are moving to Canada from any part of the world, the first thing you will notice is the high living standard. This country is ranked as the second best country to live in. With the low unemployment rates, Canada offers jobs for millennials. It also offers a great public health care program and educational system. Canada is known to be a safe place for families to live in with low crime rates. Also, it is one of the great places to retire with great programs for the elderly.

    Canada job opportunities

    It is important to search for a job before moving to Canada. Having a job will help smooth your transition. As Canada offers numerous job opportunities, you can search for the job online. If you aren’t the Canada resident, you may consider registering officially with the Canadian government job bank. That way it will be easier to get new listings and find a job with ease.

    sea shore with lighthouse
    Explore beautiful Canada nature and enjoy beautiful scenery with your family.

    When searching online, consider that most employers may require good language skills. Also, make sure you choose the line of work you are experienced at. Canadian employers may ask if you have the Canadian work experience. On the other hand, you can always improve your language skills and practice after you relocate to Canada.

    Consider these websites when looking for a job:

    • The government of Canada official job bank
    • Canada jobs
    • Indeed
    • Canada visa career center

    Amazing natural beauty

    Canada may have the colder climate but it is quite famous for its breathtaking nature. It is perfect for families with children. Even if you live in a crowded city like Toronto, you can enjoy beautiful parks with your family and children. You can take road trips and explore this amazing country and all of its natural beauties.

    Prepare for moving to Canada

    When planning your Canada relocation, consider all the paperwork that you may need. The first step is to check if you are eligible to move to Canada. You can check your eligibility online. Some of the reason why people may not be able to immigrate to Canada include having a criminal record. You may also be denied if you have health issues or for financial reasons. The rules of moving to Canada are very strict so consider checking your eligibility before you contact the best movers at Tender Touch Moving and Storage Toronto.

    Toronto skyline
    The first step in your Canada move should be dealing with the necessary paperwork.

    Deal with the paperwork

    When applying for the visa, it is best to have a legal representation and help. There are different types of legal residency in Canada. That is why you should examine each option carefully. You can apply for a Canadian visa as a skilled worker or an investor. On the other hand, if you are starting up your own business, you may be eligible for a visa too. You can also apply if you have a family member or a spouse there or as a caregiver etc.

    Complete the application

    After you choose the application that is the most relevant to your situation, start your application. It is best to consult a legal representative or ask for more information at the closest Canadian embassy. As a skilled worker, consider applying for your visa online. If you complete an Express Entry profile online, you may speed up your application process. This profile may include your language skills, information about yourself and your credentials. If you are applying for the other kind of visa, you will have to mail in your application forms after you provide all the information needed.

    Find a place to live before you relocate

    Planning everything before you move to Canada, will make your transition easier. One of the most important things to consider is to rent or buy a house or the apartment. Your future residence will reflect you and your Canada lifestyle. That is why it is important you calculate your budget before the move. Professionals will advise that you take time when searching for your next Canada property. As Canada is so versatile in many aspects, searching for the best home for you and your family may be a wonderful experience.

    the cottage in winter
    When organizing your Canada relocation make sure to find a place to live for you and your family.

    When looking for your Canada residence, consider the location of your new home. Make sure to examine the neighboorhood and the nearby amenities. After that, find out more about the property you like.

    Search online

    When searching online for the property in Canada, make sure to get all the information you can about the property itself. Keep in mind that the pictures of the property in question may not always depict the right situation. That is why you should doublecheck everything when buying your own home in Canada.

    Get professional assistance

    When buying a property in another country make sure to have a legal representative. Professionals advise that you have legal representative form Canada to help you purchase and secure your investment. He will represent your interests and even hire the contractor to inspect the property in your absence. That way you will be safe when buying a property in Canada.

    How to prepare for moving to Canada

    Hire professional movers

    When relocating long distance to another country, make sure to pick the most reliable movers for your relocation. While moving to Canada your movers should know the import laws to safely transport your belongings. In case you need storage for the moving day, ask your movers to help you choose the best option.

    Before you hire any moving company, make sure to ask for the official moving quote or an estimate at That way you will know the overall costs of your Canada relocation. Choose the movers that are polite and professional. They should explain the moving process, the law and give you every information you may need.


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