Moving to Manhattan from Miami

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    Are you ready to move to Manhattan? Even though living in Miami is quite exciting, Manhattan is still one of the most popular parts of NYC. For this reason, is this time to organize your relocation. It is not enough to hire Manhattan movers NYC even though it is a good start. In order to successfully relocate your entire household to Manhattan, you need to make a good plan. For this reason, here all the tips and tricks for moving to Manhattan from Miami. 

    Hire a moving company 

    First of all, you need to hire long-distance movers. It can be quite complicated to relocate your entire household to Manhattan, especially considering the traffic jam in Manhattan. In order to avoid stressing about finding a parking spot and navigating New York street, you should hire long-distance movers NYC. You can be quite sure they are capable of delivering your items in perfect condition to your new Manhattan place. Where to find movers? 

    • Ask your friends and family 
    • Searching on the Internet 
    • Looking in newspapers

    Then, you need to gather all the necessary packing supplies. You can opt for professional packing services or you can try to pack everything alone. In both cases, you need packing supplies. These would include moving boxes, bubble wrapping, packing peanuts, moving blankets, moving straps, plastic moving boxes, tape, and so on. 

    buildings in Manhattan
    Hire movers since it is difficult to navigate streets of Manhattan with a moving truck

    Packing and moving to Manhattan from Miami 

    Now, it is time to pack your items. Before packing everything, you should declutter your home. Since Miami’s weather is extremely different from NYC, you will need to buy winter clothes. As for your summer clothes, you can put them in a storage unit for now. In addition to this, you should only move items and clothes that you will use again. you can either sell or donate other items that are in good condition. If you decide to sell them, this is a good way to save money when moving. On the other hand, if you want to donate your items, make sure to ask for receipts since will be eligible for a tax deduction. 

    In addition to this, in order to reduce stress caused by moving, you should make a packing plan. This means starting with one room and finishing completely until moving on to the next one. When packing your items, make sure to protect them properly in order to avoid causing any damage. 

    a small apartment
    Declutter your home before relocation since most Manhattan apartments are small

    More things to do when organizing a relocation 

    When moving to Manhattan from Miami, you should visit Manhattan several times in order to find your new home and get familiar with your new surroundings. This is extremely important when organizing your relocation. If you know the layout of your neighborhood and building, you can plan your relocation accordingly. In addition to this, you should also notify your new neighbors if you’re moving into an apartment. Do not forget to check weather and road conditions so you can avoid any unpleasant situations. 


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