Moving to Manhattan in October: all you need to know

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    No matter the month or time, moving to NYC and Manhattan is always exciting. There is certainly not one person in the world who has not heard of Manhattan at least once in a lifetime. Also, Manhattan is a dream home for millions of people from all around the world. So, to be able to move here must feel like a dream come to true and you probably still can’t believe it. Additionally, you couldn’t find the most ideal time for relocation as moving to Manhattan in October is the best choice. Now, you also should find a good moving company for your relocation. For this reason, you should hire Manhattan Movers NYC, so that your arrival to Manhattan passes in the best way possible. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for your October move to Manhattan.  

    What you need to know about moving to Manhattan in October

    First, you have chosen the best month for moving to Manhattan. The summer has ended as did children’s school break and holidays. Families with kids have already relocated and students are also already settled in their college dorm. This means that peak season for movers is finally over and you won’t have trouble finding good professional movers. For this reason, one of the cheapest ways to move to Manhattan is moving during the off-season for moving companies.  

    Manhattan is most commonly divided into three parts: Upper, Middle, and Lower Manhattan with many different neighborhoods. Each one of the neighborhoods in Manhattan is special in its way and they differ from living styles to the cost of living. However, the most famous Manhattan neighborhoods are   

    • Little Italy  
    • Chinatown  
    • Harlem  
    • Greenwich Village  
    • SoHo  
    taxis on the road
    Manhattan has a lot of great neighborhoods

    Manhattan is the most expensive part of NYC  

    It’s no secret that Manhattan is expensive for living. But that is kind of reasonable as Manhattan offers something that you can’t find in any other city in the US. While living and housing costs are up to 30% and more expensive on the national average, the transportation cost is relatively low. For this reason, if you don’t own a car, you won’t even need one in Manhattan as public transportation is good. As for living options, there are many different types of apartments in Manhattan and the most common are smaller ones like micro-apartments, studio, and one-room apartments.  

    As you will probably live in a smaller apartment, you should downsize your home belongings. For this reason, before your move to Manhattan, you should declutter your items first. Decluttering is a crucial step in moving preparation and you should do it before you book your movers for an estimate.  

    high-rise buildings
    Manhattan might be expensive but it is worth it

    Determine your budget before your move  

    Another important step is setting your budget before moving to Manhattan in October. Manhattan is very expensive like already mentioned and the biggest expense is the rent. Landlords usually ask for a security deposit that equals the amount of monthly rent. Additional to the security deposit, you can be also asked for the first month’s rent and last month’s rent. For this reason, you should save up to $3000 before your move to Manhattan. 


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