Moving to Manhattan: pro packing tricks for beginners

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    During a relocation process, packing is considered to be the most difficult task. Many people dread it for a good reason. You have to pack up your whole life in boxes and move to a new place. Sound scary, right? Because it takes so much time to do, most people leave it as the last thing to do when moving. And that is a huge mistake. Rushed packing always results in chaos and damage to your belongings, which no one wants. All of this doesn’t have to happen if you hire professional help from Manhattan Movers NYC. But even if you hire help, there are some things you can do by yourself to ensure a safe trip for your items. In this guide, we will give you our best pro packing tricks for beginners.

    What are our best pro packing tricks for beginners?

    When preparing for a move, organization is more important than ever. It is the key to a successful move. Hiring some movers in Manhattan NYC will greatly increase your chance of having a positive moving experience. But why not go a step further and do something by yourself? Use our pro packing tricks for beginners:

    • Start packing as soon as possible
    • Get rid of everything you don’t need
    • Create a moving folder
    • Gather good quality packing supplies
    • Keep the essentials with you
    Couple packing furniture
    Organization is key during a move

    Start packing as soon as possible

    In an ideal scenario, you will know about a move weeks or even months in advance. As soon as you decide to move, start packing items that you use once in a while. Good items to start with are off-season clothes for example. Once when it’s time to move using some moving service NYC, you will have far less to worry about.

    Get rid of everything you don’t need

    Packing everything you own is a lot of work. Do yourself a favor and cut back on the clutter, so that you can invest in hiring some moving furniture NYC. You will for sure find something that you don’t need anymore while going through your items. Getting rid of something doesn’t necessarily mean throwing it away. If it’s still in a good state, sell or donate it. Throwing something away should be your choice only if something is unusable.

    One of the best pro packing tricks for beginners is to create a moving folder

    Start collecting new addresses, rental or purchase papers, moving contracts, and more in one folder. Basically, all the papers and document that are connected to your move should go into one folder. The best choice is to make a hard copy rather than a digital one, but you can always have both. You never know when you will need some important information from those papers.

    Gather good quality packing supplies

    Good quality supplies make packing so much better. The number one advantage is that your items will have better protection. Having your items delivered to your new home in one piece will be worth the extra money spent on supplies. Packing supplies Manhattan has all kinds of good quality packing supplies, so make sure to check them out.

    Keep the essentials with you

    You don’t have to go overboard with this. A change of clothes, toiletries, chargers for electronics and medications are usually sufficient. Keep this essentials bag with you when moving. It will come in handy when you get to your new home tired without the strength to go through packed boxes.

    Woman is happy because she got packed using our pro packing tricks for beginners
    An essentials bag will make the first night in the new home easier

    Pro packing tricks for beginners moving to Manhattan – conclusion

    We hope that you liked our pro packing tricks for beginners and that you find them helpful. Remember to stay organized during the whole process, keep a cool head and avoid stress as much as possible. We wish you good luck!


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