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    In the decades behind us until today, moving to Manhattan is the dream of many. Undeniably, the Big Apple offers endless possibilities and amazing opportunities. Despite so many pros of relocation to this famous New York borough, we all know that moving is rarely fun and trouble-free. Packing, sorting, cleaning, transporting, and shipping takes a lot of time and effort. But don’t panic – the moving industry is very developed in New York City and there are a lot of moving-related services you can opt for. In order to make your move trouble-free, you will need to plan, prioritize and strategize. Also, you should consider enlisting reputable moving services Manhattan to conduct your move smoothly. So, here are some tips on relocation to Manhattan that will make your moving day easier.

    Get Ready for Moving to Manhattan

    Every relocation brings its challenges, no matter the distance and specific circumstances. Moving to Manhattan is not easy, but it is rewarding! A lot of people wish to move to this part of New York exclusively. Why? Well, Manhattan offers some of the best lifestyles around. Let’s see what it is all about:

    • The center of everything. Manhattan is the center of everything. It is also arguably the best place in NYC for an office, if you are into office work or business. Moreover, Manhattan offers some of the best benefits a person from New York might have – the American Dream at its finest!
    • It has some of the most magnificent neighborhoods in NYC. Since your lifestyle will mostly depend on the neighborhood that you choose, you should consider some of the most popular Manhattan neighborhoods. Pick a location, community, and vibe you like, and get to know some of the Manhattan neighborhoods.
    • This borough is a hub for business, art, fashion, entertainment, and medicine. In case you have got career goals in any of mentioned fields, being here will increase your opportunities for success.
    A person thinking about moving to Manhattan while looking at The World Trade Center
    Manhattan is home to the World Trade Center, which is one of its legendary landmarks.

    What to expect after moving to famous Manhattan

    Although you can expect high housing and living costs, you will certainly get endless opportunities in return. Despite the fact that the median listing home price in Manhattan, New York was $1.4M in November 2022, the housing market here is among the hottest. For instance,  Tribeca has a median listing home price of $4.1M and for this fact, it is currently the most expensive neighborhood. On the other hand, Washington Heights is currently one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Manhattan, with a median listing home price of around $550K according to recent statistics.

    Some of the pros of moving home to Manhattan are – a chance to live comfortably without a car (which means you will save tons of money), constantly discovering hidden gems such as new restaurants, coffee shops, adorable streets, and opportunities for constant personal growth. This is one of the most diverse places on the globe where you will get different priceless experiences.

    Some things to keep in mind

    While Manhattan is arguably one of the best places in New York, it is very hard to live there. A lot of people want to move and there might just not be enough space for you. Luckily, this changes on a daily basis, so contact your moving company as soon as you can. They will provide more information and more details about your Manhattan move. Moreover, you will get a moving estimate, which brings us to yet another part of our guide.

    The view of the Statue of Liberty after moving to Manhattan
    One of the most prominent landmarks of New York is the Statue of Liberty

    The cost of living in Manhattan is impeccably high. The median rent price in Manhattan is currently about $3,921 per month, so you need to be prepared for your expenses well. Moreover, the cost of everything is higher there. Use this to your advantage before moving to Manhattan to make your move trouble-free. Save up or be prepared for the costs, this is the best piece of advice we can offer you.

    Steps to Take Once You Opt for Relocating to Manhattan

    Relocating to Manhattan might seem like a lot of work, but in fact it isn’t. You only need someone to guide you. What you need to do is:

    • Determine the size of your move. This is a vital step that will help you find the most efficient way to conduct your move without any complications and delays. If needed, get help to figure out where to place the excess of your possession. Consider hiring moving and storage services and skip struggling with common moving issues.
    • Hire a good moving company. In order to make your move to Manhattan trouble-free, you will need to get help from a reputable moving company. Because of so many reasons, no one moves to Manhattan on their own, so moving assistance is what you need. This way, you will be free to discover the Manhattan lifestyle while your moving company takes care of your move. Amazing, isn’t it?
    • Pack on time and properly. This is actually one of the key things you need to do in order to move to Manhattan trouble-free. Packing is boring, but it is the most important part of your move. If you pack everything accordingly, you will certainly have a nice move. New York City is amazing, you do not want to miss out on any of it due to some packing issues, right?
    The person walking down the streets of Manhattan
    You will enjoy both NYC and Manhattan, but you will need to move there first!

    Hire Professional Movers

    One of the key elements of a smooth move is hiring a good and reliable moving company. Movers will save you a lot of time, and energy, and simplify the whole moving experience. These professionals will make sure that your belongings arrive safely at your new home since they know how to navigate the roads and have real-time traffic updates. Also, they will help you pack and unload your boxes. If you hire movers, you will avoid all the heavy lifting and possible health-related issues. In case you’re wondering how to find and evaluate a moving company, we have a couple of tips for you that you will find below.

    Services that will simplify your transition to Manhattan

    If you are in doubt should you hire full services moving company or not, we will take away all your doubts. If your home is spacious or cluttered with tons of items, it will be best for you to let the entire job to professional packers and movers. But if packing presents the most difficult task for you, consider hiring our packing services Manhattan. Our reliable, experienced, and proficient packers know how to treat your items with utmost care. They will prepare your items for transport faster than you can imagine. Your items will remain safe and in the same condition as before moving to Manhattan.

    In case you are struggling with an excess of your items and don’t know what to do with them, we will bring the solution. Regardless of the size of your future Manhattan home, for sure you will want to leave it spacious after unpacking. One of the best ways to achieve that is to rent our storage Manhattan. Our storage services are affordable, safe, and ideal for your keeping your valuables, especially when moving home. Our team members will be glad to help you pick the most suitable storage option that we can provide you with.

    Research moving companies in Manhattan

    The first step when searching for moving companies in Manhattan is determining the budget. Once you do this, you will be able to filter your options, so that you can fit the service into your relocation budget. Instead of choosing the cheapest option, look for a good value for money – a reliable and established company that can meet your particular needs. Experienced movers will handle your belongings with care and keep them safe and protected. In this way, you will avoid the risks and hassles that go along with the move and eliminate any danger to your items.

    Busy Times Square
    You will enjoy outstanding Times Square as well.

    Also, check the company’s license and search the Internet for reviews. There are many fraudulent moving companies in Manhattan that offer lower prices to attract customers. These unlicensed companies often use unsafe trucks to pick up and move possessions, sometimes they steal valuable items or even hold possessions hostage until you pay extra charges.

    Ask for recommendations

    If you are moving to Manhattan, and you know somebody who lives there, make sure to ask them for any recommendations they might have. Lots of stress can be avoided if you pick the right moving service. Professional movers will not only transport your items, but help you pack, wrap, label, and disassemble. If you are undecided or don’t know where to start the search, ask your friends and family. Their successful move is the best confirmation of a moving company reliability.

    Planning is Crucial When Moving to Manhattan

    One of the most common mistakes when moving is underestimating the amount of time it takes to pack. Start the preparations as early as you can, because it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have a lot on your plate. It is a good idea to make a to-do list that will help you figure out exactly what you should be doing before and during the move. Also, it’s important to choose the right moving date, since many reputable moving companies are understaffed during the peak season.

    The person looking at the Brooklyn Bridge and imagine seeing it every day after moving to Manhattan.
    The Brooklyn Bridge can be seen from almost all parts of Manhattan.

    How to label your boxes when moving

    Labeling your boxes in a systematic way will ensure quick delivery and unpacking. Mark each box with the essential information that will help you identify its content, write the destination room and handle instructions or special warnings. All of these details should be written on the side of the box instead of the top so that you can read all the relevant information when the boxes are piled up.

    Pack smart

    When moving to Manhattan, it’s important to avoid spending time packing and transporting unnecessary items. One of the most important pre-move tasks is getting rid of unused items. You need to know how to declutter while packing. It is not just a question of basic organization, but can be emotionally draining. However, organizing your belongings before moving to Manhattan will be beneficial, cost-effective, and time-saving. Organize your things into three piles: sell, donate, and toss.

    How to decide which items to toss when moving?

    These tips will help you start organizing and decluttering before your big move:

    • Sell
    • Donate
    • Toss

    Sell some ome of the things that you don’t use might be valuable. Organize a garage sale and sell unnecessary items – pieces of furniture that won’t fit in your new home, appliances, gadgets, and old books. You can also sell clothes you won’t wear again and toys your child has outgrown or no longer play with. Remember that your main goal shouldn’t be to earn a lot of money, but to get rid of the things you no longer use.

    Donate things that are in a good condition, but you don’t need them anymore. You can start by sorting through your wardrobe and separating pieces you no longer wear or don’t fit you anymore. There are many people in need of usable clothing, who will certainly appreciate this gesture. In addition, lightly used books and school supplies are always appreciated at charitable organizations.

    Toss all the things that are not in a good condition. If you can’t decide which things to throw away, be honest with yourself when answering the following question. Is this item something I currently use or would be helpful to someone less fortunate? If the answer is no, there is no need to pack and transport it during the move or donate it to charity.

    Two people packing items
    Take time to sort out items before moving to Manhattan.

    Why Move to Manhattan in the First Place?

    Many people are moving to New York City in order to find better job opportunities and to look for a better life. However, while this might be true, is there something else that would drive you to this amazing city? The people, for example? Food? Anything? If you are not certain about this, here is our “take” on the magnificent City of New York and why you should move there!

    • Food. Many people believe that New York (including Manhattan) has the best food in the entire United States of America. This might not be far from the truth, as well! New York City is not only a huge city – it is also a melting pot of cultures and many people from different backgrounds have made it their home. Thus, normally, their culture and lifestyle came along with them, including the food! Of course, you should not move to New York City only because of the food, but you should always have it in mind, at least. In any case, you can get an amazing slice of pizza for a single dollar! Contact the best local movers Manhattan offers and relocate there!
    • People. While most people think of the locals as “cold” or “distant”, this is not true at all! There are a lot of people in NYC and most of them are kind-hearted, open and warm to strangers and foreigners alike. It depends on your approach. If you approach anyone in a friendly way, the expected reaction should be the same, right?

    Is there more to moving to Manhattan and New York City?

    Of course, there is! Since the best method to move to Manhattan (and NYC in general) is by hiring a professional moving company, you should think about hiring the best one. For example, Manhattan Moving and Storage is an amazing moving company and they can take good care of your move! Hiring the best professionals also has other benefits! For example, you can focus on other parts of your move apart from technical ones solely. Thus, you can enjoy some stress-relieving activities because you know someone else will pack and move everything for you. However, a good idea might be to research some special services or some other options. Chances are you will need a lot of them for your move!

    An amazing street of Manhattan
    The streets of Manhattan are amazing, aren’t they?

    The place you are in Manhattan might make a big difference in your life as well. For example, moving to Upper Manhattan is different than moving to the Downtown Manhattan area. However, you can find almost everything in Manhattan, no matter where you are! Most people think about business, companies, and enterprises when they think of this amazing part of New York. But Manhattan is much more than that! Central Park is simply amazing and the food you can find in some places is to die for (not literally, of course)! Enjoying Manhattan is what makes it worth it in the end. We can guarantee that you will never be alone there, no matter where you come from.

    What to keep in mind

    Relocating, packing, and finding a new property is hard. Keep in mind that your move to Manhattan can be even more challenging than an average move. New York City’s rental market is crazy, income taxes are high, and driving is notoriously difficult. But, moving is also an exciting time, especially if you are in one of the greatest cities in the world. We put together some tips for newcomers in NYC, which will help you learn about neighborhoods, apartment prices, and public transport. Good luck and remember to enjoy the thrill of moving into your new Manhattan home. Just make sure to stick to the plan – that will ease the stress and leave you plenty of time to celebrate.

    What to Do After Moving to Manhattan?

    Well, after moving to Manhattan you can do only one thing – enjoy it to the fullest! The most amazing part of the great New York City has so much to offer and you will enjoy every aspect of it. From the magnificent Central Park to any street, basically – you will love it! We are happy you managed to move trouble-free and we hope this short guide helped you out a bit!


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