Moving to Manhattan while pregnant: what is there to know

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    Moving during pregnancy is more common than you think. When you are expecting a baby, your whole focus shifts, it’s no longer just you who you have to take care of but another small human. And once you realize that, you start to really look at your home and question if it is suitable for a baby. The main reason why moving to Manhattan while pregnant is common is that parents find a better and safer environment for the baby. Maybe it’s an extra room you need, a safer living area, or being close to your doctor. That’s when hiring Manhattan Movers NYC is the best course of action for your family. But that can raise many questions, no matter the reason you are moving. So, here is what you can expect after moving to Manhattan.

    The most common question when moving to Manhattan while pregnant is about the health risks

    Moving during pregnancy does carry some risks. However, before you get spooked, everything carries risk. Moving can be riskier if it’s stressful or if you do the heavy lifting. It is advised to avoid stress altogether, not only when moving. However, there is a way you can avoid stress and do the heavy lifting when moving to Manhattan. That way is to hire local movers Manhattan has to offer that can take care of the move for you.

    A woman talking to her doctor about moving to Manhattan while pregnant
    Before moving to Manhattan while pregnant, the first and most important step is to consult your doctor

    You can further minimize risky moves by following these simple tips:

    • Give yourself enough time to plan on moving to Manhattan when pregnant
    • Try to avoid packing on your own and hire professional movers and packers
    • Call your family and friends to help you with moving
    • Hire a professional cleaner to clean up after the movers
    • Lastly, most importantly, consult your health professional about your move

    How to pack when moving to Manhattan while pregnant

    The best way to pack is by using various packing services by moving companies. However, those services can be pricy. Not to mention that it’s sometimes better to pack your own things yourself, so you know where everything is. While it is recommended to use those services when moving to Manhattan while pregnant, it is possible to do it on your own. First, you will need quality moving boxes NYC to ensure that you don’t go through undue stressful situations like your boxes tearing open during transport. Make sure that anything you are packing isn’t heavy and that you aren’t straining yourself too much.

    mover taping cardboard boxes
    It may be best if you leave the packing to someone else in your family or hire packing professionals

    Secondly, if you haven’t yet bought baby items, don’t buy them yet. You should buy anything you need after moving, because it may take up additional space during your relocation. If you have already bought baby items, keep them in their original packaging, so you aren’t wasting time and materials on packing them again. Secondly, the most important thing is to pack your essentials bag yourself. It can be two bags, a box, or even a suitcase. Anything in which you can put things you need daily. Make sure your prenatal vitamins are packed here and keep that bag with you during the relocation.

    Declutter before you pack

    Decluttering, in general, is beneficial, especially when you are expecting a baby. No moving guide can be considered the ultimate moving guide without advice for decluttering. Getting rid of unnecessary items will help you focus better, and it will open up extra space in your new home. Downsizing before moving to Manhattan is the best way to even save up some money. You can earn some money if you sell stuff, you no longer need, like clothes, decorations, or other items. You can use that money to pay for the move or to kickstart your baby’s future savings account.

    If you are not a fan of selling, you have two other ways to declutter before the baby arrives. One way is to recycle. This may not be conducive to reducing the number of items you own. However, it can be helpful if you recycle items you don’t use to make them into something that you will use. In simpler terms, make something unusable into something usable. Another way is to donate things you don’t need to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army. before you donate your belongings, make sure they are not broken or torn, and another person can use them. Decluttering will positively affect the quality of your life; more importantly, it means fewer things to pack when moving.

    Traveling while pregnant

    It can be tricky to travel if you are pregnant. Before hiring Chinatown movers, to help you move to Manhattan while pregnant, check with your doctor if it is safe to travel. While most commonly, traveling isn’t recommended in the last trimester, it is safe during the first one. It is best to plan out your entire move to avoid moving during the third trimester. And because of all the hormones, you should always keep a moving checklist with you, so you don’t forget anything. They don’t call it pregnancy brain for anything.

    a bag on the floor next to a person holding a passport
    On your departure day, make sure you have all the essentials packed with you

    Either way, make sure you aren’t putting too much stress on your body. You can do this by traveling lightly. Don’t carry anything you don’t have to – don’t lift heavy boxes. This is important advice at any stage of your pregnancy. During the trip, ensure you have everything you need in your essentials bag. That can include a change of clothes, vitamins, and hygiene items like antibacterial wipes. Wearing comfortable clothes and shoes will make your trip much more pleasant.

    Avoid moving during the third trimester

    A lot of complications happen in the third trimester. Even if you don’t have a complicated pregnancy, you should be on high alert during this period. Avoiding packing and moving in the third trimester is the best option. However, if you cannot avoid that in any way, try to minimize the mental and physical stress as much as possible. That means no packing, lifting, and unpacking in your case. You should avoid all of those things. With a shifted balance, it might be harder anyway. Instead, you should rest as much as you can.

    Pregnant woman sitting on a black leather couch before moving to Manhattan while pregnant
    Make sure you are well rested during your relocation and avoid straining yourself physically

    You should still consult your doctor if you can’t avoid moving to Manhattan while pregnant during the third trimester. Your healthcare professional is in the best position to give you tips on how to do it safely. Make sure you rest, take care of yourself at this stage, and get all the help you can. Additionally, don’t forget to take a moment every now and then and listen to how your body feels. If you feel tired, you should take a moment to relax before moving to the next task at hand.

    The best places in Manhattan for pregnant women

    Manhattan is a big and diverse place. There are neighborhoods for any person. However, if you are pregnant and thinking of hiring East Village movers to move there, we have a few favorite picks. When thinking of the best places for pregnant women to live, we focused more on quiet places and generally places near good hospitals. Even though almost all parts of Manhattan are close to hospitals, there are some neighborhoods that are great if you want to have your health provider near you.

    One such neighborhood is East 72nd which is near Cornell. It’s the closest you can get to a suburb in Manhattan while still having all the perks of living in NYC. It’s quiet and easy to get a taxi in. If public transportation is important to you, then Middle Village is another get Manhattan neighborhood you should consider moving to if you are pregnant. It’s a pretty walkable neighborhood to both east and west side train stations. One of the best hospitals in the city – St. Vincent’s- is located in this neighborhood.

    Manhattan has plenty of great hospitals and OBGYNs

    Moving to Manhattan while pregnant is not only tricky because of the move itself. It can be tricky because you would need to switch your doctors and find Gramercy movers for your relocation. Unless your new home is close to your doctor, it would be best to find a doctor in Manhattan. Because traffic can get quite bad in New York City, getting to your doctor’s appointments might take a while. Not to mention that the drive itself can be draining. For these reasons, you should consider getting a doctor, so you won’t have to sit in traffic for hours to get to. Luckily, Manhattan has great hospitals, so you can be assured that you will be taken care of by the best doctors in the country.

    Doctor with crossed hands and a stethoscope
    Finding a great OBGYN in Manhattan should be easy as there are many world-renowned maternity hospitals in NYC

    There are over 13 maternity hospitals in New York City, with Manhattan being home to the best ones. According to Newsweek, Mt Sinai has been named the best maternity hospital in America in 2022. And that hospital can be the hospital for you. So, make sure you check the availability of their doctors or even try to find a recommendation from your previous doctor. Before moving to Manhattan, make sure you get familiar with all NYC pregnancy information like available doctors and hospitals, and your rights as a pregnant person in NYC. There are many healthcare services related to pregnancy, so make sure you get acquainted with them to find the best one for you.

    Fun things to do in Manhattan if you’re pregnant

    After you’ve packed and moved, the best thing to do if you are pregnant and new to Manhattan is to have some fun and unwind. Relax for a day in the city and enjoy exploring your new neighborhood. Of course, we understand if you need to go through all the steps like settling in and nesting. However, don’t skip out on some fun time in the city. When factoring in movers NYC cost, into your moving budget, make sure you leave some money to spend on a fun day in the city.

    A pregnant woman getting a manicure
    After long and stressful relocation, you should unwind and treat yourself to a spa day to relax

    If you are new to New York City, the best thing to do if you are pregnant is to take a bus tour around the city. You can see a lot in a short time. but the best part is – you don’t have to walk around. You can sit back and enjoy the ride and the sights of the City That Never Sleeps. After that, you can treat yourself to a show on Broadway, which opened its doors in September 2022. If you have never seen a show on Broadway, this is simply a must-do thing the minute you move to Manhattan.

    Do some baby shopping!

    Now is the time if you haven’t bought baby items before moving. Unwind and cross things off your to-do list before the baby comes by buying everything you will need. You should consider buying baby clothes, blankets, and diapers, and that’s just the beginning of the list. Of course, you can arrange a baby shower first and then just go shopping for the other baby things. Doing a bit of shopping can tire anyone, so we suggest finishing the day with a spa treatment. What better way to relax after an arduous day shopping?

    Lastly, we know that moving to Manhattan while pregnant isn’t at all easy. But it sure is rewarding. Knowing everything is key to making a foolproof plan for your relocation, which is why we hope this article helped you know what to expect.



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