Moving to Manhattan with family

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    Moving to Manhattan with family does not have to be difficult. You just need to be prepared. With the right tips and information, it will not be a big problem. Manhattan (often referred to simply as The City) is the popular and the densest borough in New York City. The population of Manhattan in 2015 was 1,645 million.  Most of the people dream of moving and living in Manhattan. It is a center of the world, in every sense of the word. Take your chance and move there. It is the great opportunity for you and your family too. There are a lot of benefits of living in Manhattan. It is The City that never sleeps and The City you will call “home” soon.

    Manhattan at night
    Be part of this big city full of opportunities for you and your family too

    Moving can be stressful, especially if you are moving with kids. Moving is a new chapter in your and your family live, so make it easier and be prepared.

    How to prepare for moving to Manhattan with family

    First, you have to be mentally prepared. Then, explain what can it bring to them. For example, better education (for the kids) and more chances for finding a job in Manhattan (for your wife/husband). The most important thing is to organize a family meeting.  After you told them everything about this big step, start to pack. Probably, your new home in Manhattan will be small, so do not take everything from your old house. It is an excellent way to get rid of old items, such as furniture, clothes, shoes and other stuff you do not need anymore. If your children go to school, go there and arrange for their records to be transferred to their new school in Manhattan.

    Start to pack

    Kid drawing
    Keep your kids busy while you are packing. Or ask your friends to help you with them.

    Start a little bit earlier then you think it will be enough. Kids will slow you down. Begin a few weeks or even months before. Tell them to pick just their favorite toys and clothes. But probably, you will end up with a lot of things. They will not notice there are missing toys they never played with if they are little. Hire a moving company and don’t worry about transportation. Here are some other tips for packing:

    • Ask someone to help you with your kids – Moving to Manhattan with family is a stressful job. If you have small kids, they can go to the park and play with your friend maybe.
    • Sell or donate kids items – Do not carry too many things in Manhattan. Probably, you will not have enough space.
    • Pack the boxes while they are sleeping – It will be much easier this way. Put them in bed, and start with the packing.

      boxes for moving to Manhattan
      Create a packing plan. Your kids can help you with that. Ask them to separate their clothes and toys.

    Choose the neighborhood

    Every Manhattan neighborhood is special in its own way. Maybe, the best neighborhood in Manhattan for you is the neighborhood near your new job and kids school. You can live in Chinatown, Little Italy, Lower East Side, SoHo etc. Talk with your family, where they want to live. Also, knowing your budget will help you with the decision. But, remember, the costs of living in Manhattan are not cheap. Organize your expenses. If you want to rent an apartment, the average rent for one person per month is $2,900.  On the other hand, you are moving with your family, so for you, it will be more expensive, of course. The two-bedroom apartment cost about $5,370, and a three-bedroom apartment is $7,650. If you want to by a home, the median price is $1,200,000. You can find affordable housing in Manhattan, too.

    What to in Manhattan with kids do after moving

    So, you did most of your work.  You changed your postal address, you unpacked the most of your boxes, you did almost everything you should do after moving to ManhattanWhere to go with your kids and have some fun after so many difficult months. Moving to Manhattan with family is a dream of most of the people.  You have already achieved that, so what next?

    Explore the environment with your family

    Spend time together. There are so many places to visit in Manhattan, NY. It is not a city just for single people. That is a prejudice.

    Central park. Moving to Manhattan is a great choice for kids too
    Central Park is a place where you can relax with your family. Kids can run there, ride a bike, play Frisbee and do a lot of other fun stuff.

    First, visit their new school. Also, help them to adjust,  new friends and school, are the big change in their life. Some of the attractions in Manhattan for the whole family, not just for the kids are:

    • Children’s Museum of Art
    • Central Park
    • American Museum of National History
    • American Folk Art Museum
    • St. Patrick’s Cathedral
    • Lego Store in Rockefeller Center

    There are plenty things to do with your children in Manhattan. Moving to Manhattan with family is a great decision, for you and them too. This city, as we mentioned before is a center of the world, so it has something for everyone. It is a city of fashion, economy, art, and freedom.  Moving to other city is a big change for your kids. Spend more time with them. You and your wife or husband must be the greatest support to your children. You only have each other in this big City in New York. But on the other hand, you have made a good decision for your family. Do not worry about that. Have fun and good luck with your move.


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