Moving to New York from a small town

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    You are finally here! You left your small town home nest and decided that you will try your luck in New York. Moving to New York seems like a no-brainer since big cities offer so much. Better jobs, more opportunities, better education and much much better nightlife. Big cities seem to have it all. New York seems to have it all. When you think about it, making a decision about moving to New York was really easy, since you are trying to create the best possible life for you. All in all, there are many good sides of moving to Manhattan, for examples. But we must be honest,  although there are some good things, bad things might appear as well when you move to NYC from a small town in the adjustment period. And we are here to help you go through them.

    Settling in period

    So, you before you started this journey you choose which neighborhood you want to live in. You might even have few friends, so moving to New York wasn’t so scary. Depending on your budget you are gonna live alone or with a roommate (or roommates). If you decided to live with a roommate you need to make some ground rules about your life together. If you decided to live alone, you need to get to know your neighborhood. And one, we think the most important thing, do not expect from your neighbors to be nice and warm once you move in. They will have to get to know you, and you will have to know them.

    View of Central park after moving to New York
    Central Park View

    In general, people in New York always seem in such a hurry and don’t take it personally if they are not in the mood for small chit-chats. If you consider the time that they spend on work, in transit – they do not have a lot of time during the week to do anything else then to sleep. Before you go to a party because let’s be honest Manhattan has the best nightlife, first unpack your boxes. Settle in, give yourself a little time.

    Getting to know your neighborhood

    We are not sure which part of the city you choose, but wherever you are – it is great in its own unique way.  Let’s say when you told yourself “I am moving to New York!” you probably have chosen Manhattan. You probably considered all the cons and pros and decided that Manhattan is the right place for you. Well, then you have a lot of work to do. You are probably going to visit Central Park since that is the most filmed location in the world. And you will be amazed by the size, diversity and all the things that you will find in one place. You will get to see a lot of business people, a lot of couples, joggers, and kids. All in just one place. And the be honest, they are there because it is amazing.

    Restaurants and coffee shops

    Yes, you need to know your basics. You need to learn the best places to eat and the best coffee shops. Food and coffee is something that you need always! You will probably eat a lot of takeout food since that is the easiest option. You will eat various foods- from empanadas to dumplings and smoothies (you must follow the trends).  When you decided about moving to New York, you probably were aware that you will be eating a lot of takeouts so, we will leave this to you. Try, explore, leave bad or good reviews- be a New Yorker! But as we mentioned there are a lot of good restaurants. You have Italian, French, Asian and a lot of other types of food. We would advise you to try The Nomad Bar. It is all American cuisine and you will feel at home there.

    Coffee shop with bakery
    Coffee shop with bakery

    Now, let’s get down to business – coffee shops. They are all around you. You can see them on every step and you can try them all. What we would advise you to visit is Birch Coffee. They might be a little pricier than usual, their shops have a different vibe and the coffee is definitely worth that money. If you want to try something unique, we are advising you to visit “Coffee Project New York”. They are making a coffee with nitrogen. Sounds really intriguing, we know. And the last but the best place is La Colombe. They are always packed, but they have online orders.  So there, you have a couple of places for the start. You need to go exploring and trying and the most important thing- don’t be afraid of the new things.


    As you know, New York is a city that never sleeps. It is vibrant, different and loud! Yes, everything is louder here than what you are used to. Nightlife is one of the main things when you live in New York and it is a great opportunity to meet a bunch of new people (and maybe a love of your life).  The first thing that you need to know is that there is a dress code for the very place you want to visit. From Broadway to a disco club. So, choose your outfit carefully.  But, to be honest, the first thing you should visit is Broadway. Don’t be afraid you won’t be able to afford tickets – you can find them on different discounts.  Now, regarding the nightclubs – they change in a blink of an eye. We would advise you to visit “Rooftop 93” and “Keybar”.

    Manhattan Subway
    Manhattan Subway


    Bad sides when moving to New York

    As anything in our life, there are bad sides even when you are moving to New York.  Transit is one of the worst things in New York. Subways are usually crowded, in the morning rush, it is really hard to get to your work on time. So take that in the consideration. Catching a taxi is sometimes really hard. You can use Uber as well, but again try to go 5 minutes earlier just to be on the safe side. it is gonna be a hard couple of first weeks to adjust to the noise and to a different location.

    But even the bad sides of moving to New York are not that bad. When you wake up and feel happy that you are here, go and see stunning view from the empire state building – everything seems less bad. So, just dive in into your new life and explore it. Enjoy every moment and get the best of it!


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