Moving to NY with your pet

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    So, you decided to move to the capital of the world (or so we heard from New Yorkers). Congratulations! Moving is difficult, even in its planning stages, and New York City is truly a strange new world that can seem overwhelming for some newcomers. With all the hassle, pets can prove a particular point of stress. Problems with moving to NY with your pet will mainly range in these three “L”s to remember:

    • Logistics – You need to plan out your move for a pet. Depending on what animal is your friend in life, these will obviously wary
    • Legality – Animals are a lot of paperwork. We’ll make sure to point you in the right direction.
    • Location – Moving to NY with your pet will require a place to actually enjoyable for both of you.

    Let us cover these in more detail.

    Logistics in moving with your pet to New York City.

    Moving everything you own to a new location is difficult and stressful for you, but what most don’t realize is just how much of an intimidating experience this can be for your pet. Depending on a pet, of course.

    Turtles, snakes, fishes and other aquariums

    Let’s begin with an easy category. Or maybe more correctly, easier for them, a lot of work for you.

    While the water turtle that made you quiet company since you got it as a gift that time you were really into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles might not find anything too out of the ordinary in some water being changed from his place of residence.  After all, most water turtles require high maintenance and get water changed all the time. However, for you, a loving, loving owner, this will mean a lot off the organization. Make sure to get some help from your friends and move those types of animals only after you have everything needed for them already in place in your new apartment in NY. After that, it is business as usual.

    Snakes, if constrictor, are banned, together with all other venomous reptiles.


    Moving to NYC with a dog
    Should they not enjoy a shotgun seat in a car, a transporter is always an option.

    Dogs are a different type of problem. Best friends of many ladies and gents seem like somewhat easy to move. If they are not afraid of car rides, it might even be fun for them.

    So, what’s the issue then, you might ask, moving my pet to NY should be as easy as going to the park, right?

    Not really. While moving itself might go smoothly, the consequences might prove tricky. When you are moving your stuff, you are also moving your pet’s stuff. The smell, feel and look of the place it considers home get changed and your dog might just get frightened, especially when it moves to a new home. This might result in several things. It could become aggressive, destroying stuff around the house and being generally moody and unruly. Your dog could also get shy, refusing contact. In most extreme cases, dogs could travel numerous miles, running back to your previous home, or even running away altogether.

    What to do? Make it gradual. When you move, introduce him to a room of his own, surrounded by his toys and favorite furniture. The sense of the home will get to him and spread to the rest of the apartment in time. If you want the dog to escape the stress of moving you can also leave him in kennels or at a friend for a time. And, last but not least, make sure to take a phone number of new owners of your previous place, just in case your dog makes a journey “home“.


    If anyone had a cat for more than a week it will tell you just how much those animals own the place they live in. Everything we say for dogs stands with the cats as well, just much more. Take special preparation for your cats as they can get very stressed at the prospect of moving.


    A lot of paperwork
    A lot of paperwork

    New state, new laws. Nobody loves paperwork, but it is of great importance to check it out before moving to NY with your pet. Click on the link to find laws concerning your pet.

    The most important thing to keep in mind:

    • If not in a pet-friendly place or a park, keep it on the leash while on walks.
    • For dogs, licence and vaccination are mandatory
    • Tethering is prohibited.


    Central Park, an oasis in the middle of a concrete world.

    First and foremost, your landlord should know and approve you moving to NY with your pet. Generally looking, your pet should not be a danger or a nuisance to other people in the building. The more exotic, or louder, the animal is, fewer chances are of you attaining your landowner’s permission to house them. These things are, therefore, very important to check beforehand.

    Should the landlord need some persuasion, remember that just because your pet is a cutest, friendliest, most awesome animal in the world and practically family, he might not see it exactly that way. Snakes, for example, are not taken in kindly, as them running away can present a potential nightmare. You should keep in mind their perspective and concern so you can better show them that you will present no problems.

    Have you found a perfect place? Awesome! Now is time for a walk. New York City boasts many parks and pet-friendly areas. If you are located there, you should take all the advantage of living on the NYC Riverside. Or maybe you are more for drier fun? Lush greenery and calming scenery await in New York City parks (Central Park being the king of the game). You don’t believe us that there are little pieces of Eden among glass and steel of Manhattan skylines? Then check out these dog-friendly areas of NYC!

    Now you are finally ready to be getting moving to NY with your pet by your side.


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