Moving to NYC From Chicago

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    Embracing a new city’s rhythm is always a thrilling challenge, and moving to NYC from Chicago presents its unique set of exhilarating trials. Uprooting your life isn’t easy – it involves managing logistics and emotions and adapting to fresh surroundings. If you’re migrating for a job, brace yourself for inevitable hiccups. Invest time in preparing yourself and your loved ones for this grand adventure. Communicate with family members staying behind – your reasons, your plans. Their support could be your strongest anchor. Before you move, scout NYC, its distinctive flavor, and its peculiar contrasts to Chicago. Also, find some of the best moving companies in NYC to help you with the relocation. Remember, no two cities are identical, and this move is not just about a change of address but a change in lifestyle.

    What to know before moving to NYC from Chicago?

    When you become a newcomer in NYC, there will be a lot of things you will have to learn. However, the good thing is you can prepare beforehand. Some of the crucial things you need to investigate before your move include:

    • the cost of living;
    • job opportunities;
    • neighborhoods;
    • schools;
    • things to do.
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    Compare all the differences before moving to NYC from Chicago

    After learning all the basic information, you can slowly explore NYC day by day.

    The cost of living

    When comparing Chicago and New York City, the difference in cost of living is quite significant, largely due to NYC’s reputation as one of the most expensive cities in the United States. In terms of housing, the median home cost in New York City is approximately $680,000, while in Chicago, it is around $229,000. That’s about three times more expensive in NYC. However, these prices can vary significantly based on the neighborhood, with some areas in NYC, like Manhattan, having significantly higher housing costs. The cost of renting is also higher in New York. For example, a 900-square-foot furnished accommodation in an expensive area in NYC could cost around $3,000 per month, while a similar apartment in Chicago might be around $2,000.

    Groceries in NYC tend to be about 15-20% more expensive than in Chicago. A loaf of bread, which may cost $3.00 in Chicago, might cost around $3.50 in New York. Similarly, a dozen eggs in NYC might cost around $3.20, compared to approximately $2.50 in Chicago. As for transportation, NYC’s public transit system is relatively affordable, with a monthly MetroCard pass costing about $127, compared to Chicago’s CTA monthly pass, which is around $105. However, owning a car in NYC can be significantly more expensive due to higher insurance rates and expensive parking.

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    You can pursue a career in NYC

    Overall, the cost of living in New York City is significantly higher than that in Chicago in almost every category, from housing to groceries to transportation. Nevertheless, when moving from NYC to Chicago, you can find affordable movers in NYC and cut down your costs.

    The job opportunities

    In terms of job opportunities and unemployment rates, both NYC and Chicago present distinct scenarios. For instance, NYC, being a global financial hub, traditionally offers vast opportunities in sectors like finance, media, fashion, and tech. Meanwhile, Chicago’s robust economy thrives on industries such as finance, manufacturing, and healthcare. However, New York’s unemployment rate historically hovers a bit higher, around 10-11%, due to its dense population. In contrast, Chicago has an unemployment rate closer to 7-8%. In any case, depending on your career preferences, you can find many interesting jobs to do in NYC.

    Pick the right neighborhood

    When moving to NYC from Chicago, you should explore your options and see which neighborhood is most suitable for you. Moving to Manhattan can be the right move if you are ambitious. It’s most suitable for those who are looking to succeed in their careers.

    Manhattan has many neighborhoods you can choose from. Yours is just to decide. From Financial District to Nolita or Soho, Manhattan has it all. You can also decide on moving to Upper Manhattan, since the neighborhood could be perfect for you. Apart from great Manhattan neighborhoods, other NYC boroughs also have a lot to offer.

    Buildings in NYC during the day
    There are great boroughs in NYC you can choose from

    Brooklyn nowadays is calm: it has great schools and kindergartens, and it has great restaurants with domestic cuisine. Staten Island is also great for living. It’s cheaper than Manhattan, and it’s a ferry ride away. If you are moving with your family, the Bronx could be the place for you. It has a higher number of families moving in than the other four boroughs combined. And you have Queens as an option. A bad reputation is a thing of the past, and today Queens is a much safer place for moving in.

    The educational system

    When examining the educational systems of NYC and Chicago, both cities showcase an impressive array of options, albeit with differences in scale and diversity. New York City, being the largest school district in the U.S., offers a wide variety of choices, from specialized high schools focusing on arts or sciences to prestigious private institutions. NYC’s robust public school system, with its magnet and charter schools, is complemented by world-class universities like Columbia and New York University.

    On the other hand, Chicago, though smaller in size, also provides a rich educational landscape. Chicago Public Schools serve diverse communities across the city, offering a range of programs and special schools, including highly ranked selective-enrollment high schools. Furthermore, Chicago houses esteemed higher education institutions, such as the University of Chicago and Northwestern University. While both cities provide quality education, NYC’s system may present a broader array of choices due to its larger size.

    People in a park
    You will never run out of things to do

    Things to do in NYC

    New York City, the “City That Never Sleeps,” is a vibrant metropolis teeming with activities for every interest. Begin by soaking up iconic landmarks: the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and the Empire State Building. Central Park offers serene greenery amidst the concrete jungle, while art aficionados can lose hours exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Museum of Modern Art. Experience Broadway’s dazzling lights and performances, or delve into the diverse culinary scene, sampling from food trucks to Michelin-star restaurants. Traverse the vibrant neighborhoods, each with its unique culture – from the hipster vibes in Brooklyn to the bustle of Wall Street. Enjoy shopping on 5th Avenue or take a ferry to Ellis Island. In NYC, every corner is filled with opportunity and excitement.

    Organize moving to NYC from Chicago properly

    Organizing a long-distance move isn’t easy. If you have children, it could be very stressful for them. Then you need to decide when the best time to move is. If you are moving at the peak of the season, the more expensive it will be. You cannot move if your children are still going to school. Prepare a detailed moving checklist. This is also a great opportunity to organize a garage sale and to de-clutter your home. Organize vital documents like medical, financial, or school records early. The organization has a lot of steps, but you have to take it one by one and as much in advance as possible.

    Find suitable movers when moving to NYC

    Finding suitable movers is the most important thing to do when planning a long-distance move. Do a bit of research and try to find a moving company that best suits your needs.

    • Calculate the cost of moving to NYC from Chicago, i. e. ask for as many moving quotes in NYC as possible
    • Find ways to save money (see what you can do by yourself)
    • Read reviews of moving companies
    • Use social media to find the best movers for you
    • Compare companies
    • Look for the qualities of reliable movers (insurance policy and what kind of service they provide)

    If you do your research, you will ease yourself of the troubles and anxiety you might face if you plan to do everything by yourself. This is a way of saving yourself some time and energy.

    Pack your stuff properly

    If you want to save money, you need to do some things by yourself. Packing your things for a long-distance move to NYC from Chicago can do that. First, create your checklist so you can make sure that you don’t forget anything. If you have good friends, they won’t refuse to help you pack. They will help you move heavy stuff, and if there are enough of them, you might have some time to say your goodbyes. Label your boxes so you can know where your stuff is when you arrive at your destination. One suggestion would be to label them by room.

    Another thing that you can do if you don’t know what to do with your stuff is to rent a storage room. Sometimes it’s difficult to decide what to keep and what not to keep. So, renting a storage unit is a great short-term solution. Nevertheless, even if a DIY move is possible, it is always better to hire professionals to take care of each aspect of your relocation.

    A woman labeling a box
    Pack and prepare properly

    Moving to NYC done right

    Following the steps written in the text will ease your moving to NYC from Chicago. Remember to be calm. Take your time to explore different options and find the best movers for you. See for yourself the neighborhoods you want to move in before you decide to move to see what you can expect when you come to NYC. And don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Moving may be stressful, but it is also exciting.


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