Moving to Upper Manhattan with family

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    Moving to Upper Manhattan with family is a better option than moving alone. Sure, there will be much more belongings to pack, but you will have your family with you to lean on. Moving is full of challenges and making decisions along the way. There are many details to plan, moving supplies to find, and Upper Manhattan movers to hire. These decisions can’t be done lightly and more people will likely make a better decision than just one. For this reason, you should consider moving with your family as a big advantage rather than a weakness. However, if you are afraid of how the move will affect your kids, you shouldn’t worry much. Involve your kids in the planning of the move, give them chance to decorate their new room, and they will absolutely fall in love with Upper Manhattan at the first site just like you.  

    Why is moving to Upper Manhattan with family a good idea? 

    The key to a successful relocation is a good moving plan and Manhattan movers NYC. The same strategy you should use for your move too. Your decision to move to Upper Manhattan with your family came just at right time. In recent years, Upper Manhattan has been rapidly becoming a popular place for young families. Upper Manhattan consists of these neighborhoods.

    • Marble Hill 
    • Inwood 
    • Washington Heights 
    • Harlem 
    • East Harlem 
    • parts of the Upper West Side 

    Furthermore, these neighborhoods are often referred to as the best neighborhoods for raising kids in Manhattan. For this reason, moving with your family with local movers NYC to one of these neighborhoods might be the best decision you have ever made. 

    pond in the park
    Upper Manhattan has many great neighborhoods

    Harlem or Inwood 

    Harlem is the biggest neighborhood in Upper Manhattan. It also has reasonably affordable housing options and great community life. These are the reasons why Harlem is a perfect place for young families who want to experience life in Manhattan without spending large amounts of money. Therefore, you won’t have a problem finding your first apartment in Manhattan in this neighborhood. As Harlem is a community-oriented neighborhood, you won’t worry about raising your kids here. There are many good public and private schools, as well as a great choice of cultural institutions. 

    Additionally, Inwood is another family and community-oriented neighborhood with reasonable living costs. This neighborhood is known for its peaceful atmosphere and green spaces. The biggest gem of Inwood is Inwood Hill Park, where you can do all sorts of outdoor activities. 

    a busy street during the day
    Choose a neighborhood for your family

    Washington Heights 

    Washington Heights is another great neighborhood in Upper Manhattan. It’s known for affordable large apartments and as a very safe neighborhood with a low crime rate. In addition to this, Upper West Side is also a great neighborhood for people who want to live close to the main attraction but without the crowds of tourists. No matter what neighborhood you choose, moving to Upper Manhattan with family is a great choice. You and your family will have great opportunities to grow, learn and try new things while living in one of the most famous cities in the world. 


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