Moving your antique furniture from Manhattan

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    Moving is tricky and requires a lot of planning and energy. However, with items that require special care, it can be even more challenging. That’s why every move requires you to have a professional to help you out. We from the Manhattan Movers NYC are always here to handle all your moving problems and to give you great info. Here’s how to handle moving your antique furniture from Manhattan in a couple of simple steps. Of course, we’ll always recommend professional help for these types of belongings.

    Get everything you need before moving your antique furniture from Manhattan

    Before you start to actually do anything it’s a smart move to get everything you’ll need. As antique furniture is expensive and can get scratched and damaged, you want only the best moving and packing supplies available. Be it that you’re moving it to a storage unit in Manhattan or a new home you want everything protected and secured. However, there are some of the materials that you need to find. Here are just some of them:

    • Packing paper and peanuts
    • Plastic wrap
    • Furniture pads
    • Moving blankets
    Moving your antique furniture from Manhattan will require you to have certain materials

    Know how to pack your antique furniture

    Now that you have everything, it’s finally time to start packing. Make sure to clean up your antique furniture completely. That’s necessary as this type of furniture is very fragile and it’s a good move to refresh it a bit and check up on it. That’s something even our piano movers do when they need to relocate a piano. However, here the challenge is even bigger. Another smart move before you start packing and moving your antique furniture is to praise it and get it insured. You don’t want to ruin it when moving it all alone.

    Be careful when you’re moving and loading your antique furniture

    After everything is disassembled and protected, it’s time to load up your furniture into a truck. Make sure to label all the boxes accordingly that contain even a piece of your antique furniture. Don’t mix them with other items and make sure they aren’t stacked under other moving boxes. Make sure to even contact our residential movers to help you isolate your furniture as much as you can to avoid potential scratches and damages during transportation. An additional moving blanket or two won’t hurt either.

    Moving your antique furniture from Manhattan? Hire a professional moving company to handle it

    If you’re moving your antique furniture then make sure the professional movers handle it. Of course, when you call your company of choice, make sure to mention to them the furniture as they can prepare special tools and equipment. Of course, the best choice for you is to go and look up the Better Business Bureau and find the best companies that specialize in moving antique furniture. It will make your life so much easier. And on top of that, you don’t have to worry and you’ll have insurance.

    Movers loading a moving truck
    Antique furniture requires special attention when moving

    Taking care of your antique furniture will take something more than some moving paper and bubble wrap. Especially when you’re having a long-distance move. However, there are always professional moving companies that will help you with moving your antique furniture from Manhattan to anywhere you want it. Make sure to get some good recommendations and pick a company that fits your budget the most. We’re sure that it will be over within no time. We wish you the best of luck with your move!


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