Moving your piano to Manhattan

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    No matter if you are among newcomers or you have been a New Yorker for many years, if you own a piano and consider moving, you may be concerned. While you plan to pack all your belongings and relocate, moving your piano to Manhattan may present a challenge. Right after you realize you actually don’t know how to move it safely, you may decide to leave it in the house you are moving out of. Thankfully, our piano movers NYC are here to ensure you will never think of that sad choice again. For sure, this difficult task requires enlisting help. Of course, it will be better to use professional help when it comes to such a task, but you can count on your friends’ help, too. So, let’s see what type of piano you own and what it take to move it safely.

    The type of piano will determine the transportation technique

    Do you own a Grand piano or Baby Grand piano? Or you have a Spinet piano, Studio, or Antique Piano? According to the type of piano you own, you may have different needs while looking for the proper way to move your precious instrument. Although some type of pianos can be transported in one piece, unluckily, larger models will have to be disassembled before the move. So, before you opt for any of the professional moving services NYC has, make sure you know your needs according to your beloved instrument. In case you are the lucky owner of a grand piano or a similar one, you will have to prepare for the disassembly process. Of course, you can hire piano moving specialists and avoid any mistakes that could happen.

    Console piano
    Before moving your piano to Manhattan, you need to know: could you transport it in one piece?

    Disassembly and packing when relocating your piano to Manhattan

    Anyone who had ever disassemble its piano knows this has nothing with an easy task. However, to move your unique instrument you have to finish this task first. Therefore, you will have to prepare proper supplies and materials for packing piano parts while disassembling. Every single part of your piano is important, so pay attention. Unluckily, losing any of it can be an unsolvable problem. Also, you should not skip labeling bags with packed parts. Still, you are concerned and think you can’t handle the disassembly only by yourself? Are you worry about gathering materials and supplies for packing and wrapping your piano and its parts? The ideals solution for you is to get in touch with one of the most reputable Manhattan movers NYC. Don’t hesitate – contact us and let us help you move your fragile instrument in the best possible way. 

    Moving your grand piano to Manhattan require mental preparation
    The piano is a worthy instrument that means a lot to its owner.

    Keep playing your piano at your new Manhattan home

    Even if it sounds pretty impossible at this moment, but you are not so far from playing your piano. With the help of a reputable, insured, and at FMCSA registered moving company your task will be finished soon. Instead of risking to damage or scratch your instrument, better opt for the safe moving your piano to Manhattan.


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