Moving your rec room in Manhattan – easy guide

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    Preparing and packing a recreation room for moving can turn into a real nightmare. Even more so, if you are moving your rec room in Manhattan. Not only because of the priceless and extraordinary items that cannot be replaced if broken or damaged but also because you might not know how to disassemble some of the furniture. This is especially true for some of the large items like pool tables, table tennis, foosball, etc. Mainly because you need to take them apart and reassemble them at your new home, as moving them intact is practically impossible. Even if you hire professionals like Manhattan Movers NYC, there are still some steps you should take yourself. You don’t want to move into your new home just to realize that not all the items from your rec room can fit.

    couple watching tv
    Enjoy your rec room at your new place as well

    Moving your rec room in Manhattan – an easy guide

    Preparation is half the job, so be sure you are properly equipped for moving. Here is an overview of some basic points that will make your moving easier.

    • It’s best to get sturdy moving boxes in NYC so there is no possibility of your items falling out
    • Prepare tape and wrapping materials to secure cabinets and such, as well as the power cords
    • Get bubble wrap, paper, and cushions, if possible, for extra protection for all those fragile and easily-damaged items
    • Take as many pictures as possible, especially of furniture you would need to disassemble and later assemble again
    • Carefully examine your large belongings to see if you can take them apart by yourself or would need professionals
    • Measuring tape so you are aware of how much your large appliances take space

    Packing entertainment items

    Most recreational rooms are tailored to provide audio or visual entertainment. Therefore, preparing them for relocation depends on the amount and size of the items present. Simple models of stereo devices and television you can wrap and even cushion without needing anything else. However, if you have their original boxes, they would be the best option to use. As for the projection screens, those you can easily wrap and move. But if you possess the fixed one, it might be best to wrap it up in a glad wrap and position it between two cushions or mattresses.

    If you are a music lover, you should consider giving packing services NYC a chance to assist you with moving your instruments. Of course, you can prepare lots of bubble wrap, duct tape, and other wrapping materials, and even take out some of the removable parts of the instruments. However, large instruments like piano and organs are simply too heavy to be handled by nonother than professionals. Additionally, stringed instruments are more fragile and prone to damage during the moving process. With all this in mind, professional movers are your best option here. And you can rest assured that they are properly trained to move your instruments without as much as a dent on them.

    music instruments in a room
    It is best to let professionals handle the packing and moving of musical instruments

    Preparing game-related stuff is vital when moving your rec room in Manhattan

    Most recreation rooms have some type of table installed in them. Be it for tabletop or casino games, these tables usually require special attention when packing. The good news is that, unless custom-made or unique, they are easy to disassemble. The biggest mistake here would be not labeling screws and bolts in special boxes. Knowing which box has parts for which furniture will make the whole assembly easier. However, if you do have one of a kind table, you might want to consider letting the professionals disassemble it.

    Special attention should be given to the pool tables. Due to their size and weight, it is best to leave pool table moving to professionals.  Of course, you can disassemble the pool table yourself, but it requires a lot of time and people. Mainly because there are numerous parts that need to be disassembled and assembled in the correct order. Lucky for you, there are a lot of pool table movers NYC ready to assist you. Just don’t forget to measure the table to make sure it can fit through the door in your new home.

    If you enjoy the occasional game of Picado, you will probably want to move your dartboard with you. The dartboard may be a small item, but it can still get damaged if not properly handled. To make sure this does not happen, wrap it with a lot of bubble wrap. Choose a large enough box to store the board in. In addition to that, fill any unoccupied space in the box with paper to prevent the board from moving during the transit.

    moving your rec room in Manhattan
    The pool table is one of the biggest challenges when moving your rec room in Manhattan

    Couches, chairs, bar stools, and other seatings

    Items that provide you comfort in your rec room should also be handled with care. You can wrap small chairs and tables without dissembling them. However, large couches and sofas should be taken apart before moving. It’s best to start by taking out all of the cushions. You can even use those cushions for extra protection of some other items. Then, turn the furniture piece on its back and unscrew the legs. The next step is to take apart the frame which holds the arms. In case you are not sure if you will remember which part goes where take pictures. Don’t forget to pack all your bolts and screws in a labeled box.

    Bar stools are sturdy which generally makes them pretty hard to take apart. If they have cushions, you can remove them. However, it would be best to leave the rest of the bar stool intact. Instead, wrap the end of the legs in bubble wrap and the seat with normal plastic wrap. Secure both with packaging tape. For extra protection, you can wrap the bar stool completely in plastic.

    In conclusion, while you can easily pack some of the smaller and less complicated items, it’s not a bad idea to leave large ones to your local moving company. This way, while moving your rec room in Manhattan, you’ll know your items are in safe hands. Furthermore, the money you spend on professionals will be worth it because you won’t have to pay for repairs later.


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