Must read books about moving for kids

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    Moving is a complicated process, and stressful for the entire family. It is even harder for younger children that don’t fully understand what is going on. So, don’t hesitate to search for a little help by exploring some of these books about moving for kids. They will help you prepare your children for the process in advance. Also, make sure that you get professional packers and movers in New York to help you complete the relocation as smoothly as possible.

    In what way will books about moving for kids help?

    We will soon speak about the best books about moving, but first, you need to understand their role. Depending on the age of your children, relocation can be very stressful. When they are older, they have their school friends, neighbors, favorite places, etc. It is hard for them to move away. Especially if you are living in a smaller place and moving to Manhattan. It is not much easier with younger children. The main problem is they don’t understand what is going on. That is why you need help with books about moving for kids. They will cope better if they understand what is happening and why they are moving away from their home.

    family reading a book
    Books can especially help smaller kids

    The best books about moving for toddlers

    This age is the cutest for kids. They are still learning how to react and behave in general. Most of the time, parents’ main concern is to feed them and get them enough sleep so they are happy. Moving is stressful for both adults and children. We are often reflecting our feelings onto our children, especially young ones. So, if you are stressing about moving, your kids will feel that and probably experience the same reaction. To avoid stress as much as possible, make sure that you hire an experienced moving company Manhattan and leave more time for children. Here are the best books to help your kids cope with the move:

    Bad bye, Good bye, by Deborah Underwood

    This book starts with a bad feeling about all things moving related. Everything is bad at first, but once they start the journey to a new home, things are getting better and brighter. In the end, there is a young boy from the new neighborhood waiting to make a new friend.

    Boomer’s big day by Constance W. McGeorge is an absolute favorite

    It is a book about moving but from a dog’s perspective. This book is especially great for kids with pets and also for the ones without them. In the book, everyone is ignoring the dog while he searches for his favorite ball. This is content that, unfortunately, many kids can relate to, during the relocation. Of course, in the end, the dog realizes that a new place is not a bad thing and that it has its benefits.

    The Berenstain Bears’ moving day by Stann and Jan Berenstain

    A great book that will bring the moving process closer to toddlers. Bears are packing for the move, similar to how moving service NYC is doing. They are loading everything, and they are planning how to fix the house. An interesting story about moving, that younger children can understand.

    Bella and Stella come home, by Anika Denise

    In this one, little girl Bella says goodbye to her old house and moves to a new one. This is a very scary experience for her and she minds things that are different, in her new home. But eventually, Bella and her imaginary friend Stella change their feelings about the new house.

    family with a small kid reading
    Anika Denise’s book is great if your kids doesn’t feel good about the upcoming move

    A Kiss Goodbye, by Audrey Penn

    This book is from The Kissing Hand series. It is a beautiful story about Chester Racoon who has to move along with his family. It is an excellent treasure among books about moving for kids. So is the entire series.

    Build Me a Home

    This one is an excellent source of ideas. If you are preparing to move, this book will give you and your kids plenty of ideas on building homes from house items.

    You Go Away by Dorothy Corey

    A great, older book for families that are moving, but it is not just about moving. It deals with separation and traveling, and it is a great comfort for toddlers. This book is written about 20 years ago, and it is still a widely popular classic.

    I Am So Brave by Stephen Krensky

    An encouraging book that helps kids overcome their fears and try new things. A lot of kids’ moving anxiety comes from fear of the unknown. This is a great way to help them to embrace new things in life.

    The approach to relocation and emotion regarding it is very simple in these books. Young children learn and understand best through stories. They can relate to the characters and understand the situation they are going through.

    family with a book
    Even the smallest kids can benefit from books about moving for kids

    Make moving fun for kids

    It is always the best way to talk with your kids openly and clearly. Don’t lie to them, because that will only make everything way worse. Give them enough time to cope with leaving their home. If you want to make relocation a little easier for them, you can try to make it a fun experience. Let them get involved in easier-moving tasks. They will feel happier and more helpful. This is only in the case of younger children. The older ones will need a bigger challenge than a small task.

    Prepare your children for relocation

    Nothing can replace patience and preparation. You should start preparing your kids for moving, as soon as you learn that you are going to move. Every child is different so no one can tell for sure, how much will they need to adjust to relocation. So as soon as you begin collecting moving quotes NYC you should start talking to your kids about relocation. Besides these beautiful books, there are many more books about moving for kids, that you can read. See what seems the biggest issue for your kid and try to find books that are covering those issues.


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