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    Even though moving usually represents a new starting point in one’s life and should be viewed as something positive, in most cases, people feel stressed out about it. Luckily, there are many ways to reduce the anxiety that you feel about your upcoming move. You can research the place that you are moving to and learn about its advantages. You can meditate. Or even reach out for some sort of support. One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to reduce moving-induced anxiety, however, is to watch moving-related movies. Not only that you’ll forget about the things that bother you but you’ll also feel much more enthusiastic about the upcoming process. But what movies to watch? In the following article, some of the best movers NYC has are providing you with a list of must watch movies about moving that will certainly help you in your goal.

    Here is our list of must watch movies about moving

    When preparing for a move, regardless of your age, you will feel some sort of discomfort. It can be induced by the sheer lack of knowledge about the new place that you are moving to. It can be caused by the fact that you are leaving the place that you love. Or the fact that you are leaving your friends and family behind. Naturally, there are many more reasons why someone can feel bad about moving. However, these are the most common thoughts that most people have before moving. But why we mentioned your age at the beginning? Because kids can have even bigger issues when they learn about the move and can feel much worse than adults. And watching moving-related movies can have an even bigger impact than on adults.

    family watching must watch movies about moving
    Your kids will certainly benefit from watching some of the must watch movies about moving

    Still, no matter how old you are, watching some of these must watch movies about moving will certainly help you in creating a much more relaxed atmosphere before it all goes down. Here are the movies that some of the most experienced residential movers NYC has to offer recommend you to watch:

    • Toy Story & Toy Story 3
    • The Harry Potter Movies
    • Funny Farm
    • Moving
    • Raising Arizona
    • The Karate Kid
    • Up
    • The Sandlot
    • Inside Out
    • High School Musical

    Toy Story & Toy Story 3

    Even though Toy Story movies are animated, and most animated movies are intended for kids, people of all ages enjoy this masterpiece. This franchise currently has 4 parts with a few spinoffs. However, our impression is that the first and third parts will be the best to watch before moving. If you never watch these (which we sincerely doubt that you haven’t) it revolves around the group of toys that are becoming alive when their owner is not around. They go through all sorts of adventures and problems that in one way have everything to do with the fact that their owners are moving. Enjoy these beautiful animated movies with your kids or without them. We are sure that you will enjoy and feel much better about your upcoming move.

    Disney toys
    Toy Story is one of the best animated movies

    The Harry Potter Movies

    Another franchise that isn’t directly related to moving but can be of great help to reduce the anxiety that you are feeling right now is the Harry Potter franchise. It revolves around a boy who is destined to become one of the greatest wizards but in order to become one he must go to a magic school that is located in a different reality. Your kids will definitely enjoy watching Harry moving to a new school in a different reality on his own and having to adapt to new friends and new rules only to become the greatest wizard that ever lived.  The franchise consists of 8 films that are all related and connected to one bigger story. If you plan to watch this one, make sure that you start watching at least a few weeks before your Manhattan moving and storage professionals arrive to start packing your stuff.

    Funny Farm

    The next place on our list of must watch movies about moving is the 1988 classic Funny Farm. It is one of the funniest Chevy Chase films as well as one of the funniest comedies of the 80s.  In this one, Andy and Elizabeth buy a farm in Vermont. For this, Andy decides to give up his job as a successful sports journalist. However, his plan is to use the peace and quiet of the country to write the amazing American novel he always dreamed about. Unfortunately, his movers misplace his items and furniture so he gets everything but the peace and quiet he desired. Also, his weird neighbors as well as the maniacal mailman are not helping him either.

    There are all sorts of other problems that Andy faces after the move. And you will certainly enjoy watching them overcome all the issues and finally settle down in their new countryside home.

    distant farm
    Watch how a family from the city adapts to farm life


    While we are at the 80s comedies, we cannot fail to mention Richard Pryor’s movie named Moving. First, be aware that this is an R-rated move so make sure that there are no small kids around when you watch this. In this one, Arlo Pear is a family man that has a lovely wife, an uncontrollable daughter, twin boys, and a dog. He also has a great job in the city in the state of New Jersey as a mass transit engineer. Unfortunately, he gets fired and finds a similar job opportunity in Boise, ID.

    Watch how Arlo deals with notifying his family about the move, selling his home, moving with fraudulent movers, and all sorts of other issues along the way. Certainly, a movie that will help you realize how important it is to have good and reliable moving services NYC when preparing for such a big and complicated process.

    Raising Arizona

    Raising Arizona is another 80s classic and one of the must watch movies about moving. In this one, Nicolas Cage as an ex-con H.I. McDunnough and Holly Hunter as an ex-cop Ed, are a childless couple that decides to get their hands on another family’s quintuplets. As you can imagine, they go through all sorts of problems that they haven’t anticipated before kidnapping the children. Be prepared for a ton of laughs and tears while watching this odd family adapt to each other. This movie is mostly recommended if you are planning to grow a big family and hire some local movers NYC to help you move to a bigger house. You will learn that things will mostly never go as you plan but everything can turn out to be good in the end.

    large family watching must watch movies about moving
    If you have a large family watch Raising Arizona

    The Karate Kid

    Another one from the 80s The Karate Kid doesn’t really have many things related to the moving process itself. But it starts with a kid moving across the country with his mom. In the beginning, he goes through all sorts of problems with adapting to a new town, new schools, and new friends. Eventually, he starts having problems with some tough kids from his school because of a girl. And he needs to find a way to defend himself from the bully and his companions. Luckily, his first neighbor is an old Japanese karate master with whom he befriends and starts learning karate. This movie comes in 4 parts with an original cast.

    If you have a teenager in your family that is afraid of the upcoming move, meeting new friends, going to a new school, and everything else that comes with it this will be a perfect movie to watch. Especially the first part. Trust us, after watching this movie, your teenagers will want to learn martial arts. Find a local martial art school in your new town and tell them about the plan. Until then, let them practice some karate moves on your moving boxes NYC that you have prepared for the move.


    Another animated movie made it to our list of must watch movies about moving. Up is a true classic and one of the best animated movies of all time rated 8.3 on the IMDB website. Again, even though it is an animated movie that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it as an adult. In this one, 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen has a house that is attached to balloons.  As a young kid, he always dreamed about exploring South America and finding the forbidden Paradise Falls. Now, he has found an easy and cheap way to travel – he will mount hundreds of balloons to his house and lift it up. He travels with a Boy Scout Russell and they meet a lot of fun and odd characters and go through all sorts of problems and adventures along the way.

    This is a good one to enjoy if you are moving long distances and you are worried about the trip itself. Watch how a difficult trip can turn into a great adventure. You will definitely feel more engaged in the move and the trip you need to make in order to reach your new home.

    colorful ballons
    Learn how to turn your trip into an adventure

    The Sandlot

    If you are moving with kids, the Sandlot is definitely one of the movies that you must watch together. Kids, especially at a certain age, are most vulnerable when a move is about to happen. Particularly if you are moving a long distance to a new town.  In this movie, we watch a new kid in town and the things he has to go through in order to adapt and become accepted by other kids and the community. He befriends a local baseball prodigy and guru Benny Rodriguez that takes him under his wing and starts coaching him about baseball. He then joins a local baseball team and meets new friends.

    Enjoy while they go through all sorts of baseball-related adventures, but also some real-life stuff like girls, bullies, etc.  By watching this movie, your kids will learn that even though moving can seem scary in the beginning, it will all turn out well in the end.

    Inside Out

    Inside Out is an animated movie from 2015 that speaks about young Riley that is displaced from her Midwest life and moved to San Francisco because of her father’s new job.  In this one, Riley has to deal with all sorts of emotions like fear, joy, anger, and sadness. However, Riley is not an ordinary girl – her emotions live in headquarters in her head. From this center, Joy, Sadness, and others advise Riley and guide her through her everyday life. Naturally, those emotions conflict and create all sorts of problems in Riley’s head. Watch this one with your kids. It will help them cope with their emotions better and accept the upcoming move in an easier manner.

    watching movie with kids
    Watch Inside Out with your kids – they will learn a lot about emotions

    High School Musical

    Do you like musicals? If you want to crank up your mood while you are moving furniture NYC, you can watch a musical. And one of the best moving related musicals is High School Musical from 2006 starring Zack Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. Watch how they deal with moving to a new school, and finding a dance partner while threatening the old-school order, and enjoying great music along the way. Your teenagers will certainly appreciate this one.

    You can learn a lot from these movies

    Those are the must watch movies about moving that will help you prepare for the upcoming move. You and your kids will definitely benefit from watching some of these titles. They will help you prepare for the upcoming move and all the things that await you after you arrive at your new home. You will learn how to cope with saying goodbye to your friends, how to make new friends, and how to adapt to new surroundings but also the importance of having professional movers by your side and using the best packing supplies NYC has to offer.


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