Never store these things in a storage unit

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    If you plan on moving, renovating, or even simply decluttering your home, a storage unit can provide you with much-needed extra space for your items. However, you cannot store everything inside storage units. Therefore, if you plan to get this extra space, never store these things in a storage unit that we are going to list in this article. Let’s now take a look at some of the┬áitems you are not allowed to store as well as why you need to always look for reliable, best movers NYC who can assist you with the right storage services.

    Different kinds of perishable foods

    Overall, the best place to start with this list is to go over some of the perishables. While it might seem logical to put away some of your food items inside a storage unit, it is not allowed. Even if it is only for a few days, storage units strictly prohibit perishable foods. These kinds of items can easily attract pests, mold, and mildew. Even if you are getting a climate-controlled storage unit, you will not be able to safely put away your perishable food inside it. Keep in mind that certain shelf-stable food items, if kept in tightly sealed containers, might be allowed inside a storage unit. However, it is best to always contact your storage unit and check with them directly.

    food on the plate - never store these things in a storage unit
    Perishable food can easily attract pests. Never store these things in a storage unit as they are not allowed.

    Flammable and combustible Items – Never store these things in a storage unit

    Any kind of item that can catch fire or potentially explode is not allowed inside storage units. Gasoline, propane, oil, grease, chemicals, cleaners, and paint all fall under this category, and you should never store these in your storage unit. Fireworks and explosives are all listed under this category as well. When relocating some of your office or business inventory that might be flammable or combustible, ensure that you enlist the help of trusted commercial movers Manhattan to help you out.

    Toxic materials

    If you have items in your inventory where fumes can mix and cause issues, you should not place them in your storage unit. For example, chemicals, fertilizers, and even some everyday cleaning products can fall under this category. To be more specific, do not store the following items:

    • chlorine bleach
    • ammonia
    • acetone (nail polish remover)
    • turpentine
    • paint thinner
    • kerosene

    Never store poisonous or contagious items in your Manhattan storage, since they can be dangerous.

    Toxic items
    Do not store away toxic items in your storage unit

    Never put your pets in storage units

    Basically, there is nothing much to add here. Animals, any kind of pets, no matter how well-trained are not allowed inside storage units. Even if it is for just one night or day, storage units cannot serve as kennels for your pets. They simply cannot provide your pets with the essentials they need to survive. If you are moving and you want your pet away from all the noise, contact a trusted friend or family member, or hire professional animal caretakers to watch your pet until your relocation is over.

    Do not put plants in your storage units

    Similar to animals, do not put plants in your storage. They simply will not have access to the basic things they need. Sunshine, water, and fresh air are what your plants will lack if you place them there. Furthermore, plants attract pests. They also attract insects. These are additional reasons why they are prohibited from storage units. Store away your plants with your friends or family members while you are moving to Manhattan or if you are renovating your home.

    Unregistered vehicles

    While there are vehicle storage units out there, you cannot store any vehicle inside them. Those vehicles that are registered, fully operational, and have storage insurance can be safely stored away. However, those vehicles that are unregistered are not allowed. Cars, trucks, boats, trailers, RVs, and motorcycles are all included. You need to find another way to store these vehicles.

    An old yellow car
    You cannot store unregistered vehicles in your storage unit

    Items of great personal value or irreplaceable items

    We all have items in your inventory that we feel very attached to or are irreplaceable. Important documents, inherited jewelry, money, family photos, etc. should not be placed inside storage units. While these items are not prohibited, it is best to avoid placing them there. If any leak happens or something similar, you cannot get these items back no matter the insurance. So, it is best to keep them with you at all times, even when relocating or renovating. In case you do plan on packing the rest of your regular inventory for storage, make sure you know how to properly pack your boxes and do your research when trying to find the right storage unit in the borough of Manhattan. You don’t have to rush this, take your time, this is the only way you will find a good storage facility.

    Always hire professionals to help you with your storage process

    Just like relocations, the storing process can be difficult and tricky. There are all sorts of things to take into consideration. Your main objective, however, is to find the right storage unit for the needs of your inventory. So, do your research on time. Take your time and consider essential factors such as security level, size, location, accessibility, and so on. All of this is important. In addition to this, look for experts to help you with your storage. Experienced moving and storage companies can assist you with the right services. You can safely store away your belongings with them. Just remember the list of items mentioned above. Never store these things in a storage unit. With the right storage experts by your side, you can sit back and relax. With them, you can safely store away all of your regular inventory.



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