Nolita neighborhood review

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    Nolita is a neighborhood located in New York City, it is a part of Manhattan, and is actually one of the best areas to live in the Big Apple. In order to help you, our Manhattan Movers NYC will explain all the pros and cons of choosing to place your home in Nolita. With a population of something around 6,500 people, this neighborhood offers an urban feeling that is pretty dense. That includes a lot of bars, restaurants, and coffee places as well as shops. We will now share some more details and give the Nolita neighborhood review.


    On the east of Soho and west of the Lower East Side, you will find this very chic neighborhood called Nolita. The name actually shows the location: No from Nolita stands for North and Lita is shortened from Little Italy. This area combines the charm of Little Italy combined with always trendy Soho. So it is no wonder that this place was home to the late David Bowie. Every week residents see different street art. You will find there some of the best movers in Manhattan and they will be eager to help you relocate with ease.

    Manhattan and NYC seen from the air, including Nolita neighborhood
    Nolita neighborhood review shows that it has a great location.

    Nolita neighborhood review of real estate

    This is a pretty small area and has a lot of jams and luxurious places with breathtaking views as well as townhouses settled in quiet streets. The majority of residents in this place actually rent their homes. Since it has an amazing location, this is an expensive area when it comes to housing prices. The average rental price for a studio apartment is $3,695. And have in mind that Nolita movers will get you there in no time once you find yourself a place.

    Public transportation

    This area is the nexus of three very popular neighborhoods with some great transit options. Those are Soho, Noho, and the Lower East Side. With train 6 you can come to Spring Street or Lafayette Street. M trains and DFB goes to Broadway as well as Q trains and the RN. When it comes to the subway it will get you to downtown and midtown via Union Square. But local movers in NYC will give you all those information if you need to, while they transfer your belongings.

    A passenger in a train
    When it comes to public transportation, Nolita offers several options.

    Safety in Nolita

    Before you decide to relocate, you should learn about the safety of the area. And you will be happy to learn that this is actually one of the safest areas in NYC. Since the ‘90s crime declines due to the presence of police and also proactive community initiatives. Many 24-hours surveillance cameras are placed at important spots around the area. So, this Nolita neighborhood review shows this is a great place if you want to raise a family.

    Have you learned enough about Nolita?

    We gave you some important information on Nolita neighborhood. Also, our Nolita neighborhood review should help you make a picture of how their residents feel and live. If it seems good enough for you, start looking for your new home in the area. You won’t regret moving to this hipster neighborhood of beloved New York.


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