Nolita vs East Village

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Do you plan to move to NYC soon? Don’t worry, you are making the right choice. NYC is a beautiful city with many opportunities. It doesn’t matter if you are single or married, rich or not, NYC is a place for everyone. In addition to this, with help from Manhattan movers NYC, you can be in your new home in no time. If you still undecided about the neighborhood, check out Nolita and East Village. As neighborhoods in Manhattan, you will be in the center of activates with some benefits. For easier decision, look at these Nolita vs East Village pros and cons. Check these facts about Manhattans neighborhoods, and make your decision even today. 

Nolita vs East Village – Is Nolita a perfect place for you? 

Nolita stands for North of Little Italy. It is a neighborhood near popular places such as Soho, the Lower East Side, and Little Italy. With a feeling of a close community, Nolita is the place where you will often see neighbors interacting in the streets. The friendly atmosphere makes Nolita feel very welcoming to everyoneYou don’t need to worry about feeling bored in this neighborhood. Nolita offers many different types of bars and restaurants, shopping places for everyone’s taste. You can find luxury fashion stores, but also vintage shops with handmade items. Therefore, hire Nolita movers to experience life here. 

In addition to this, if you are moving with kids, Nolita is a perfect place for you. With little traffic, the streets of Nolita are safe for your children. The small drawback of this neighborhood would be a relatively small number of greenery and parks.  

Nolita vs East Village where Nolita has pink street
Nolita is a safe neighborhood for your kids

What can East Village can offer for you? 

East Village is a neighborhood famous for its nightlife. On the night out, you can find everything from classic bars, places with live music to elegant cocktail bars and modern restaurants. The nightlife scene is popular and easily accessible. During the day, the lifestyle completely changes. The more relaxed atmosphere takes over. After a good lunch in one of the many restores, you can go on a shopping spree. The streets are full of locally owned shops with great products. When you get tired of a busy day, you can go on and take the relaxed walk along the East River. 

However, one big drawback is a fairly expensive lifestyle. It will be pretty difficult to find an affordable home in the center. If you go further down to the side streets, you will find more affordable options. For this reason, save money by hiring East Village movers for your relocation. 

street in Manhattan
East Side has beautiful streets and buildings

How to decide what is the best solution for you? 

It is never easy to decide when you are looking at Nolita vs East Village. They are great neighborhoods located in Manhattan. It all comes to what kind of lifestyle you are looking for. Therefore, when deciding where to live in Manhattan, you should take into consideration the following.

  • Cost of living 
  • If you have a family 
  • Lifestyle  
  • Job options 


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