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    Are you moving your offices soon, and looking for ways to stay organized? You’ve come to the right place! Manhattan Movers NYC know everything about office moves, and we know what you need to pay attention to. The office packing checklist has to be simple, easy to overview, and categorized.

    writing an office packing checklist
    The best way to stay organized during a commercial move is to make an office packing checklist.

    Start your office packing checklist with preparation tasks

    When you’re starting to prepare for the move, you’ll need to do the following things: 

    • Consider hiring professional commercial movers NYC to help you relocate your offices as fast as possible
    • Tell your employees that you’re moving offices if you haven’t done that already 
    • Ask your employees kindly to clean out their desks and write the inventory, leaving their boxes and the list on the desk. 
    Tell your employees that you’re moving offices and ask them kindly to pack their table.

    Packing part of the checklist 

    When you start packing, you’ll need to sort items categorically. That will help you unpack them easier when you bring the boxes to your new office space. Packing services NYC are at your disposal to help you make your packing process as short as possible. 

    • Pack the documents. Place the important documents in plastic envelopes or in plastic boxes. That will secure the moisture from permeating the inside of a box. 
    • Pack the rest of the small items like decorative paintings, sculptures, plastic boxes, etc. They are easy to pack, but you can’t back the big items until you’ve emptied everything else. 
    • Deal with the kitchen and fragile items, if you have one.
    Your office packing checklist must include lamps, monitors, computers, and other electronic devices.

    Don’t forget electronics when creating an office packing checklist

    Your office probably has a lot of IT equipment and packing your electronics is not an easy feat! Some of the items that you’ll need to pack are your electrical tools and appliances like monitors, computers, printers, fax machines, scanners, microwaves, phones, and small electronics like webcams, keyboards, and headphones. They need to be packed carefully since they are easily breakable but extremely important. It’s best if you delegate this process to a reliable, trustworthy moving company. We are many people’s go-to movers when there are many bulky, heavy items that need to be packed. The same goes for electric appliances – we will pack them professionally and they will reach the desired destination in perfect condition. We know how to deal with cables and electrical outlets.  

    What to do on days prior to the move?

    The office packing checklist is still not over. There are a few things that you need to do. 

    • Hire a cleaning service to clean your offices 
    • Take down your sign, banners, stickers, and the rest of the items that have any connection with your company. 
    • Cancel utilities like cleaning services, internet, phone, etc. 


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