Packing and moving office furniture – what is the best way

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    Whether you need to move only one office or an entire company, there will be a lot of challenges in front of you. Office items require a lot of preparation and logistics once the time for moving comes. Although it is not easy to pack and move equipment and documentation, you will figure out how to do this. Moving your office furniture will take the most of your time and effort. Regardless of the number and type of office furniture you have, you will want to relocate it properly. To help you do this smoothly, our movers NYC will remind you of the most efficient ways of packing and moving office furniture. After you read this article, you will be ready to handle the relocation of your office furniture. So, let’s see what steps you should take to organize, protect and transport furniture from your office.

    Prepare for packing and moving office furniture

    Whether you have a lot of office furniture or just a few pieces, you should know this is not a task for your employees. Even if some of them did move furniture recently, you should be aware of potential injuries such as strained muscle or back injuries. So, before you decide to let this task to your employees, think twice. The best advice you will get from our experts for moving service NYC is to take time and prepare for this undertaking. Since most of your office furniture is bulky, awkwardly shaped, heavy, and expensive, you should plan every step that you need to take to relocate it. That is the only way to ensure your furniture will arrive at your new office in a good condition.

    A person thinking about packing and moving office furniture while looking at black padded chair
    Make a strategy for packing and moving office furniture.

    When the big day of the move is near, it is easy to overlook certain furniture pieces your need to pack and move. So, your first step should be making an inventory of all your office furniture. Your inventory list will help you figure out how much time it will take to pack, protect and transport your office items. Also, the inventory list will remind you of packing supplies you will need to provide to save your furniture from scratches and damages. With an inventory list in your hands, it will be easier for you to decide will you need to enlist office movers Manhattan in your office relocation project. So, check this list a start planning your next step.

    Create a timeline and office furniture packing plan

    When you have a packing plan and timeline, it will be easier for you to stay on track in the weeks to come. This will help you run your business smoothly until the big day comes. Here are some of the things you should do before your start packing your office furniture for the move:

    • consider will you keep all office furniture you own. Check if there will be enough room for all furniture at your new office. Rent storage units NYC and place some of the office furniture there. Get rid of old office furniture you will not use anymore.
    • examine each of your furniture pieces ahead. This is an inevitable step when packing and moving your office furniture. It will help you identify the most fragile items and whether all it takes to protect them before the transport.
    • take time to dismantle your office furniture and protect the pieces with packing materials.
    • write down what packing supplies you will need and make sure to have enough time to gather them on time.
    • enlist help and divide tasks with professional furniture movers or persons that will help you handle this task.
    Quality wooden office furniture
    Identify the most fragile furniture you have and take extra care of it during the move.

    Keep your office furniture safe all the time with proper preparation

    After you find who will help you with at least one of two stages of your office move, you can start with the disassembly of your furniture. Nevertheless, make sure to have all you need before you disassemble any of your office furniture. Of course, packing and moving furniture from our company is not possible without proper tools and packing supplies Manhattan. For that reason, make sure to find the tools you will need and purchase quality packing materials on time. In case you don’t have enough time for finding tools, equipment and packing materials, contact our professional on time. They will provide all needed supplies and tools while you are handling other office moving tasks.

    On the other hand, if you what to be in charge of this task, our residential movers Manhattan recommend you to buy new packing materials or use gently used supplies from the previous move. Remember, moving supplies are an investment in the safety of your furniture. With the proper packing supplies your furniture will be safe from the heartache of scratches, chips, and other damages. So, remember to get tools like screwdrivers, box cutters, scissors, hammers, etc. Also, get supplies such as:

    • Bubble wrap and plastic stretch wrap;
    • Packing tape and sealable plastic bags
    • Sofa covers and corner protectors
    • Corrugated cardboard sheets
    • Cardboard boxes for disassembled and small items.
    A couple wrapping a chair
    Don’t start packing without quality packing supplies.

    Go one step at a time and be careful from the assembling to the loading of your furniture

    Although moving certain furniture seems so easy, it could turn out it is completely opposite. Unluckily, much of your furniture requires special techniques for dismantling and packing. When the time for packing and moving office furniture comes, the last thing you should do is to rush. Even if you have experience if moving tasks, keep in mind how valuable, bulky and heavy your office furniture is. Since you want to use it again, don’t hesitate to get all the help you can get to relocate it. Whether you will let this task to the Federal Motors Carrier Safety Administration registered movers or you will take care of it, be careful when packing office furniture. Hope this article helped you prepare for the upcoming task!


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